Bahamian joins UK Christian music initiative as judge

STEP FWD, a faith in action Christian movement that has a UK Top 10 Christian Music Chart, has added Bahamian Keith L Rolle of the KLR Management Group to their international panel of judges.

Be an apostle of peace

HAVE you ever spent time with someone who exudes peace no matter what is going on in his environment or even in his life? A friend of mine talks about a former co-worker of his, let’s call her Bernie. Bernie suffered domestic abuse at the hands of her alcoholic husband for more than 25 years before she left him.

MEDITATION: Catching the green light for Jesus

WHEN we drive toward a light that has been green for some time, we often make a little more of an effort “to catch the light”. If we are at the stop sign and we pause for a second after the light changes, very often the motorist behind us will signal rather loudly with a blast of the horn to get us moving. In both instances, there is a response to the colour green that gets us in motion.

New Bible-based competition to inspire youth

WITH a passion to positively engage young children in the community of Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera, islander Alexandria Johnson started the annual Young Bible Scholar (Bible Bowl) Competition.

What constitutes theft? – Part II

1. A moralist who prides himself in not stealing but yet makes a false claim to the insurance company, or destroys property to collect a claim.

Global gospel stars to take the stage at FamFest 2015

TWO of the biggest names in gospel music have been added to the line-up of performances at FamFest 2015.

Prayer walk for Baha Mar

As social ills and other challenges continue to put a strain on the country, the Trinity City of Praise and the Commonwealth and Global Prayer Grotto are aiming to keep the faith through prayer.

MEDITATION - From disfigured to transfigured

WHENEVER I visit Inagua I see the lovely flamingoes and recall how what they eat affects the colour they become. When we feed on the things of God it is equally visible.

Street to be named in honour of BFM’s Dr Richard Pinder

BAHAMAS Faith Ministries will celebrate one of its founding fathers, the late Dr Richard Pinder III, tomorrow when the roadway leading into the BFM property will be officially named in his honour. The event, which will conclude the 2015 International Kingdom Training Summit, is scheduled to begin at 2pm and will take place at the entrance of the driveway.

Between two worlds, past and future

THE most appalling issues of our generation are stress and burnout. The wave of domestic violence is shocking. Men kill their lovers and claim they cannot recall when, how or why it happened. They trip; drugs and alcohol are primary culprits that are blamed.

Benefit celebrates liturgical dancer’s faith in God

During the Sapphire International’s recent dance benefit, members of the group did more than just sow the seed of financial aid, they were also able to uplift the spirit of a fellow liturgical dancer who was recently cured of a rare tumour.

Let brotherly love continue – Part II

IN part one, I wrote that there is a prevalent lack of love in our churches, and that the body of Christ have fallen short on this principle.

A call to duty: Young believers follow the ‘Battle Cry’

Alone the fact that they were able to attract several new converts to their cause has made the latest “Battle Cry” conference a great success, organisers said.

The lying spirit

I THINK one of the most annoying things in this world is a person who is committed to being dishonest. More so, these folks have no relationship with the truth and would tell a lie at any opportunity.

Meditation: Age Old Promises

DURING this time of Emancipation celebration, our thoughts remind us to be more grateful for life in the Bahamas of the 21st century than we may otherwise be.