Joy FM ‘jingles’ to success

In celebration of its 12th anniversary, the Joy 101.9 FM hosted it’s “Jingle for Joy” contest, inviting its listeners to create a jingle for the radio station. Students and up-and-coming gospel artists were encouraged to create a jingle incorporating the radio station’s slogan, “Your Choice for the Family”, and motto, “Uplift, Inspire And Motivate”.

New Destiny Baptist promises family fun at church fair

A time of fun and fellowship is what New Destiny Baptist Cathedral promises when the church hosts its steak-out and fair in the upcoming weeks.

Justice – the kind that brings freedom and peace: Part 1

EMANCIPATION – August, for just under 200 years now has been celebrated as the month of freedom. Throughout the next few weeks we will plunge into the depth of this term – freedom – in our quest to be both educational and challenging.

Zion Baptist hosts leadership learning conference

THE Zion Baptist Church on East and Shirley Streets will play host to ‘The 7 Laws of the Learner’ 2015 conference by Walk Thru The Bible Ministries next month.

Meditation: Being Resolute

TO be resolute is to not change your mind. It is to be determined that you will pursue a particular course of action whatever the consequences. It usually involves commitment to the point of sacrifice and may include self-sacrifice as a martyr to the cause.

A packed house for St Matthew’s Anglican Sunday service

ITS location at the busy juncture which feeds traffic to East Bay Street and the Sir Sidney Poitier Bridge gives St Matthew’s Anglican Church its name and makes it one the most visited churches in New Providence.

Bible Institute celebrates first graduation

THE Mother Rachel Huyler Memorial Bible Institute saw its first graduation ceremony on August 21 at Greater Bethel Cathedral. Eighteen students who satisfactorily completed different courses were awarded certificates by Bishop Ellis J Farrington, chairman of the Bahamas State Council.

Jesus is coming soon

AS we look around, all we can see are the signs of the time, as the prophetic Word of God is being manifested day by day.

Great turnout for ‘Women At The Well’

Members of the Fresh Fire Outreach Ministries are certain that the theme of their second annual “Women At The Well” conference made the event such a success .

Too many tares among the wheat

THE dictionary defines tare as “a grass that flourishes or bountifully grows in wheat fields, and is difficult to distinguish between the two until after the harvest when the wheat and tare are sieved through and the true grain is then exposed, which is the wheat, the tares are then gathered and burned.”

Meditation: Change your mind

ST PAUL challenges us in Philippians 4:8 to change our minds, to think differently: “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

Bahamian joins UK Christian music initiative as judge

STEP FWD, a faith in action Christian movement that has a UK Top 10 Christian Music Chart, has added Bahamian Keith L Rolle of the KLR Management Group to their international panel of judges.

Be an apostle of peace

HAVE you ever spent time with someone who exudes peace no matter what is going on in his environment or even in his life? A friend of mine talks about a former co-worker of his, let’s call her Bernie. Bernie suffered domestic abuse at the hands of her alcoholic husband for more than 25 years before she left him.

MEDITATION: Catching the green light for Jesus

WHEN we drive toward a light that has been green for some time, we often make a little more of an effort “to catch the light”. If we are at the stop sign and we pause for a second after the light changes, very often the motorist behind us will signal rather loudly with a blast of the horn to get us moving. In both instances, there is a response to the colour green that gets us in motion.

New Bible-based competition to inspire youth

WITH a passion to positively engage young children in the community of Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera, islander Alexandria Johnson started the annual Young Bible Scholar (Bible Bowl) Competition.