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INSIGHT: Smart move to cash in and settle with the numbers boys

AFTER the controversial decision by the government to introduce a sliding scale tax structure on the local gaming industry, people were split with some supporting the government and others lamenting local businessmen. Disdain for the gaming industry stems from a number of places. On one hand, many felt it was not in line with our standing as a “Christian nation”. Others feel the vice causes family issues and is a drain on society.

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INSIGHT: A win-win which we should not be afraid to support

Carnival’s Grand Port project is shaping up as an ideal model for how development should occur in The Bahamas.

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WORLD VIEW: It’s simple - elected officials cannot serve two masters

THE law is the law and it is binding on all who dwell or visit within its jurisdiction. The law is particularly binding on those who make the law. As I observed in a previous commentary, “Law makers should not be law breakers”.

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GAIN AN EDGE: Jasmine’s rich reward for a leap of faith

Jasmine Bain’s life was a model of success. With 18 years of experience as a chef at Atlantis, Jasmine had worked her way up to a head pastry chef position while also teaching pastry and baking courses at the College of The Bahamas. It would have been easy to simply coast with her associate’s degree in culinary arts under her belt, numerous certifications in her field and the respect of colleagues.

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INSIGHT: The Abaco tragedy tells us it’s time for the gloves to come off

TRAGEDY struck as a vessel carrying more than 80 Haitian immigrants attempting to illegally enter The Bahamas shipwrecked in waters off Abaco. With the death toll up to 31 and only 18 of the migrants on this journey reported rescued, the number of fatalities seems certain to increase as search and rescue efforts continue for another 34 passengers still missing.

WORLD VIEW: A ‘Venezuelan owned’ solution: too much to hope?

COMMENTATORS in Western media - who dominate international news distribution - characterise any government, entity or person who speaks out against meddling in the internal affairs of Venezuela as “supporters of the Maduro regime”.

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INSIGHT: No more dangling carrots please, it’s time to deliver

THE general commentary after the prime minister’s first official address of the year last week was that it was underwhelming. It lacked detail of how Bahamians would truly benefit. Despite indicating a major focus of the government was economic growth and expansion, it felt like what we’ve always had from Dr Hubert Minnis’ administration – dangling of carrots for some point in the future.

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WORLD VIEW: Give Uruguay meeting a chance to bring settlement to Venezuela

THE Heads of Government of the independent member states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), who met by video conference on January 24 to consider the fast-moving events surrounding Venezuela, demonstrated an independent and principled stance. Absent from the meeting was any representative of the Bahamas and Haiti.

POLICE ADVICE: Help your child by being a net-savvy parent

Social media sites such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp increases communication, access to information and help in developing a sense of self, however, the thoughts of what your child might come across online can be worrying. Here are internet safety advice to make sure going online is a positive experience for you and your child.

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GAIN AN EDGE: Telling the stories of our nation’s history

As the nation’s key centre of learning, University of The Bahamas offers higher education opportunities for Bahamians while also offering resources to explore the impact of our country’s rich history.

POLICE ADVICE: Rape is real so we all have to be on our guard

Rape is a crime which affects all members of society, its victims and those close to them. The more informed citizens are about the crime of rape, the better prepared they will be to prevent it.

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INSIGHT: Who should be held to account when a lawyer steps over the line?

DEFENCE attorneys have disagreed with a recent admonition for judges to hold defendants liable for any misconduct exhibited in court by their attorney, with some calling the suggestion “unconstitutional” and an “undue burden” on what would most likely always be a layperson.

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INSIGHT: Government would prefer to stand in an echo chamber rather than see our democracy evolve

MUCH of what happens in Parliament is an embarrassment and a disappointment. Witnessing a group of men and women who seem more awestruck with themselves - high off the opportunity to sit in Parliament rather than filled with a spirit of duty and service, hamstringing any potential of our democracy evolving.

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INSIGHT: Beware - your own lawyer could land you in trouble

THE Court of Appeal’s president has ruled Supreme Court judges should hold accused people liable for any misconduct exhibited in court by their attorney.

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INSIGHT: We have deeply rooted issues we need to face and deal with

AFTER Social Services Minister Frankie Campbell made crass comments about the increase in rapes in 2018, thousands of us must have had to pick our jaws up off the floor as he ignored his ministry’s role – deeming it an issue that falls solely under national security.