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INSIGHT: The Bahamas cannot be for sale

Malcolm J Strachan calls for a public hearing on the government’s dealing with Chinese interests . . .

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INSIGHT: The real point of Dame Anita’s lecture on marriage

It has become apparent since the presentation last week of the 8th Annual Eugene Dupuch Distinguished Lecture, hosted by the Eugene Dupuch Law School and by Dupuch & Turnquest & Co Chambers, that much public debate has emerged, related to several aspects of the presentation.

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INSIGHT: Public consultation key to the success of Freedom of Information reform

DURING Minister of Education Jerome Fitzgerald’s comments on May 4 in Parliament, he spoke to the need for greater public consultation on the proposed Freedom of information Act (FOIA) 2015.

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INSIGHT: The Vote of No

It wasn’t fears of same-sex marriage that scuppered the referendum, it was distrust of the government, says Malcolm J Strachan . . .

WORLD VIEW: Let the voices of the Haitian people be heard

‘International interests in Haiti, in addition to checking off an ‘elections done’ box, are largely defined by controlling emigration, maintaining stability and managing poverty.'

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INSIGHT: Let your voice be heard

Malcolm J Strachan urges Bahamians to ignore the fear, bigotry and hatred swirling around the Constitutional Referendum . . .

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INSIGHT: Questions of reform and constant review

Adrian Gibson explains why his desire for equality in The Bahamas overrides his misgivings about some of the referendum bills . . .

Yes Bahamas co-chairs urge readers to support equality in referendum

Yes Bahamas co-chairs Lady Sharon Wilson and Lynn Holowesko have sent an open letter to their fellow Bahamians on the eve of the Constitutional Referendum . . .

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WORLD VIEW - Haiti: No moving out and moving on

THERE is a certain illogic in the reaction of both the United Nations Secretary-General and the US State Department over the findings of a Haitian Verification Commission that evaluated the October 25, 2015, first-round general elections.

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INSIGHT: Do you know how you’re going to vote?

IT’S SAFE to say that if you don’t know how you’re going to vote in the gender equality referendum by now, then you probably don’t have any plans to head to the polls on June 7.

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WORLD VIEW: The Caribbean Court: an example to Latin America

TWO events at the Organisation of American States (OAS) in recent months have underscored the soundness of the system by which the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) is financed.

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INSIGHT: Believing in Bahamians?

The Prime Minister will have to attempt to sell dreams in his Budget Communication this week in an effort to cover up his administration’s failings, Malcolm J Strachan says . . .

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WORLD VIEW: Why going it alone for CARICOM countries leads to fragmentation and weakness

I start with the now proven premise that no CARICOM nation is able to prosper on its own. No protestations to the contrary erase the evidence that, without aid from external sources, these countries could not deliver the goods and services that their people expect.

INSIGHT: Fishermen renew pleas to protect our marine resources from poachers

I congratulate our fine men and women of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) for the capture of yet another Dominican poaching vessel.

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INSIGHT: Jeers, not cheers, for four years of the PLP

Bradley Roberts says his party has made “incredible progress” since winning power in 2012. Malcolm J Strachan begs to differ