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Are they teaching the Word of God in your church?

I HAVE decided to take the time and share with you my followers this morning the importance of the Word of God and how essential it is to not only include it in our prayers, but that those that preach and teach us repeat it into our hearing.

Meditation: The One Not Chosen

IN Acts 1:23-26, we read the story of the person selected to replace Judas Iscariot. There is Matthias, who is selected over one who went by three different names (Joseph or Barsabbas or Justus).

The judgment of the Lord is over this nation

THE Almighty God’s judgment is at hand, for the spirit of iniquity is in the land, for the land has polluted itself.

Father’s Day at Ebenezer in Exuma

SISTER Krivoy Smith and the women of Ebenezer showered the community’s fathers with love, gifts and a four-course, five-star meal during this year’s Father’s Day celebrations at Ebenezer Union Baptist Church in Exuma. They were treated as kings in a royal palace.

Introducing the first annual Bahamas Independence Gospel Celebration

AS the Bahamas approaches its 42nd anniversary of independence, for the very first time the country’s churches, including the gospel music community, will come together to host the first annual Bahamas Independence Gospel Celebration.

In celebration of the Feast of the Nativity of St John the Baptist

WILDERNESS is representative of our lives: prepare then, in our lives a road for the lord to travel.

Rum Cay church salutes veteran educator and lay reader

Members of the St Christopher’s Anglican Church in Rum Cay let be known that their congregation will never be the same again after the retirement of veteran educator and lay reader Constance Martin.

A stronger Bahamas – A Father’s Day message

THE strength of our country must not and cannot be measured in the erection of buildings, advances in technology or in political manoeuvres. Its very foundation must be the hard core strength in relationship. This relationship must have its genesis in the family.

MEDITATION: Fathers and Children

IT IS such a wonderful thing to see a loving father with his children. Every child who has a sensitive, caring, approachable and available father is truly blessed.

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Canon Peter Scott to celebrate 30 years as an Anglican priest

ON June 28, the family of the Holy Spirit Anglican Church, Chippingham, as well as many others from across the diocese will gather to celebrate with Canon Peter AG Scott his 30th anniversary of ordination to the sacred priesthood.

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Remembering Charles Zonicle on Father’s Day

FATHER’S Day will be bittersweet for the family of Charles Zonicle, who will continue to mourn his death and reflect on the fond memories they shared while he was alive.

Baptist Youth Convention aims for spiritual revival with Summer Fest

UNDER the theme “The SHIFT is on – Acts 2 and Joel 2”, the Bahamas National Baptist Youth Convention will play host to Summer Fest: Reloaded 2015.

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Anglican Church Men host historic conference

THE Anglican Church Men in the Diocese of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands held their 42nd ACM conference last month on the island of Providenciales.

A Celebration of Psalms

THIS Sunday, the Christ the King Contemporary Gospel Chorale will celebrate five years of ministry with a concert under the theme “A Celebration of Psalms”.