Views from atop the hill

Have you ever driven past Government House and considered what life is like on Mount Fitzwilliam?

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INSIGHT: Today's youth, tomorrow's leaders

Can the Bahamas, a society where seniority is prized, really afford to disregard the voice of youth? Rashad Rolle hears why the world is waking up to the need to shift from adultism and why the country is in danger of being left behind.

INSIGHT - YOUNG MANS VIEW: Long Island's economic slump

I GREW up on the best place on earth — Long Island. I have long thought that our great island — for me, the greatest island in our archipelagic chain — has become a forgotten outsider. That has saddened me, particularly during my countless visits to Eleuthera, Grand Bahama, Abaco, Bimini, Exuma and other Bahamian islands.

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INSIGHT: Stopping the bloodshed

While the government has remained guarded over new crime fighting strategies which were formulated last week, a noted psychiatrist gives his take on what we can do to stem the tide of violent crime. Tribune News Editor Taneka Thompson reports.

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INSIGHT: Danger - toxic hazard

Is the Bahamas really serious about environmental pollution and public health? Ava Turnquest, chief reporter, says the clamour to put lives before political posturing must grow louder.

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Divided they stand, united they could still fall

Next month, Free National Movement executives will go head-to-head for party positions at its convention. But FNM insiders say the party must look beyond next month, and its internal fights, and chart a united course that will help it win the next election. Tribune News Editor, Taneka Thompson reports . . .

Third party politics: Changing of the guard at the Palace of Westminster

The Conservatives have new energy and impetus but are unsure how to respond to the UKIP threat while Labour’s weak, left-leaning leader is an electoral liability. As the starting gun fires on the race to next year’s General Election in Britain Peter Young forsees the end of voting on traditional two-party lines amid the political uncertainties.

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INSIGHT: Distress call with no rescue in sight

With no boat to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and no regulation of expanding shanty towns and unlicenced constructions Abaconians are doubting the government’s will to tackle the island’s pressing issues. Timothy Roberts reports

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INSIGHT: Anyone for golf? Not us, say Biminites

The mood in Bimini is changing to reflect that the island should not accede to the needs of tourism at all costs, Rashad Rolle writes.

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INSIGHT: Christie administration's unanswered questions

The deafening silence from the Christie administration on several issues of national importance is frustrating to voters. Tribune News Editor Taneka Thompson analyses the situation.

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INSIGHT: Urban Renewal - a powerful agent for social and economic change

Urban Renewal is transforming lives in the Bahamas, free of political intervention, and is more than just a crime prevention tool. In a wide-ranging interview with The Tribune the organisation’s prime movers dismiss criticism of its operation, outline future goals and initiatives and pay tribute to their supporters and partners.

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INSIGHT: Cannibalism in the PLP

IN a 2009 tribute to Sir Clement Maynard, then Governor-general Sir Arthur Foulkes wrote that “politics, that most noble of professions, can sometimes, descend into something approaching savagery. And it seems that there is no greater fury in the political arena as when colleagues turn on each other”.

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Referendum crumbling under political opportunism

JUST as forecast, support for the upcoming constitutional referendum has crumbled under the weight of political opportunism. What was initially pitched as a benign and straightforward bid to remove discrimination against women, has lit the stage for exploitation and fear mongering. Now contentious, the bills have been fated to a caustic half-life that has once again exposed the political cannibalism and unbridled personal ambition that have long characterised the country’s democratic system.

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INSIGHT: Leading questions

THE government last week added another level of uncertainty and ambiguity to the already emotionally-charged proposed constitutional vote by suggesting the process may be abandoned all together, despite its assurances to Bahamian women of its commitment to gender equality.

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A change 'long overdue'

Twelve years ago, on the night of February 27, 2002, thousands of jubilant supporters of the Progressive Liberal Party celebrated on the grounds of Gambier House after it became clear that the Ingraham administration’s constitutional referendum, which aimed in part to obliterate discrimination against women in the Constitution, had failed.