Helping women find the strength to stand again

UNDER THE theme “The Strength To Stand Again,” members of the Faith Way Christian Ministries will host its 2018 Women’s Gathering next Friday, October 26.The event will take place at the Malcom Building, East Bay Street and Victoria Avenue, starting

Bless brings a blessing to those in need

AN ordained minister is living up to her name with the start of a ministry that feeds the hungry, gives hope to the downtrodden and counsel to those in distress.Bless Miller, has been using the Abundantly Blessed Outreach ministry over the past month

The trouble with pain

Suffering is one of the most difficult subject to teach, let alone to anticipate as a Christian. Much to the chagrin of the majority of Believers, we don’t want to go through anything as Christians in this life!There’s an erroneous philosophical ideo

Asking the Right Questions

When we wake in the morning, perhaps we can ask the following questions, as the decisions we make will direct the course of our day. How do you answer?1. Who will be in control of my life today so that I may be pleased with choices made?2. Do I desir

Take hold of yourself

“ALL GREAT ACHIEVERS, ALL SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE, are those who have been able to gain control over their time.” (Anonymous)All human beings have been created equal in one respect: each person has been given seven days in each week.Too many Bahamians are

Ricardo Clarke's latest single goes global

Congratulations are in order for inspirational singer Ricardo Clarke, whose hit song “Least Expect” has broken into the international market by making it’s debut on Carib TV.Ricardo told Tribune Religion that the single addressed with the surprise re

Gospel singer expands her reach

Psalmist and gospel singer Allison Rolle is continuing to expand her AMR Music Ministry by going on tours and sharing her most recent single, “Abide with Me”, with the public.A few months ago, she released a CD with three singles, but intends to rele

A dream is a goal with a deadline

In Habakkuk 2:2 the Lord tells the prophet, “Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.” The key to successful goal-setting is revealed in this scripture.First, the vision must be written down. When you keep a v

St James gears up for Heroes Day 13th annual Grill Fest

This National Heroes Day all roads will lead to the historic village of Adelaide where the Anglican Church Men of St James Parish will be hosting their 13th Annual Father R F Anthony Roberts’ King of the Grill Fest and Competition. The event will be

Meditation - Walls come tumbling down

As I watched the video of the imploding of the Crystal Palace Hotel so many thoughts came to mind. Let me share some of them with you:I. Walls that need to come down1. The walls that exist in our homes between the generations, between siblings and sp

Religious happenings around town

• Panel Discussion on “The Next Step: Marriage”The Young Adults Ministry of Christ Community Church is excited to host another panel discussion on topic “The Next Step: Marriage” and is extending an invitation to members of the general public.It wil

Ayanna leads people to God with new 'So Incredible' album

An intimate setting which facilitated an “unbridled worship experience” was what Ayanna Clarke envisioned for her album release concert at the Golden Gates World Outreach Ministries last Friday.And her vision became reality.Those who attended the eve

Jesus stands at the door!

With all the social and economic dilemmas that are going on in the Bahamas it’s imperative to consider a clarion call.We profess to be a Christian nation, but our actions emphatically suggest otherwise. A robust population of over 390,000 and our cou

Journey to 'Incredible'

Endings and beginnings

“Tomorrow, tomorrow. I love you tomorrow. You’re only a day away!”Never thought this song would have such a personal meaning for me, but my concert is actually tomorrow.Reaching a goal not only means an end but also a beginning. A goal accomplished m

United Faith Ministries seeks to heal the broken

Special Outreach Day set for this Sunday

MEMBERS of the United Faith Ministries International will host its Friends and Family Community Outreach Day this Sunday.Organisers said excitement is building for a much anticipated event, which will take place on the church grounds, Fire Trail Road