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Bid to make it easier for children of migrants to obtain Haitian passport

THE government is working on regulations to overcome the stigma and economic barriers that discourage people of Haitian descent, born in the Bahamas, from obtaining a Haitian passport.

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Nottage ‘taken aback’ by referendum debate delay

ORGANISER of the government’s Constitutional reform education campaign, retired Justice Ruby Nottage, said yesterday that she was “taken aback” by the announcement that parliamentary debate of the highly anticipated equality Bills would be delayed.

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Wells says he will not resign post

PARLIAMENTARY Secretary Renward Wells yesterday said he will not resign from his post in the Ministry of Works.

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Miller urges people to pay BEC - but admits he is behind on bill

BAHAMAS Electricity Corporation (BEC) Executive Chairman Leslie Miller yesterday said Monday’s blackout is not evidence that the company is unable to meet the demand for electricity in New Providence.

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Gibson rejects concerns over pay from security forces

LABOUR Minister Shane Gibson yesterday dismissed concerns by the security forces that they were “excluded” from the latest industrial agreement between the government and the Bahamas Public Service Union.

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UPDATE: Despite The Tribune being told by a trusted source that Renward Wells would resign today, he has not resigned, nor did he address the issue in the House of Assembly.

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Naturalisation backed for children born in the Bahamas to Haitians

OPPOSITION Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs Hubert Chipman is a “firm believer” in naturalising children born in the Bahamas to Haitian parents with the St Annes MP telling Haitian President Michel Martelly yesterday that the issue is something the Free National Movement would have to address if it is returned to power.

Security forces: Why were we left out of pay deal?

THE country’s security forces yesterday questioned why they were excluded from the latest industrial agreement between the government and the Bahamas Public Service Union.

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Deals signed to tackle Haiti migration

GOVERNMENT leaders yesterday declared historic progress on combatting irregular migration with the signing of three agreements with the Republic of Haiti.

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Miller to give answers on cause of BEC malfunction

BAHAMAS Electricity Corporation Executive Chairman Leslie Miller said he will release a report today detailing exactly what caused BEC engines to malfunction on Monday, leaving more than 50 per cent of New Providence without electricity.

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Martelly laments loss of lives of Haitian immigrants

HAITIAN President Michel Martelly yesterday lamented the loss of lives of his countrymen who try to make the treacherous journey to the Bahamas in search of a better life.

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August 31 deadline agreed for path to BEC restructure

THE government expects to have a “definitive” path to restructuring at the Bahamas Electricity Corporation by the end of next month.

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Law firm defends Deputy PM in claim over $10m estate

A LAWYER in the firm Davis & Co yesterday defended the actions of Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis while in private practice following published reports in The Miami Herald that a Cuban woman has raised concerns about a financial transaction over the reported $10 million estate of her deceased expatriate husband who lived in the Bahamas.

FNM: Davis out of his depth in job figures row

FREE National Movement Chairman Darron Cash yesterday criticised Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis for questioning job figures recently released by the Department of Statistics.

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FNM 'will not rest' until Wells is removed

OPPOSITION leader Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday declared that his party will not rest until Renward Wells, parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Works, is removed from his post.