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WORLD VIEW: Don’t take the vaccine and all you’ll do is prolong this crisis

PEOPLE in the Caribbean who refuse to take vaccinations to counter the corona virus will cause the COVID-19 pandemic to remain longer in the region, endangering lives, livelihoods, and entire economies.

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INSIGHT: To conquer COVID, we must tackle inequality over vaccines

THE day when vaccinations will begin in The Bahamas is getting closer.

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INSIGHT: It’s 10 o’clock on Friday night and on Paradise Island the party’s going strong

COVID-19 restrictions have, admittedly, crippled many businesses especially those in the entertainment sector. Yet it would appear the restrictions placed on businesses are seemingly being enforced on some while others get a free pass to do as they please.

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WORLD VIEW: Haiti – on the edge of disaster again

HAITI – a country to which all other countries that suffered slavery are deeply indebted – is once again in turmoil.

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INSIGHT: Nygard casts a dark shadow some will find hard to escape from

THE disturbing revelations about multimillionaire fashion mogul and long-time political donor Peter Nygard remain a dark shadow over the Opposition’s chances of reclaiming the government. Already having the reputation during its last stint of being a corrupt and scandal-ridden bunch, the Nygard case brings back memories of forgettable leadership.

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INSIGHT: ‘We’re living in a cowboy town and there’s nothing anyone can do about it’

Hardly a week goes by when another young man’s life is lost on the streets of New Providence - a victim of gang violence which still plagues our country.


DEVELOPING countries, including the member states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), are being left behind in the rollout of vaccinations against COVID-19 now underway in rich countries.

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INSIGHT: Let the games begin

THE silly season might be stranger than usual because of COVID-19 restrictions – but things are starting to move on the political front. With his resignation last week from the Free National Movement, House Speaker Halson Moultrie may have catapulted himself into the political wilderness. He has seemingly committed himself to his convictions – even though the Bahamian people may not always be clear on what they are.

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INSIGHT: ‘I can’t make any apologies for the way God created me and who I am’

A DAY after he quit the Free National Movement, House Speaker Halson Moultrie said he has no intention of resigning from his Parliament post but suspects the governing party will try to prorogue Parliament to remove him.

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INSIGHT: The dynamics of suicide

During the past few months, The Bahamas has had an increase in suicides and suicidal attempts. According to Commissioner Paul Rolle, there were 11 suicides reported in 2020, a slight increase from the eight reported in 2019.

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WORLD VIEW: A second UN term for a champion of causes crucial to the Caribbean

UNITED Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has announced his availability to serve a second term when his current term ends on December 31.

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INSIGHT: When you read ‘no comment’ or ‘not available’ it’s not for a lack of trying

Based on many accounts of ongoing experiences, it is evident the once treasured Fourth Estate of The Bahamas is now an ignored entity which is shown much disrespect by its formerly eager partners - Bahamian Cabinet Ministers.

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INSIGHT: Clumsy words which could cost the government dear

LAST week’s events in the House of Assembly may rank among the darkest of days of Bahamian political history. As a people, we have far too often entertained the level of buffoonery that goes on when the people’s business should be what’s being tended to. Nonetheless, as we have not made it clear to our Members of Parliament the code of conduct we would like to see adhered to, we continue to be subjected to the same type of antics.

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INSIGHT: One man’s gaffe turns the spotlight on an issue we should be alert to

THE comments of Police Commissioner Paul Rolle during his presentation of crime data from 2020 incensed many people across the country – but we have an opportunity to learn from this moment. The gaffe - Commissioner Rolle referring to men who committed suicide in 2020 as being “weak” because they were unable to deal better with domestic issues – is a problem that reaches much farther than one man’s ignorance.

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INSIGHT: Is this how we treat people asking for our protection?

TEN asylum seekers are seeking damages and an injunction preventing the government from deporting them after claiming in a lawsuit filed in the Supreme Court that they were falsely imprisoned and wrongfully deprived of their liberty.