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GAIN AN EDGE: Shawn strives to make a difference

Sadly, it was just too late.

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INSIGHT: Lessons learned from Irma

WHILE the Bahamas was largely spared the widespread disaster and damage that the now historic category five Hurricane Irma was capable of, people of the Southern Bahamas – namely Ragged Island and Acklins – are left with the heavy burden of putting their lives back together. This is an enormous task for these families – one they are surely facing with some trepidation.

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YOUR SAY: A chance to change

The 2017 general election has gifted us with a tremendous opportunity to strengthen and entrench crucial democratic principles in the political, social and economic life of The Bahamas.

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INSIGHT: A People Far from God

THIS past week, the nation was overcome with widespread fear and anxiety of the potentially catastrophic landfall of Hurricane Irma. As we watched forecasts showing the storm increase in power in the days leading up to its first impact on the Leeward Islands, and the destruction it left in its wake afterwards on its way to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Haiti, we prayed for a miracle to happen.

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INSIGHT: Parasites in Paradise

BAHAMIANS, like the citizens of young developing nations, place emphasis on the idea of national sovereignty. Gaining independence in 1973 remains a source of pride and our tourism industry continues to boast it is ‘Better in The Bahamas’.

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INSIGHT: A Word to The Wise - Part II

DURING the last week, there have been multiple pieces in both major local publications covering the quiet storm that has developed following China’s new policy on outbound investments. What is concerning is the reaction to this new policy from the “people’s government” who would have us believe this would not impact the Bahamas, and generations of Bahamians to come in a serious way.

YOUR SAY: Time for the government to foster opportunity

A visionary and enlightened approach to economic policy would focus on the pursuit of “economic opportunity,” not simply “job opportunity”.

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INSIGHT: The victim's tale

Domestic abuse, whether verbal or physical, exists everywhere. No home is off limits, whether from Lyford Cay to Old Fort Bay or our more grassroots ‘over the hill’ areas. It’s a subject we know exists but one we often chose to ignore, happy it’s not something which encroaches on our own lives. For the victims the abuse can be life changing, destroying everything. It is only by understanding their stories that we can begin to educate the abusers and begin to effect change.

INSIGHT: A Word to the Wise

IT has been over a week since the People’s Republic of China through its State Council issued a policy banning and restricting outbound investments by the state and its citizens around the world. The policy, which comes from China’s top economic plan

INSIGHT: A nation hit by crime

A damning new report paints The Bahamas as one off the most violent crime-ridden nations in the Caribbean. The report – coming on the weekend another man was shot dead in Nassau –shows the country is second only to Jamaica in some instances of crime

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INSIGHT: Voter dissonance as the honeymoon ends

ON day 102 of the Minnis Administration’s tenure in governance, there is a growing feeling of voter dissonance throughout the country. No longer are they seen as the rockstars some crowned them to be on May 10, after the dust settled on their easily won battle – even though their win was secured because the Bahamian people desperately wanted the PLP gone.

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WORLD VIEW: Lessons from India’s partition and Charlottesville’s strife

ON August 14 and 15, Pakistan and India, respectively, celebrated the 70th anniversary of their Independence from Britain, a country whose policies, as an occupier, fomented - and then bequeathed to them - the hostile communalism that led to their partition and their continuing antagonism. Religious dissimilarity, as Muslim and Hindu, proved more defining and more divisive than common ethnicity, common culture, common foods and shared history.

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INSIGHT: Behind the violence - how one family lost three young men

THE death of a loved one is an experience everyone fears no matter what their age. Whether it is illness or old age the loss can be devastating, turning the lives of those left behind upside down. For too many families in our society today death comes through violence, a loved one shot dead in the street, a life wiped out in seconds. To most of us just a headline, a few pictures or brief video on social media, just another number to add to the ever-growing murder tally.

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INSIGHT: A Meritless Reward

FROM the time when most of us were young, we learned the value of having to work for a fitting reward. If you got an A in school, your parents would take you for ice cream, a happy meal, or some other treat to reinforce how well you were doing. Similarly, we also knew if we did poorly in our studies, our best bet was to pretend to be invisible and work our hardest to get our grades up.

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INSIGHT: A bitter pill to swallow

LAST week the entire nation got the opportunity to hear from its leader as Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, as promised after winning the election, gave his first National Address as Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Bahamians home and abroad listened intently to hear what cures the good doctor has in store to reverse the fate of a country that many feared was on the path to terminal illness under the previous administration.