United Worship 2016 ‘changes hundreds of lives’

Hundreds of believers gathered for the United Worship 2016 gospel event, which organisers said, saw many lives touched, changed and ministered to.

Orlando-based ministry set to visit Grand Bahama for church event

AN Orlando-based church is set to visit Grand Bahama this summer and bring with it an array of food from around the world as well as prize giveaways.

MEDITATION: Helping the helper

THERE are so many hurting people in our country who are trying to come to the aid of others while bleeding emotionally themselves. There are parents with children, adults with elderly parents, persons in the helping professions, those in the service industry and uniformed branches, the civil service and elsewhere. How do we help each other to heal while helping?

What went wrong: spiritual poisoning

HOW could it be that a man who had been highly blessed by God finds himself on the opposite end of the hand of God? How could it be that a man who had been highly favoured by God is sentenced to damnation? Why was God so harsh with him? What had he done to deserve it? What went wrong?

Local author teaches Christians to rise from crisis with new novel

AUTHOR Randy Lundy has penned a new Christian novel called “What Went Wrong Was Right”, which is expected to be released nationwide this week.

‘Your Set Time Of Favour Has Come!’ – Part One

ACCORDING to Psalm 102:13, there is a set time for the favour of God to manifest in your life. Time is generally defined in the Greek as “chronos” and “kairos”.

Anglican Church Men celebrate 43rd annual conference in Eleuthera

Anglican men throughout the diocese, which includes the Turks and Caicos Islands, recently assembled on the island of Eleuthera for the 43rd Annual Anglican Church Men (ACM) conference.

Yasmin Hanna takes leap of faith into gospel music career

Singing in the church choir at a young age had such an impact on Yasmin Hanna’s childhood that she is finally making the jump into the music industry as a gospel artist.

Seventh-day Adventists encourage participation in gender equality referendum

THE Seventh-day Adventist Church said it believes and advocates that all Bahamians have the right to exercise with equality their privileges and freedoms as citizens.

Believing in the God of supernatural miracles

DO you believe in the God of miracles? To believe means to have faith in, to be totally convinced or persuaded of. Further, to believe in something or someone is to absolutely trust and totally rely upon it/them.

MEDITATION: Achieving your purpose

EACH one of us has gifts given by God and work to do in the Kingdom. For some persons it is a life work that lasts a lifetime. For others, they may have different times and seasons when they are engaged in various activities which are a passion for that period.

Women in the Bible - Part two

NOW this should attract the attention of any truth seeker. The two most influential philosophers in the world of Christian theology in the Middle Ages were both of the Greco-Roman world into which Christianity was born – Plato (427-347 BC) and Aristotle (384 - 322 BC).

Anglican Women stand ‘Firm in Faith’ for annual conference

Hundreds of women are expected convene for the 52nd annual conference of Anglican Church Women of the Diocese of the Bahamas and The Turks and Caicos Islands this weekend.

A national call to prayer

ARE enough Bahamians praying about the national issues in our nation, asking for the direct intervention of the God of Heaven?

Local author releases new Christian book

PASTOR Peter Joseph last week announced the nationwide release of his new book, “Possibility Praying,” which he describes as “an insightful and practical spiritual discourse that brings brand new achievements and accomplishments derived from the loving Creator.”