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The book of Amos

By Rev Angela Bosfield Palacious

Soul Winning celebrates prayer and band anniversary

Soul Winning UCOGIC celebrated it’s second annual prayer band anniversary under the theme “Unveiling in the presence of God”.

Fight depression and worries

By Rev Canon Sebastian Campbell

National Back-to-School Prayer

The first day of school is the day that marks the unofficial end of summer. We all know it well by the back-to-back traffic on the streets and the masses of children dressed in uniforms on their way to school. Some schools have already reopened, but on September 1, the majority of the schools will open their doors to thousands of students for the new school year.

Bahamas Anglican Men's 25th Cursillo set for October

THE BAHAMAS Anglican Cursillo Movement is looking for at least 25 candidates to take part in its men’s weekend scheduled for October 9 –12. The rector for the weekend will be Trevor Bethel of Holy Cross Parish and he is assisted by David Ferguson of St George’s parish.

Dreams that reveal spiritual sickness

By Kevin L A Ewing

'What is this?'

By Rev Angela Palacious

United Churches of God host "awe-inspiring" conference

United Churches of God in Christ celebrated their first leadership conference under the theme “Preparing Kingdom Leaders For The Front Line” this month.

Competition seeks most original DJ

WHO is the most original DJ in the Bahamas? A new competition seeks to discover one talented individual who can keep a crowd throughly engaged and entertained while showcasing his or her original talent in the DJ booth.

National heroes celebrations 2014

RALLY the troops now for the celebration of National Heroes Day!
We must defy this culture of lateness by beginning now to galvanise plans for a well thought-out and an appropriate celebration of our nation builders.
In the absence of a National Cultural Commission that would have led in building consensus for appropriate celebrations, our local community leaders, schools, churches and civic organisations must rally and excite our sleeping culture to so something. Make something happen!

Religious leader encourages Bahamians to avoid vigilante justice

A VOCAL religious leader is admonishing Bahamians to let the justice system take its course instead of seeking to avenge themselves by taking the law into their own hands.

Dreams that represent evil covenants

THE word covenant is defined as an agreement between two or more people working together to achieve a certain goal. Unfortunately, there are covenants that folks are very much a part of but are unaware of.