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‘HATE CRIME’ ATTACK ON TRANS WOMAN: American tells court ‘five or six men’ beat her at Bay Street club

A LAWYER claimed an American transgender woman was beaten “black and blue” during a “hate crime” at a club on West Bay Street on Saturday.

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Monetary donations are at all-time low, say charities

THE Good Samaritan Senior Citizens Home has received many donations this holiday season –– but the gifts have been smaller than in the past.

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‘Junkanoo parade has outgrown Bay Street’

JUNKANOO Corporation of New Providence Chairman Dion Miller said the annual parades have outgrown their Bay Street venue –– and Youth, Sports and Culture Minister Mario Bowleg agrees.

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FNM files complaint with police on Johnson’s accusation over attack

LEADERS of the Free National Movement party filed a complaint with police about Richard Johnson, the organisation’s vice-chairman, saying he falsely accused them of orchestrating the physical attack he experienced last week.

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Judge finds Daxon claims ‘frivolous, vexatious’

A JUDGE tore apart and struck out two lawsuits Maria Daxon brought against police and other public bodies, finding her claims frivolous, vexatious and abusive of the judicial process with no real prospect of success.

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Govt invests $37k in national school farming initiative

THE Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources has invested over $37,000 to launch a national school farming initiative.

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Man charged with two counts of attempted murder remanded

A MAN was sent to prison after allegedly trying to kill two people last week.

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Police release identity of victim of shark attack

POLICE have identified the woman killed in a shark attack on Monday as Lauren Erickson Van Wart, 44, of Massachusetts.

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Ministry of Energy and Transport says BPL responded ‘swiftly’ after criticism from Cartwright on Acklins and Eleuthera power outages

FREE National Movement deputy leader Shanendon Cartwright ripped the government’s “unreliable” electricity and water supply to Eleuthera and Acklins yesterday, drawing a response from the Ministry of Energy and Transport, which said electricity issues have been quickly addressed.

UNESCO adds Junkanoo to Intangible Cultural Heritage list

JUNKANOO has been inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) of Humanity.

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‘Footage shows Saunders shot at police before killed’

A POLICE inspector testified yesterday that security footage showed Ishido Saunders chasing and shooting at a police car before two officers fatally shot him near Golden Gates Assembly Church in 2022.

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Man allegedly robbed woman at gunpoint on Carmichael Rd

A MAN is behind bars after allegedly stealing a woman’s purse at gunpoint at a bus stop on Carmichael Road last week. Two civilians reportedly detained the suspect before police arrested him.

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Three men charged with loaded gun possession

THREE men were granted bail after they were allegedly found with a loaded gun in their car on Cowpen Road last week.

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Tourist spending in local economy will ‘far exceed $6bn’, says Cooper

TOURISM officials estimate that direct visitor spending in the Bahamian economy amid record tourist arrivals will “far exceed $6bn” this year, exceeding previous records, according to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Investments and Aviation Chester Cooper.

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US ‘newlywed’ killed by shark

A SHARK attack that killed a 44-year-old American woman yesterday was likely the result of an “accidental bite,” a shark expert said yesterday.