INSIGHT: Haiti takes a step towards democratic elections

President Michel Martelly made his farewell speech to Haiti as he departed office yesterday with no successor yet chosen because a runoff election was scrapped last month amid violent protests and deep suspicions about vote rigging.

We should all play a part in protecting oceans

JOSEPH Ierna Jr believes protecting oceanic resources should be a high priority for everyone, everywhere.

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INSIGHT: Pitch Battle - Bahamas soccer losing sight of the goal

The Bahamas Football Association (BFA) continues to collapse.

INSIGHT: The real reason behind the ‘greedy doctors’ barb - votes

Former MP Pierre Dupuch questions Shane Gibson’s reasoning regarding the proposed National Health Insurance plan.

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INSIGHT: Roberts barks, but now there’s no bite

It was interesting - but not surprising - to see Bradley Roberts, the chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party, attacking the media last week.

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WORLD VIEW: De-risking or destruction? Neither is fair

“If there were any scheme designed to destroy the economies of several countries without a military war, then this is such a scheme. It is erroneous; it is pernicious; and it is vicious”.

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INSIGHT: FNM leader 'never had it and he never will'

In politics, a party leader is the most powerful official within the organisation. He or she represents the members of that party, its views and ideologies.

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Zika alert: Pregnant women advised to avoid countries with outbreaks of latest moquito-borne virus

THE Ministry of Health in the Bahamas is monitoring the spread of the Zika virus, which has been found in several Latin American and Caribbean countries, Minister of Health Dr Perry Gomez said yesterday.

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Required by January - a medical miracle for NHI

During a recent trip to George Town, Exuma, I drove past the new government clinic - or rather the pink wall and gates behind which sits the handsome clinic edifice, still unopened and unusable.

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INSIGHT: We need answers on NHI

THE way the Christie administration is mishandling the proposed roll out of National Health Insurance is an appalling insult to Bahamians, but not surprising.

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INSIGHT: Obama fails to see the clear and present danger

Britain is taking a lead in the fight against terrorism while America’s president refuses to denounce the radical Islamic threat, says Peter Young.

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Watchwords for the media

Anthony Newbold, President of the Bahamas Press Club, gave the welcome address at the inaugural ceremony to honour the pioneers and legends in journalism and mass communications at the British Colonial Hilton on Saturday night.

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INSIGHT - Strange bedfellows: Jury still out on how Rollins and Wells moving to the FNM will benefit the party

LAST week, Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr Hubert Minnis pulled a political chess move that stunned and angered many in his own party.

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INSIGHT: Gender referendum appears abandoned

PRIME Minister Perry Christie is routinely criticised for leading a government that is long on lofty promises, but short on follow through.

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INSIGHT: 'This is Hurricane Katrina for the Bahamas'

The first relief expert into Crooked Island found unprecedented hurricane damage for a Bahamian island. Darren Adler tells The Tribune about rescues, necessities and evacuations.