Slaves to a new 'massa'

BAHAMIANS are not adequately critical of authority. We are subservient to it. We fear it. We are awed by title, wealth, social station, pomp and circumstance.BAHAMIANS are not adequately critical of authority. We are subservient to it. We fear it. We are awed by title, wealth, social station, pomp and circumstance.

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'Spoken from the heart' - Tribute to Edmund Moxey by Sir Arthur Foulkes

GOVERNOR General Sir Arthur Foulkes, in a tribute paid to Edmund Moxey, creator of the Jumbey Village dream, recalled their years in the political trenches together, nourishing a single ambition – the “salvation of a people.”

Breaking the habit

“WE LIVE in a country that is addicted to incarceration as a tool for social control. As it stands now justice systems are extremely expensive, do not rehabilitate but in fact make the people that experience them worse and have no evidence based correlatives to reducing crime. Yet with that track record they continue to thrive, prosper and are seen as an appropriate response to children in trouble with the law. Only an addict would see that as an okay result.” – James Bell

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The Bible and LGBT rights

THE discussion between popular preacher Dr Myles Munroe and Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell has been an interesting one. Interesting only because it is fascinating watching someone with a bigoted position attempt to maintain their civility while still holding fast to their bigotry.

Bahamians speak out against domestic abuse remarks

A DEMOCRACY lives and dies on the outrage of it’s citizenry. That is, it thrives based on the signals the people of that democracy send to their leadership. The level of what is acceptable in their society, or even what their leaders can get away with, rises and falls on how the public responds to the actions and words of their political, civic and religious leaders.

Seeking penance or change

IN attrition warfare an army attempts to destroy its enemy by grinding down their opponent with superior numbers, hoping to obtain victory through the absolute devastation of their enemy’s resources.

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The stone that the builder refused

WE’RE at war. We are battling against crime, poverty, and the many other social ills we are experiencing. Wars are always fought by kids and so it should be with this one.

VAT pitfalls and how to avoid them

NOTHING has been debated more this year than the single acronym known as VAT, or “Value-Added-Tax,” which came into the spotlight following the current government’s announcement as supported by the IADB (Inter-American Development Bank) and IMF (International Monetary Fund).

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Bahamas flag given a hike up!

European born, Bahamians at heart, Peter Wirth, Senior Relationship Manager Credit Suisse, and Harry McPike earlier this year successfully returned from climbing Lhakpa-Ri, one of several 7000m plus peaks in the fabled Himalayas. Conquest of this peak could qualify one for a climb of Mt Everest.

Peddling false hope

How last week’s attack on the Acting Prime Minister Philip Davis has highlighted the failure of the PLP’s pre-election promises on crime.

A holistic approach to an efficient water supply system

WITH an eye on the goal of making its water supply system more efficient, the Bahamas Water and Sewerage Corporation is making a bold move with a 10-year comprehensive water efficiency project that began in April 2012, funded by an Inter-American Development Bank loan.

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It's about animals, not vets

“Either for reasons of pride and insecurity, or for financial gain – whichever you believe – local vets are willing to tolerate the suffering of more animals in the short term than would have been the case had they allowed the original plan to go forward.”

Citizens must unite to be heard in the VAT debate


Why not blaze a trail Mr Speaker?

But last week, when issued a dictate severely curtailing our ability to cover parliament, and interfering with how we do our job in general, journalists were of one accord in rejecting it.

Bimini: What we stand to lose