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NASSAU LIFE: An everyday story of Bahamian issues

Richard Coulson offers a succinct (and opinionated) summary of the recent spate of hot news topics.

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INSIGHT: Cross the ‘pond’ for better university options

Bahamian students are looking beyond north America to further their education these days. Alexander Hawkins canvasses views of British universities as a viable alternative.

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WORLD VIEW: Good sense on drugs absent at the U.N.

For a brief moment it appeared that good sense would prevail and the international community would ditch the failed “war on drugs” policy. But all hopes were dashed at the United Nations General Assembly special session on drugs (UNgass) last week in New York.

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INSIGHT: Saints or sinners? The real story of caring for HIV and AIDS patients

After the US State Department’s report last week accused a Bahamian care institution of neglect and inadequate medical provision, Ava Turnquest, Tribune Chief Reporter, paid a visit. She gained a very different impression.

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INSIGHT: National Development - Bahamians need transparency

Our attention was piqued by the National Development Plan, or better yet, the travesty that took place at the College of the Bahamas (COB) Library last week.

INSIGHT - WORLD VIEW: No quick fix in Haiti

Peace and development will be endangered in Haiti if the United States and other nations insist that the interim government holds the second round of a truncated election for a President of the republic without a verification process of the first round that took place on October 25 last year.

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INSIGHT: Who is really footing the $6m bill for the IDB conference?

Stanley Cartwright says hosting the IDB conference last week at the Baha Mar Convention Centre was simple political expediency by the Prime Minister.

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WORLD VIEW: The lessons of Panama and its papers

The names of persons implicated in the leak of the so-called “Panama Papers” earlier this month reads like a Who’s Who of the politically powerful in many parts of the world.

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INSIGHT: Whispering campaign is becoming too loud to ignore

Cassius Stuart was only saying what many members of the Free National Movement are saying in private about the party’s leader. Stanley Cartwright suggests it’s time for Dr Minnis to do the honourable thing and stand aside.

INSIGHT: Can the magic return to the Magic City?

Richard Coulson detects encouraging signs of a renaissance in Freeport.

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WORLD VIEW: Defending rights and resisting unfair practices in Caribbean banking

In January, coincidental to my assuming the Presidency of the Permanent Council of the Organisation of American States (OAS), I met, in Washington DC, the Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow, who had just taken on the responsibility of Chairman of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Heads of Government.

INSIGHT: It's time for transparency

Khrisna Virgil says the Bahamas must have a non-partisan Contractor General if contentious political issues over BAMSI, the toxic city landfill and Urban Renewal programmes are to be avoided in future . . .

INSIGHT: FNM has questions to answer over Save The Bays

Today in Parliament the Free National Movement (FNM) will have to answer some serious questions.

WORLD VIEW: Informed political discourse required on immigration and trade

In the first part of this commentary on immigration and trade in politics, the focus was on the present primaries of the United States Presidential election.

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INSIGHT: The FNM’s pied piper is playing the wrong tune

If the Opposition leader was trying to defend the common man at and after the Cabbage Beach protests, he got it wrong again, Stanley Cartwright says.