“Gender discrimination is a serious defect in our Constitution”

Sir Arthur Foulkes, the former Governor General, addressed the launch of Citizens for Constitutional Equality on Thursday night at Holy Cross Parish Hall, and urged the government to right a wrong.

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INSIGHT: BAMSI sows seeds for Brave Davis' downfall

The controversy that swirls around the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) in North Andros could be the death knell for the political aspirations of Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis.

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INSIGHT: Bahamian eyes shut to the realities of life

In the 1969 agitprop film Inextinguishable Fire, German media artist Harun Farocki delivers sterile yet pregnant commentary on the Vietnam War through the lens of one of its most devastating consequences: the use of napalm.

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INSIGHT: Can BAMSI really eat into the $1 billion food import bill?

“BAMSI is such a sham. All you need to farm is ground, water and seeds. Why spend millions on dorms? What an a@#hat idea. Farming is about getting dirty and living off the land. Once again, millions spent for no purpose other than to sell Bahamians a false dream. Get your a#$ on your hands and knees and start tilling soil -- that’s how you farm. It’s not a banking job you know.”

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INSIGHT: The harsh reality of life behind bars

“Ask the Bahamian people,” pleaded the young man with his hair sectioned into four matted plaits, his voice cracking with urgency and barely audible as it travelled through the screened bars that serve as a barrier between maximum security inmates and the visiting public.

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INSIGHT: A cry for humanity from Abaco’s shanty towns

In five days the Department of Immigration is scheduled to begin enforcement exercises in Abaco under the mandate of the government’s new policy.

INSIGHT: PLP 'neglect' of Over-the-Hill

For years, residents of the economically depressed areas of Bain and Grants Town and Centreville have been holding out hope for the revitalisation promised by scores of politicians. The areas are part of the Progressive Liberal Party’s stronghold, but according some residents, they are tired of supporting the party and seeing no real change in their daily lives.

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CARNIVAL FEVER: Festival opponents argue ignorantly and illogically while Christian Council is out of touch

IF there is one thing that is predictable about Bahamians, it is our love for complaining and tearing our own down.

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INSIGHT: The rise of Dr Andre Rollins

WHEN the Progressive Liberal Party embraced Dr Andre Rollins into its fold in 2011, I was surprised.

Bishop Laish Boyd calls for FOI and more transparency in gov’t

OFTEN times, politicians peering down from their lofty perches of elected office take aim at the media for calling them out on their mistakes.

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INSIGHT: Gov’t should be worried over jobless rate

NEARLY three years into the Christie administration’s second term in office, many voters and, by Prime Minister Perry Christie’s own recent admission, PLP supporters are growing restless with the lack of fulfilment of the promises that were used to sway them at the ballot box in 2012.

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INSIGHT: A new deal for downtown Nassau?

An ambitious and much-needed project to regenerate Bay Street, Nassau is again in the offing. Richard Coulson looks at what needs to be done differently to prevent it suffering the same fate as the ten-year old EDAW plan, which withered on the vine.

INSIGHT: Transparency needed on immigration probes

The government's new immigration policy took another hit as allegations of abuse at the hands of an immigration official surfaced over the weekend. This has brought renewed calls for accountability from the government as it investigates the claims. Tribune news editor Taneka Thompson looks at the issue.

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INSIGHT: Prime Minister 'delusional' over crime, pre-election issues

The Prime Minister sees crime as the key issue that will decide the next election. However, one observer believes the Christie administration has fallen down on a number of promises, not just crime reduction. Tribune news editor Taneka Thompson explores the issue.

INSIGHT: The last courtesan

A relentless quest for money, status and power defined Pamela Digby Churchill Hayward Harriman's extraordinary life from infamy to respectability and acceptance by the establishment. In the first of a two-part series Sir Christopher Ondaatje looks at how the English socialite used her feminine wiles to entrance the rich and famous through the war years and beyond.