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INSIGHT: No need to delay PLP convention

THE Progressive Liberal Party appears to be toying with the idea of postponing its national convention for the third time in two years, again under the guise of needing more time to help constituents recover from the damage wrought by a hurricane.

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INSIGHT: Keeping visitors safe from robbers and rapists is a cost hotels must meet

Protecting tourism from criminals in The Bahamas is paramount for the country’s economy and reputation as a destination. Paul Thompson suggests government security surveys of hotels would help prevent major incidents . . .

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GAIN AN EDGE: Opening the door to work

Dean of Academic Affairs at the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI), Pleshette McPhee, often says “TVET is the new global currency”.

INSIGHT: The law is there to be used against criminals, not at political discretion

Cases of criminal misconduct against parliamentarians have not been prosecuted and the government has made no effort to confiscate the proceeds of crime from perpetrators, former Assistant Police Commissioner Paul Thompson reveals in the latest part of his weekly series.

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INSIGHT: National stock can rise by spreading share ownership

As the country begins the recovery after Hurricane Matthew, Richard Coulson says now more than ever the BISX needs to be reconstructed to help the Bahamian economy grow.

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INSIGHT: What a national university means for Bahamians

In the second of a new weekly collaborative series on post-secondary education, Dr Rodney Smith, the president of the College of the Bahamas, looks at a momentous development in increasing the intellectual capital of the nation.

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INSIGHT: A storm to test the resilience of Bahamians

Cable Beach resident Fay Knowles tells of her Hurricane Matthew experience.

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INSIGHT: Facing the wrath of Matthew is no party for the southern Bahamas

As Matthew looms large on the anniversary of Joaquin, Malcolm J Strachan looks at what, if anything, was learned from last year’s hurricane in terms of planning and reparations and asks why critical repairs have not been carried out . . .

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INSIGHT: College makes the difference every Bahamian needs

In the first of a new weekly collaborative series on post-secondary education, Lyford Cay Foundations explains why doing everything possible to gain an advantage in the modern workplace is so vital . . .

INSIGHT: Assessing the looming threat from Hurricane Matthew

Matthew is weaker as it meanders over the central Caribbean south of Haiti, but the mighty Category 4 hurricane is expected to move northwards later on Sunday and deliver a punishing blow to the islands of Hispaniola, Cuba and Jamaica on Monday and Tuesday.

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INSIGHT: Undercover operations and ‘need to know’ in the fight against crime

Excellent regional law enforcement co-operation sometimes meant politicians were kept in the dark about covert planning, former Assistant Police Commissioner Paul Thompson says.

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INSIGHT: “The Royal Bahamas Police Force made me a man”

When my memoir - A Policeman’s Story - was published in 2013, The Tribune’s publisher Eileen Dupuch Carron called it “an interesting account of life in the Bahamas from the early sixties through independence and the drug wars to the present”.

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INSIGHT: PLP betrays its legacy by turning against workers

By the end of this week, Allyson Maynard-Gibson, the Attorney-General of the Bahamas, should have either resigned from her post or be fired by Prime Minister Perry Christie. It is that simple.

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INSIGHT: Leadership scandal threatens Commonwealth economic optimism

As the the world’s oldest political association of states looks to be entering a new golden era of prosperity, its relevance is being tested by allegations of corruption and cronyism against its top executive, Peter Young says

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INSIGHT: Governments have ignored senior police advice over the years

Based on his 30 years experience as a police officer Paul Thompson begins a series looking at why the Bahamas is in the state it is today and what lessons should have been learned