Agape Church honours husbands and fathers in the community

MEN who have made sacrifices in their roles as husbands, fathers and contributors to their communities will be honoured in a special way during the “Service of Appreciation” event at Agape Church tomorrow night.

‘These are the Last Days’

THE Bible speaks about the peril that we will undergo in the Last Days.

MEDITATION: A father’s love

GOD our Father is the one to whom we turn for wisdom, forgiveness and love.

The godly kind of peace

THE peace that comes from God does not necessarily mean that all your needs have been met, that trouble has ceased and everything is in its place in your life.

How to pray the rosary

RELIGIOUS milestones can be fun and memorable and are commonly celebrated with family and friends. Children typically receive gifts upon fulfilling the sacraments, such as First Holy Communion or the sacrament of confirmation.

Remembering Father Ormand Wright

Family and friends of the late Father Ormand Leslie Wright this week said goodbye to a man they described as quiet, industrious and prudent, and an exemplary role model in the Anglican Church. Father Wright died on June 4 at the Princess Margaret Hospital. He was 73 years old.

Baptist Convention to honour fathers with special dinner

Fathers will be honoured in a special way for the impact they have made on their children, church and community when the Bahamas National Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention Men’s Department hosts its second annual pre-Father’s Day dinner on June 17.

MEDITATION: Where do we go from here?

I AM writing and submitting this article on Monday, June 6, because our votes on the four gender equality bills have not yet been cast. No matter what the final verdict is, we have some questions that we need to ask as we move past this moment in our nation’s development.

The most natural thing to do when you get knocked down is to get up

HOW we respond to failure and mistakes is one of the most important decisions we make every day. Failure doesn’t mean that nothing has been accomplished. There is always the opportunity to learn something. What is in you will always be bigger than whatever is around you.

Speak to the voices that speak to you

YOU must speak to the voices that are negatively or positively speaking to your human spirit. The success of any spirit is dependent on its ability to influence, convince, persuade or to encourage its human subject to bend or incline to their will.

Youth minister encourages aspiring authors to 'Write That Book!'

Whether its under the umbrella of her Felicia Archer Enterprise or her Fresh Fire Ministries, businesswoman and youth minister Felicia Archer is always working to create something purposeful that will inspire people beyond the four walls of the church.

Aspiring Christian entrepreneurs hear the ‘pull to purpose’

Two young Bahamians are taking what they believe to be their God-given gifts to help other’s fulfil their dreams in business.

MEDITATION: Checking Yourself

ONE of the sayings that my mother often used was, “Pride goes before a fall.”

South Andros Church of God of Prophecy celebrates 36th Biennial District Convention

THE South Andros district of the Church of God of Prophecy last weekend celebrated its 36th Biennial District Convention.

Don’t worry, take action

IN his workshop, famed engineer Willis H Carrier gave a formula to solve all worry situations. He said that there are three basic steps of problem analysis.