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INSIGHT: The power of a dollar means more than passing on a birthright - Bahamians are betraying their own people

LAST week’s landing of a sloop containing perhaps as many as 250 illegal migrants has added fuel to what already has been a fiery debate. For as long as we can remember, even the most dispassionate Bahamian has not been shy to voice his or her opinion about immigration. In this context, the clashing perspectives on illegal immigrants – or if we are to be honest with ourselves and speak plainly – our problem with the illegal migration of Haitians, has been a subject of intense debate all around the country this past week.

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INSIGHT: Fighting for everyone’s rights

Bahamians must begin to think of the fight to protect immigrant rights as part of a larger battle to defend the rule of law for the benefit of all who reside in this country.

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WORLD VIEW - Mugabe: a graceful coup

WHEN independence was finally wrenched from Britain in April 1980, Zimbabwe was described as the “jewel of Africa” by Tanzania’s President Julius Nyerere.

POLICE ADVICE: Pedestrian safety tips

WALKING is a healthy activity, but you need to know the rules of pedestrian safety. Especially if you are walking in an area where there aren’t sidewalks or paths separate from the road. To stay safe walking, follow these rules.

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INSIGHT: Come on Dr Minnis, be the leader we need

LAST Thursday marked the third anniversary of the death of Pastor Dr Myles Munroe and his wife, Pastor Ruth Munroe – and The Bahamas is sorely missing the kind of leadership he embodied.

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WORLD VIEW: Time to level the playing field

The absence of meaningful consultation between governments and private sector organisations in the Caribbean is leading to the implementation of externally-driven laws and regulations which will not serve the region well.

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INSIGHT: The time has come for both political parties to stop playing politics with immigration

The Bahamas’ leading human rights lawyer continues his analysis of the Minnis administration’s December 31 deadline for illegal immigrants to leave the country.

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GAIN AN EDGE: College isn’t just for the lucky few

The lucky few with good grades and rich families - that’s who goes to college, right? Wrong!

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INSIGHT: It's a question many are asking - were we duped?

ON May 10, 2017, the Bahamian electorate voted for a much desired change. The political culture of our leaders looking after their friends, family and lovers disgusted the majority of Bahamians who voted for Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis and the Free National Movement to form the current government. However, after six months it would seem as though most Bahamians are succumbing to a pervasive feeling of voter dissonance.

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INSIGHT: Cable Bahamas - a text book case on how it should be done

The comprehensive Annual Report of Cable Bahamas, the country’s largest non-bank company, should be read not only by its shareholders but by anyone interested in how a multi-division enterprise can thrive in our restrictive economic environment. With its current fiscal year extended by six months to June 30, 2017, the report tells a story stretching over 18 months, the most crucial period since Cable’s founding over 20 years ago.

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INSIGHT: A bad idea which just gets worse

I continue to watch and listen with dismay to your proclamations on driving out illegal immigrants in what is now just 55 days time.

POLICE ADVICE: We all have a role in keeping the peace

Conflict resolution is when two or more parties find a peaceful solution to a disagreement between them.

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INSIGHT: A leopard can’t change its spots

AFTER a tumultuous PLP convention, a “new” official leader has emerged. No longer in the shadow of the tarnished legacy of Perry Christie, Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, is now finally in charge of the nation’s oldest political party… for now.

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INSIGHT: Nassau Life - Sanity not hysteria, for the gaming business

I went over to a new Island Luck gaming site the other night and opened an account in the windowless single-purpose room, lit mainly by dozens of computer screens. I was not there to become a steady player, but to discover whether the premises were infested with shady characters likely to “pose a risk to the country’s financial sector”, as Minister of Tourism Dionisio D’Aguilar has warned us with alarmist press headlines.

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WORLD VIEW: The effect of a strong President Xi in the Caribbean

ON October 24, at its 19th Party Congress in Beijing, China’s Communist Party formally elevated President Xi Jinping to the revered status of legendary leaders, Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. The Congress wrote his name into its constitution and set him up to remain in office beyond 2022.