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INSIGHT: Glaring failures

We must heed the lessons of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Joaquin

The widespread devastation Hurricane Joaquin brought to the southern and central Bahamas has exposed glaring inefficiencies in this country’s disaster preparedness and emergency management policies.

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INSIGHT: Time for change - The PLP has been airing its dirty laundry in public

SENIOR members of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) spent much of last week swimming against the tide so to speak, acknowledging that the country is in a mess, that the party had made many lofty promises that it could not keep in order to win the 2012 general election and that many government MPs are poor performers who should be cut like dead weight.

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Sky high: Taking flight in the drug smuggling fight

The Caribbean is again becoming a popular route for cocaine smuggling. Alicia A Caldwell reports

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INSIGHT: The human face of global supremacy

At 24, Tribune reporter Rashad Rolle has made his first trip to Asia as part of a journalism exchange. It changed his perceptions of China.

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INSIGHT: The battle for bonefish and the future of the Bahamas

Flats fishing is a multi-million dollar industry in the Bahamas but proposed legislation has stirred the waters and raised concerns over protectionism and conservation. Beau Beasley reports . . .

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INSIGHT: Nottage on crime – too little, too late

ON Thursday night, Minister of National Security Dr Bernard Nottage gave a weak and poorly received national address on crime.

Why Danny might be a blessing for the parched Caribbean

The Atlantic Ocean finally got its first hurricane of the season last week, when Danny passed the hurricane test with wind speeds in excess of 75 mph and a developed eye.

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INSIGHT: Face time with fearsome fish

Sharks have been in the news with a series of attacks on humans, but as Mindy Pennybacker finds, more people are wanting a close-up experience with the great marine predators.

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INSIGHT: Nottage too silent on crime

LAST week, Minister of National Security Dr Bernard Nottage walked past a group of protestors in Rawson Square who are fed up with the rising murder count and the almost daily bloodletting that occurs on the streets of New Providence.

INSIGHT: ‘Let Bahamians finish Baha Mar’

As the wrangling over Baha Mar becomes ever more tense, CEO Sarkis Izmirlian wrote to the president of The Export-Import Bank of China, Liu Liange, on July 23 in an effort to break the deadlock over China Construction America holding the resort “hostage” and asking for a response to his proposals by today. This is what he wrote.

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INSIGHT: Mission Implausible - Why the Allyson Adventure to China was a desperate and doomed ploy

Richard Coulson insists a Bahamian Chapter 11 procedure is the only way forward for Baha Mar.

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INSIGHT: Committing to camera

The making of almost40 and film in the Bahamas

Nicole ‘Col J’ Burrows has reached a milestone in her life - on the cusp of turning 40 she has written and produced her first film. This is her (short) story about the experience.

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A chapter of disaster?

The Baha Mar bankruptcy order should be granted in the Bahamas to avoid a damaging dog-fight between creditors, Richard Coulson urges.

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INSIGHT: Chaos in the PLP

For the past two weeks the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has been mired in internal chaos, with two of its members of Parliament abandoning ship in near succession, citing the party’s poor leadership as a main catalyst.

INSIGHT: The good, the bad and the ugly - A dangerous mix of tourism and crime

For generations the relationship between country's leaders and its inhabitants have straddled a Cartesian dualism, in a sense that both politician and voter interact within a single socio-economic reality from competing foundations.