Sermon of the Week: Our fellowship and love for Jesus

ISRAEL was given specific instructions by God that when they crossed the river Jordan they were to drive out all the inhabitants of the land, for God had given Israel the land to possess.

Christian youth celebrated in South Abaco

SOUTH Abaco recently celebrated its youth at the St Martin’s Anglican Church in Sandy Point.

Carrying the baton: An appeal to Protestants

As many things Christ could have told the people there in Capurnium, as much truth he could have brought to those that sat in darkness, he chose to preach the message of John the Baptist: “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.”

Revive us again: Cursillo ministry celebrates 30 years in the Bahamas

CURSILLO (the name means “a short course”) is a method of revival of the church. It has come to us from the Spanish Roman Catholic Church. The purpose of the Cursillo Ministry is to convert Christians to a deeper relationship with God and to help them to understand their individual callings to be Christian leaders. This leadership may be in the workplace, at home, within social and leisure activities, or within the institutional church. The goal is simply to “Christianise” the world through the apostolic action of Christian leaders in all areas of human activity.

Mountains are moving, walls are falling

MOUNTAINS are moving, walls are falling in the realm of the spirit. The Lord and God of all hope is making clear your spiritual path for the manifestation of your much awaited release and victory in the natural world.

Blessings come in bite-size, too

Being able to share biblical wisdom through her writings over the past three decades has done Rev Angela Palacious just as much good as it has her readers, she says.

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A farewell to a loving mother and hard-working Tribune employee

WHILE THE family, friends and loved ones are saddened by the recent passing of Anna Fox, they find comfort in knowing that she lived a full, honourable and loving life.

MEDITATION: Settling the nerves of our nation

WHEN it comes to thinking about our attempts to recover from a series of ordeals in the past few years, we have to consider our approach to settling the nerves of the nation.

Anglican Church Men to host 11th annual Grill Fest

THE Anglican Church Men (ACM) of St James Parish are once again stoking the fires in preparation for the annual Father R F Anthony Roberts’ King of the Grill Fest.

Miracle Life Ministries host ‘Seers Gathering Revival’

WITH all the chaos, confusion, despair and hopelessness in the world today, Miracle Life Ministries is of the view that people are in need of direction, hope, and most importantly, to know what God is saying.

Women asked to witness God’s ‘Manifestation Time’

Christian women are once again being asked to witness the “Heart of God” during a special four-day conference which organisers said will help them overcome their troubles in these difficult times.

‘Courage Under Fire’

EVEN as the 2016 comes to a close, an opportunity still awaits those who made spiritual commitments earlier in the year to accomplish their goals. 

Fighting the spirit of depression

FIGHT depression with the Word of God! Depression is a spirit, and spirits only respond to and are affected by things of the spirit.

MEDITATION: Spiritual preparation

WHAT a time of preparation. There are so many storms in our lives at this time:

Inauguration day for Jesus: Good news

EVERY four years, like clockwork, an army of speechwriters squirrel themselves away in an office in Washington, DC, and write and re-write and probably write again, an inaugural address for the new president of the United States. It’s usually brief, sometimes it’s eloquent, and on rare occasions it’s even memorable. And whether you agree with the words or not, that inaugural speech tells you where the president’s heart is as he begins his awesome tasks.