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Cuba sees explosion in internet access

Two days before Christmas, Luis Gonzalez received a little Chinese modem from Cuba’s state-owned telecommunications company.


• Baidu Inc., which operates China’s most popular Internet search engine, said Tuesday it has hired a former Microsoft executive and artificial intelligence specialist to improve its competitiveness in the field.

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Nintendo Switch console unveiled

Nintendo is trying to Switch it up. The Japanese video-game company revealed details Friday about its hotly anticipated Nintendo Switch, a video game console that also serves as a hand-held gaming device, during a global rollout on Friday.

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10 YEARS OF THE iPHONE: Apple proved a phone can change the world

Few people realised it at the time, but the world shifted fundamentally a decade ago when Steve Jobs pulled the first iPhone from Apple’s bag of technological tricks.


• Ethiopia says it will launch a civilian satellite into orbit in three to five years to better predict weather conditions and for remote sensing activities inside the country.

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Tech jeans lead the way

Tired of having to constantly check your cellphone for directions?

Volvo gets real with self-driving

Volvo Cars is putting real people into its self-driving cars to better learn how they’re used.

Voice-control and AI to feature at 50th annual CES

The 50th annual Consumer Electronics (CES) show gets underway in Las Vegas this week with highlights expected to be an explosion of voice-controlled interfaces, subtle integration of artificial intelligence into everyday life and increasing digitisation in areas like health and wellness.

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• A self-driving car is hitting the streets of Boston for the first time.

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Pepper the robot: Amusing, but is it practical?

While merrily chirping, dancing and posing for selfies, a robot named Pepper looks like another expensive toy at a San Francisco mall. But don’t dismiss it as mere child’s play.

Custom Computers gets HP Platinum Partner honour

AS ONE of only two official Hewlett-Packard (HP) partners in the Caribbean region, Bahamian tech company Custom Computers Ltd has been honoured with the prestigious title of Platinum Partner for the global brand.

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Museums are always looking for ways to make their exhibitions more exciting. Now, new technologies are making that easier.

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• The WNBA is offering an assist to players trying to stay safe while traveling overseas.

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China plans to land probes on far side of moon, Mars by 2020

China vowed Tuesday to speed up the development of its space industry as it set out its plans to become the first country to soft land a probe on the far side of the moon, around 2018, and launch its first Mars probe by 2020.

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‘Super Mario Run’ makes missteps

Super Mario might be running, but a hefty price tag for a mobile game just won’t fly with the masses.