Govt suspects ship dumped oil that washed up on beach

THE government suspects that oil found on Adelaide Beach last week was dumped from a passing ship and not a leak from the Bahamas Electricity Corporation, Aviation and Transport Minister Glenys Hanna Martin told the House of Assembly.

Webshops 'accountable' for effects of gambling'

SOCIAL Services Minister Melanie Griffin yesterday said the Gaming Bill will now hold web shop operators accountable for ensuring that “counselling, education” and “assistance” are provided for “compulsive gamblers”.

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No snub for Minnis, says FNM deputy amid claims of tensions

FNM DEPUTY Leader Loretta Butler-Turner yesterday denied she had “snubbed” party leader Dr Hubert Minnis at a private event that was held for her in North Abaco over the weekend.

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New rules to tackle illegal immigration

IMMIGRATION Minister Fred Mitchell announced that government will impose new immigration restrictions in a bid to clamp down on illegal migration, particularly from Haiti.

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Court must now consider the safety of victims

A DAY after a man on bail was taken into police custody charged with murder, the Christie administration outlined restrictions in a Bill to Amend the Bail Act that aims to lessen the number of violent offenders who receive bail.

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Pinder: My ministry is ready to police gaming industry

FINANCIAL Services Minister Ryan Pinder said yesterday his ministry is ready to police the expanded gaming industry and ensure financial compliance once the Gaming Bill is passed in the Senate.

'Christie has failed as the leader of the nation'

FNM Chairman Darron Cash said yesterday Prime Minister Perry Christie “failed miserably” as the nation’s leader and minister of finance by neglecting to explain to the public the ramifications a “no” vote in the gaming referendum would have on the Bahamian economy.

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FNM Deputy: Govt is to blame for referendum delay

FREE National Movement Deputy Leader Loretta Butler-Turner questioned whether postponing a date for the gender equality referendum to 2015 was too long, but said the government had only itself to blame because the entire process was mishandled.

Christie warns religious leaders not to get involved in politics

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday warned religious leaders against getting involved in politics as he defended his morality and that of government members of parliament.

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PM disappointed in Rollins

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday said he was personally disappointed in Fort Charlotte MP Dr Andre Rollins’ recent public statements that have been critical of him and his administration.

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Anti-corruption investigators to examine the Bahamian economy

THE Bahamas will come under investigation next week from the Organisation of American States to determine its compliance with anti-corruption measures.

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Christian Council hits back at Christie

BAHAMAS Christian Council President Rev Dr Ranford Patterson yesterday warned the Christie administration that a “greater proliferation” of gamblers would emerge in the country when the government enacts the Gaming Bill adding that the Department of Social Services would be further “stretched” as a result.

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Public voted no - but MPs vote yes to legalising the webshops

THE Gaming Bill was passed in the House of Assembly yesterday following months of public debate and controversy over the government’s plans to regulate and tax webshops.

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Dr Bernard Nottage makes announcement

THE anticipated November 6 constitutional referendum on gender equality has been postponed to 2015 at a date to be announced, Bain and Grants Town MP Dr Bernard Nottage said in the House of Assembly yesterday. 

Minister seeks law to protect land for future generations

TRANSPORT Minister Glenys Hanna Martin yesterday urged the government to revisit the Immovable Property Act before the end of its term in office.