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INSIGHT: Believing in Bahamians?

The Prime Minister will have to attempt to sell dreams in his Budget Communication this week in an effort to cover up his administration’s failings, Malcolm J Strachan says . . .

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WORLD VIEW: Why going it alone for CARICOM countries leads to fragmentation and weakness

I start with the now proven premise that no CARICOM nation is able to prosper on its own. No protestations to the contrary erase the evidence that, without aid from external sources, these countries could not deliver the goods and services that their people expect.

INSIGHT: Fishermen renew pleas to protect our marine resources from poachers

I congratulate our fine men and women of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) for the capture of yet another Dominican poaching vessel.

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INSIGHT: Jeers, not cheers, for four years of the PLP

Bradley Roberts says his party has made “incredible progress” since winning power in 2012. Malcolm J Strachan begs to differ

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INSIGHT: Building a Bahamas for the 21st century

Alfred Sears has returned to frontline politics in the Bahamas, he says, “at a time of great challenges”. Here he offers his detailed plan for the country’s future.

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RICHARD COULSON – Parliamentary Privilege: the right to talk nonsense

MARATHON MP and Minister of Education Jerome Fitzgerald has been wrapping his rugged frame in the mantle of Parliamentary Privilege (PP), enshrined in English law since the Bill of Rights of 1689 and governing procedures not only in the House of Commons but also in the US Congress and our House of Assembly.

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WORLD VIEW: New energy needed in the Caribbean

The transformation of the energy sector in Caribbean countries is the key to improving the economies of all of them.

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INSIGHT: Izmirlian deserves a second chance with Baha Mar

Ishmael Lightbourne makes a plea to the government to broker a deal over the stalled mega resort for the good of the country . . .

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YOUR SAY: Reforming the education system is vital for future development

EDUCATION is the universal process of imparting knowledge, values, skills and attributes which can be beneficial to an individual and their surroundings. Learning is the process of adopting knowledge, values and skills.

WORLD VIEW: A world according to Trump

DONALD Trump’s Foreign Policy speech on April 27 did not once mention the Caribbean.

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NASSAU LIFE: An everyday story of Bahamian issues

Richard Coulson offers a succinct (and opinionated) summary of the recent spate of hot news topics.

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INSIGHT: Cross the ‘pond’ for better university options

Bahamian students are looking beyond north America to further their education these days. Alexander Hawkins canvasses views of British universities as a viable alternative.

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WORLD VIEW: Good sense on drugs absent at the U.N.

For a brief moment it appeared that good sense would prevail and the international community would ditch the failed “war on drugs” policy. But all hopes were dashed at the United Nations General Assembly special session on drugs (UNgass) last week in New York.

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INSIGHT: Saints or sinners? The real story of caring for HIV and AIDS patients

After the US State Department’s report last week accused a Bahamian care institution of neglect and inadequate medical provision, Ava Turnquest, Tribune Chief Reporter, paid a visit. She gained a very different impression.

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INSIGHT: National Development - Bahamians need transparency

Our attention was piqued by the National Development Plan, or better yet, the travesty that took place at the College of the Bahamas (COB) Library last week.