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Bran compares PLP's 'abuse' of Bahamians to 'a battered wife'

BRANVILLE McCartney has called on Bahamians to "do the right thing" and vote the Christie administration out of office as he compared the PLP's "abuse" of the Bahamian people during its current term in office to that of a "battered wife". 

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Cabinet to review Intelligence Agency legislation next week

NATIONAL Security Minister Dr Bernard Nottage said Cabinet is expected to review the long-awaited National Intelligence Agency legislation next week.

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‘What are you going to do with the grenades?’

FREE National Movement Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest accused the Christie administration of “preparing for something” as he called on Bahamians to be “vigilant” and “concerned” over the People’s Republic of China’s recent gift to the country of military equipment and musical instruments worth $1.2m.

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FNM ‘outraged’ over ‘false’ report that Dr Minnis attempted to expel four MPs

FREE National Movement Chairman Michael Pintard yesterday said the party is “outraged” at the “false assertion” that party Leader Dr Hubert Minnis attempted to expel four FNM parliamentarians at an emergency executive meeting on Monday night.

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FREE National Movement leader Dr Hubert Minnis told supporters last night that at a time when it is easy to get distracted in the “silliness”, “constant bickering and petty airing of our dirty laundry”, FNMs must not lose focus of the real issues now facing the country.

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Greg Moss: NHI charging Bahamians a second time for public health care

MARCO City MP Gregory Moss adamantly opposes National Health Insurance, which he says is really about charging Bahamians a second time for access to public health care that they are already paying for now through taxes paid to the government.

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UPDATED: Minnis tries to throw out MPs

AT an emergency executive meeting, called at FNM headquarters last night, committee members dissuaded party leader Dr Hubert Minnis from expelling four FNM parliamentarians for demanding a public apology from Senator Lanisha Rolle, who had publicly criticised them in a call-in radio talk show two weeks ago.

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Equality referendum is ‘likely’ before July

IT IS likely that the government will hold its severely stalled equality referendum within the first half of this year, according to National Security Minister Dr Bernard Nottage yesterday, as he stressed that the vote “is still very much on the books”.

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Bank denies probe into delinquent ‘PLP loans’

THE BAHAMAS Development Bank yesterday denied assertions that the  bank was overlooking “delinquent loans” by members of the Progressive Liberal Party and that politics plays a role in the day-to-day operations of the financial institution.

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Nottage preparing to make music not war

ACTING Royal Bahamas Defence Force Commander Captain Tellis Bethel yesterday moved to allay concerns sparked by his organisation’s recent acquisition of military equipment from China, explaining that there was no need for public concern.

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DNA deputy leader criticises ‘hapless’ opposition

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Deputy Leader Chris Mortimer yesterday criticised the official opposition, the Free National Movement, for “squabbling publicly like a group of unsupervised toddlers”.

FOI legislation reading ‘before this year’s budget debate’

THE FREEDOM of Information Act legislation will be available for a first reading in parliament before the 2016/2017 budget debate, Attorney General Allyson Maynard-Gibson said yesterday. 

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Four more MPs call for public apology by senator

DESPITE Free National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis’ request to keep party problems internal, four more FNM parliamentarians are now calling for Senator Lanisha Rolle to publicly apologise for criticism levelled at members of the party.

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Former MP warns that FNM is facing financial trouble

A FORMER Free National Movement MP who lost his bid to be re-elected during the 2012 general election, has insisted that the party is facing financial troubles with several of its main funders threatening to “abandon ship” if the infighting and leadership issues are not resolved.

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Turnquest not worried about deputy challenge

FREE National Movement Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest yesterday said he is not worried about the potential challengers he might face at the party’s national convention, stressing that such a process is necessary to strengthen the party ahead of the 2017 general election.