Mother-of-six turns struggle into hopeful endeavour

First-time author Shanna McKinzie said she excited to share with Bahamians, but especially women, the story of how God put her back on the right track in life.

Through it all, God is faithful

THERE are times when we are not sure if our life is amounting to much at all. We had once been close to the Lord but that seems almost a lifetime ago. We wonder if there is any point in trying to swim against the social tide. The enemy really does know where we are most vulnerable.

Benefitting from the wisdom of Sister Annie

HAVE you ever heard of Sister Annie? Perhaps you have or you have not.

Majority Rule: The most transformative moment in Bahamian history

PROPERLY understood, Majority Rule marks a moment of liberation for all Bahamians and ought to be celebrated by all Bahamians in all times as the most transformative event in our nation’s history.

New competition set to elevate gospel groups

A NEWLY launched competition is giving local praise teams and ensembles the opportunity to have their music professionally recorded while also promising exposure in the gospel music industry.

MEDITATION: Out with the old and in with the new

AS we continue to plan for a better year this year (as much as it is in our control), let us consider what needs to be left behind and what is worth preserving and pursuing:

The three angels’ messages

CHRIST was nearing his last days on earth when he introduced to his disciples the coming of the Holy Spirit. When He comes, He will convict the world of sin, of righteousness and of judgment. The fact that the Holy Spirit’s coming seems to be one of importance and urgency, it is safe to say that his message of sin, righteousness and judgment should be observed closely.

Make January 10 a day of national prayer

President of Bahamas Global Impact Prayer and Fasting Network

Mommy’s Cradle - a divine inspiration from God

Divine inspiration from God, says Shireasha Mader, is what led her to create Mommy’s Cradle – a collection organisation that provides pre-packaged, hospital-ready delivery bags for mothers-to-be.

Celebrating ‘Midnight Matrimony’

THE public is invited to attend the “wedding of the year” this Saturday night when Evangelistic Temple hosts its “Midnight Matrimony” service.

Adrana Lockhart launches initiative to feed the hungry

A Bahamian evangelist is expanding her outreach ministry by starting a programme that will help to feed those who go hungry in the community. 

MEDITATION: Ready or not

AT this time of the year there is no turning back to hold on to 2016.

The church and gambling - a burning moral issue

THE RECENT statement of the Rev Dr Ranford Patterson, President of the Bahamas Christian Council, regarding the Church and gambling is by no means to be considered as a retreat from participation in its endeavour to deal with this “burning moral issue”.

Anglican Church Women reach out to their sisters

This past month has seen members of the Anglican Church Women (ACW) of the Diocese of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Island engage in several community-oriented initiatives. 

Finding joy in living

THE well was a gathering place for us on the Family Island. It was at a time when “running water” meant running with pails of water in your hands or balanced on your head. Here at the well the neighbours came. We drank from the one open well, without fear of poisoning, obeah or witchcraft. Here we had conversation, fellowship and solved problems.