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Cash says Prime Minister ‘intoxicated with power’

FORMER FNM Chairman Darron Cash yesterday blasted Prime Minister Perry Christie for saying his future as PLP leader ultimately lies with his party, adding that Mr Christie is “too intoxicated with power” to relinquish his role as leader to anyone else.

DNA: Government ‘out of the loop’

DNA Leader Branville McCartney yesterday expanded his criticism of the PLP government – labelling the group “as lost as the day is long” – after Prime Minister Perry Christie admitted that Baha Mar’s bankruptcy filing came “without notice” to the government.

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Minnis: Christie’s ‘good news’ not based on fact

FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday called Baha Mar’s recent bankruptcy filing a “national disaster”, and blasted Prime Minister Perry Christie for “willingly being the purveyor of untruths” on the status of the project.

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BLINDSIDED: PM admits govt caught off-guard on Baha Mar

PRIME Minister Perry Christie last night said Baha Mar’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in the United States on Monday came “without notice” to the government as he insisted that “it is completely false” to say that his administration had misled the public on the $3.5bn project’s status.

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DNA: PM's confidence proved to be ignorance

DNA Leader Branville McCartney yesterday blasted the Christie administration for what he termed “a failure by the country’s chief executive officer” to make known the financial troubles facing the multi-billion dollar Baha Mar resort.

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Miller: Look at the big picture on Baha Mar

BAHAMAS Electricity Corporation Executive Chairman Leslie Miller said people must “look at the big picture” with Baha Mar, concentrating on getting the resort open rather than on the developer’s failure to pay its hefty electricity fees.

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Gray supports Christie - or any of his potential successors

DESPITE his “undoubted loyalty” to Prime Minister Perry Christie, MICAL MP V Alfred Gray said he can see himself supporting “any one” of his Cabinet colleagues mentioned in recent weeks as potential successors to Mr Christie.

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PM: Govt won’t take sides

PRIME Minister Perry Christie last night said the government will not take any sides in the ongoing dispute between Baha Mar and its Chinese financiers, as the Official Opposition reacted with “shock” over the mega-resort’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in the United States yesterday.

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Christie: Party will decide if I stay as leader

AS SPECULATION mounts over who could emerge as the next leader of the Progressive Liberal Party, Prime Minister Perry Christie said he is in the process of mulling over who will succeed him as party leader.

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Bahamas ‘not ready’ for same-sex marriage

THE Bahamas is not ready for state-recognition of same-sex marriage, former Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette told The Tribune yesterday.

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Gray says no final decision yet on fly fishing regulations

AGRICULTURE and Marine Resources Minister V Alfred Gray yesterday moved to clarify remarks he made last week during the announcement of the government’s proposed plans to regulate the country’s sport fishing industry, stating that the goal of the new laws are to protect and preserve industry for “generations yet unborn”.

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PLP chairman: no answer on leadership ‘nonsense’

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts was tight-lipped yesterday on mounting debate surrounding leadership succession within the party.

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'All seats will be available' at DNA convention

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney yesterday dismissed claims that he and other members of his party were "nervous" about the organisation's first convention.

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Bran predicts PM will run again as PLP leader

DNA Leader Branville McCartney yesterday forecast that Prime Minister Perry Christie will run again as leader of the PLP.

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Bran: Bahamas must address gay marriage issue

Democratic National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney yesterday called for the country to address the issue of gay marriage "sooner rather than later" to avoid a potential conflict of interest as a member of the international community.