‘Courage Under Fire’

EVEN as the 2016 comes to a close, an opportunity still awaits those who made spiritual commitments earlier in the year to accomplish their goals. 

Fighting the spirit of depression

FIGHT depression with the Word of God! Depression is a spirit, and spirits only respond to and are affected by things of the spirit.

MEDITATION: Spiritual preparation

WHAT a time of preparation. There are so many storms in our lives at this time:

Inauguration day for Jesus: Good news

EVERY four years, like clockwork, an army of speechwriters squirrel themselves away in an office in Washington, DC, and write and re-write and probably write again, an inaugural address for the new president of the United States. It’s usually brief, sometimes it’s eloquent, and on rare occasions it’s even memorable. And whether you agree with the words or not, that inaugural speech tells you where the president’s heart is as he begins his awesome tasks.

Women learn to trust God’s process

Encouraging women to “Trust the Process” one more time, motivational speaker and entrepreneur Raquel Pinder successfully hosted the latest instalment of the popular Beauty Beyond Feelings, Heart & Sole series last week.

‘It’s Better in the Bahamas Gospel Fest’ to attract hundreds of worshippers

LOVE, unity and spirituality are expected to be on full display in Nassau this November at the first “It’s Better in the Bahamas Gospel Fest”.

What constitutes theft?

1. A moralist who prides himself in not stealing but yet makes a false claim to the insurance company.

Church to host benefit concert for senior citizen project

THE leadership of Calvary Deliverance Church is inviting members of the community to the Faith Village benefit concert to assist the elderly.

MEDITATION: Choosing and being chosen

HOW do you know what God wants for your life?

Successful students are awarded by Believers Faith Outreach Ministries

“Changing the nation, one youth at a time” has been and continues to be the mandate of Apostle Edison and Prophetess Dr Mattie Nottage, pastors of Believers Faith Outreach Ministries International on Carmichael Road. 

Macedonia Baptist hosts ‘power-packed’ youth activities

STILL riding the high from celebrating the church’s 50th anniversary earlier this year, the Macedonia Baptist PUSH Youth Department will host a series of events for students heading back to school.

MEDITATION: Take a message

WHEN we are busy and the phone begins to ring we often ask someone else to answer the call and take a message. This person stands in the gap as it were, and receives a message that was intended for our ears.

‘Your human enemies are puppets of evil spirits’

GOD will cause your enemies and haters to see the greatness and potential in you that you’ve failed to see in yourself.

Celebration of good still comin’

THEY are leaving us one by one; the only thing certain about life is death. This should not evoke fear but rather a greater sense of appreciation for life, whether that’s three score years and 10, or by reason of strength four score years or more or less.

BOOK REVIEW: Bahamian theologian tackles challenging ‘Trinity’ topic

Ask any group of Christian scholars, “What is the most challenging of all the doctrines of the Christian faith,” and the answer inevitably is, “The doctrine of the Trinity.” Aptly described as most complex by the Rev Mark Lindsay-Fox, this particular tenet has throughout the ages tested the intellectual and theological acumen of many of the most brilliant scholars of Christendom.