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INSIGHT: A dream unfulfilled

Some may call it happenstance; I call it Providence.

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INSIGHT: There are clouds on the horizon - but is it going to rain?

Donald Trump is many things. Modest and unassuming are not two of them.

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INSIGHT: Minnis must have other secret deals lined up if he’s to pull this one off

LAST week’s announcement of deals in Abaco and Grand Bahama by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis may have provided residents there hope after the devastation of Hurricane Dorian.

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WORLD VIEW: Hypocrisy unmasked as OAS stands at crossroads

IF candidates were to get a prize for making the best case for why they are best suited to be Secretary-General of the OAS, María Fernanda Espinosa would have easily walked away with it when the three contenders for the post appeared before the Permanent Council of the Organization on February 12.

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INSIGHT: Education is critical otherwise we're on the road to nowhere

At a time when the country is filled with challenges, the Bahamian people, while not having a shortage of problems, can’t say the same for solutions.

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WORLD VIEW: Time for a new approach in Venezuela - and it may very well be played by Trump himself

WHEN is a failed policy recognised as a failure and abandoned for a new approach? That was the question Barack Obama and his administration had to confront after more than 50 years of a policy of trade embargoes, sanctions and, at one point, invasion that failed to dislodge the Castro government in Cuba. It is a question the present Donald Trump administration should be considering in relation to Venezuela and the Nicolas Maduro government.

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INSIGHT: Setting sail to raise the alarm on climate change

Bahamian biologist O’neil Leadon is set to sail across the Atlantic and embark on a tour through Europe to participate in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (SB52).

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INSIGHT: Why do we only pick on Carnival when it comes to pollution on the seas?

I have been an ardent environmental and human rights advocate since I could reason.

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INSIGHT: Kobe was delivering in his greatest and most important role - as a father

LAST Sunday, just over 2,500 miles away, The Bahamas felt like it lost one of its own with the passing of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. Los Angeles, the state of California, America and beyond have been grieving since the news broke of his death, along with eight other people, including his young daughter and basketball prodigy, Gianna. Even in our tiny archipelago, far away, Bahamians who grew up watching the basketball wizardry any time number eight, and then number 24, stepped on the hardwood, were heartbroken.

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Lies in OAS contest: sifting the wheat from the chaff

IF EVER there was a time in global politics when governments did not indulge in deliberately and maliciously running smear campaigns against candidates they oppose for international positions, it has now passed.

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INSIGHT: Will Dr Minnis still be driving the FNM train in 2022?

WHEN the FNM were sworn in to become the next government of The Bahamas on May 11, 2017, many were convinced that we lived to witness, arguably, a retirement party for the country’s worst prime minister. Though it was done by an unlikely hero, it still made the way for Bahamians to be hopeful again. Two and a half years later, while the title of worst prime minister may still be in the grasp of his predecessor, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis is failing to win many friends in the electorate.

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WORLD VIEW: Only CARICOM countries can divide CARICOM

THE meeting between US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and the Foreign Ministers of seven Caribbean countries, gave rise to many questions, but the US seeking to “divide CARICOM” should not be one of them.

INSIGHT: What price are we paying for the cruise industry?

LUXURY cruise brands operated by Carnival Corporation & PLC emitted 10 times more air pollution in Europe than all of the continent’s vehicles combined, accorrding to an international study.

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INSIGHT: Setting the ground rules for a marijuana industry

THE recent leak of the Bahamas National Commission on Marijuana’s preliminary report has brought the topic of marijuana decriminalisation back to the fore.

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WORLD VIEW: Why CARICOM had no national for OAS top job

READERS of Barbados newspapers were exposed recently to the views of John Beale, one of the country’s former Ambassadors to the Organisation of American States (OAS), on the forthcoming election for the post of Secretary-General. Because Mr Beale served at the OAS and did sterling work, his views on the Secretary-Generalship of the OAS deserve attention.