Spiritual warfare

LUKE 19:45-48 relates to us the familiar story of Jesus after he had thrown the money changers out of the temple. In a deeper sense, this story depicts salvation and the steps Christ takes and is taking to save us. The temple represents you and me (1 Corinthians 6:19). Christ chasing out all who had set up shop in the temple represents him cleansing us from all sin (1 John 1:9).

New summit aims to elevate and inspire

FOR four full days, Bahamians are invited to take the next step in their personal evolution by attending the first annual iElevate Empowerment Summit.

MEDITATION: An inspired people

WHAT is inspiration? Let us consider it from the angle of being more, doing more, having more than you ever thought possible. What would it be like to have inspiration on a daily basis?

Emancipation still comin’

SHACKLES are still holding us; Lord, we continue to pray for deliverance, total deliverance. Let’s sift through some of these.

Teen organist to make his debut

TOMORROW evening, 17-year-old David Rahming, the associate organist at St George’s Anglican Church, will perform his first organ and hymn recital.

Gospel artist wants her listeners to ‘Keep Moving’

Contemporary gospel singer Veola Sophia is maximising her ministry and encouraging people to keep pressing on even when life’s challenges make throwing in the towel appear very tempting.

Vacation Bible School in Exuama celebrates the ‘Joy in Jesus’

VACATION Bible School (VBS) is a time when children come together to learn more about the great commission as stated in Matthew 28:19: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

MEDITATION: Living in victory

WHEN we look at all of what is going on it is easy to feel defeated. Focusing on the wind and the waves can cause us to feel overwhelmed. Just as people held on and held out during Hurricane Joaquin until they we were rescued, we have to exhibit the same courage, fortitude and kindness.

The expectation

THIS article is part two of my July 14 column, “Pray for the nation.”

Happy Emancipation Day!

SLAVERY is the most dehumanising institution devised by humankind; said to be the worse Holocaust ever. Millions died as a direct result of it and countless others indirectly. It cannot be rationalised and for it there can never be any humane justification. It was downright evil.

Exuma’s Nehemiah Rolle awarded for dedicated and unselfish service

DR Dorothy Height once said, “Without community service we would not have a strong quality of life.

Acoustic music event to commune with God

Creating an atmosphere where individuals feel as though they are standing face-to-face with God is the goal of the upcoming Acoustic Worship event.

Church of England ordinand follows God’s call to Bahamas

OVERCOMING her doubts concerning women in the priesthood, Jassica Castillo-Burley of Nottingham, England, answered a call from God and travelled to the Bahamas to learn from an ordained female priest.

Those whose crimes escape grip of the law have still sinned

WHAT are some of the identifiable, quiet criminal attitudes which raise their heads in private and sometimes hide behind less prominent persons?

MEDITATION: Know better, do better

LUKE 10:42 contains the Lord’s response to Martha: “Mary has chosen the better part.”