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THE KDK REPORT: My neighbour’s keeper

In The Bahamas we have a special breed of dogs known as Potcakes. Colloquially named after the overcooked (burnt) rice at the bottom of a pot that nobody wants, these dogs are incredibly resilient. As such they appeal to those who like animals but are not so crazy about caring extensively for them.

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INSIGHT: Can Pintard put the pieces back together?

ON Saturday evening the Minnis era came to an end. In the place of Dr Hubert Minnis now as leader of the FNM and Leader of the Opposition stands Michael Pintard. He faces a tough task ahead of him.

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WORLD VIEW: Barbados’ Republican status is not a yen for pieces of silver

AMONG the most nonsensical statements uttered by a British Parliamentarian and repeated in the British newspaper, The Sunday Times, is that Barbados will become a Republic at the dictation of the Government of the People’s Republic of China.

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WORLD VIEW: World Bank recommendations not enough for Caribbean countries to prepare for new climate shocks

A NEW analysis by the World Bank provides a troubling analysis of the new shocks Caribbean countries can expect from the worsening effects of climate change, particularly as there is no slowing down in its magnitude. But, the recommendations place the entire burden of preparation for these new shocks entirely on the governments that are already faced with beleaguered economies.

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KDK REPORT: Bad habits, bad health - how do we break the cycle?

EVERY human being has at least one physical characteristic they’d like to change or, in the very least, enhance. That demand has fuelled a multi-billion-dollar global make-up and skin care industry.

INSIGHT: Time we got real and ended the stigma of mental illness

Although the Ministry of Health has tried very hard to lessen the stigma of mental illness, health professionals admit there is a whole lot more to be done to assist those suffering from mental disorders.

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INSIGHT: It’s past time for just talking about domestic abuse

THEY say a week is a long time in politics – and Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis has just seen that at first hand.

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INSIGHT: We’re not being alarmist - the dangers we face are real

SMALL island states are experiencing global warming in ways that most of us can barely imagine.

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We need ‘A New Day’ for science in The Bahamas

DID you know that for more than a year most scientific research in The Bahamas has all but stopped because of one Government department?

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KDK REPORT: A legacy of influence

I have flat feet. My mom has flat feet, my dad, my siblings, my cousins. We’re just a happy flat-footed Cartwright family.

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INSIGHT: An end to curfews but will call for discipline go unheard?

AFTER a year and a half of curfews, The Bahamas got back to a world where everyone didn’t have to get home by midnight. No more COVID Cinderellas, where instead of your car turning into a pumpkin after the clock struck 12, it turned into a fine or a court appearance instead.

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The KDK Report: Pleasantly plump – part one

SOME of the most beloved children’s novels lie within the portal fantasy genre. The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter are just a few standout examples.

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INSIGHT: Will Brave words be backed up by bold action?

IT has been a good week for Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis – with the spotlight falling on him as he spoke at the international climate conference in Scotland. But now he has come home to real questions about what The Bahamas’ role will be in the battle against climate change.

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WORLD VIEW: Leaders of smaller islands stand up amid climate destruction and unkept promises

COP26 in Glasgow offered no hope to small island states which continue to face destruction and extinction.

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KDK Report: A little big-boned

ONE of my favourite subjects in high school was English literature.