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INSIGHT: The role of Opposition forces

New political movements prove the health of democracy in the Bahamas but won’t unseat the PLP as divided factions, Malcolm J Strachan says . . .

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INSIGHT: Planting the seed

As I quietly walk through the mangrove forest, all around me I observe an eco-system teeming with life.

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INSIGHT: Tony Blair’s legacy in ruins after Iraq war inquiry

A long overdue report reveals the former British Prime Minister deliberately exaggerated the threat posed by Saddam Hussein in justifying going to war, Peter Young says.

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WORLD VIEW: Haiti’s power-seeking politicians are running out of time

Luis Almagro, the Secretary-General of the Organisation of American states (OAS), has told political stakeholders in Haiti, including the interim government and parliamentarians, that it is imperative that they fully assume their responsibilities towards the nation.

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Q&A with US Charge d'Affaires Lisa Johnson

LISA JOHNSON, the US Charge d'Affaires in Nassau, answers The Tribune's questions about her country's views of Bahamian issues, from the gender equality referendum and the continued ambassadorial vacancy to crime, government accountability and Chinese investment.

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Promises, promises

The PLP needs to deliver on its 2012 charter for governance before the next election, Tribune Chief Reporter Ava Turnquest says

INSIGHT: Making the FNM relevant again

Bahamian society is getting ripped off, right, left and centre by this unfocused Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) government, and, growing more brazen with each day, they have no problem throwing it in our faces.

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INSIGHT: To do the right thing

A month from now, the Free National Movement (FNM) will be holding its national convention, the importance of this convention cannot be overstated as the results will ultimately determine the future of this country.

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INSIGHT: The Bahamas cannot be for sale

Malcolm J Strachan calls for a public hearing on the government’s dealing with Chinese interests . . .

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INSIGHT: The real point of Dame Anita’s lecture on marriage

It has become apparent since the presentation last week of the 8th Annual Eugene Dupuch Distinguished Lecture, hosted by the Eugene Dupuch Law School and by Dupuch & Turnquest & Co Chambers, that much public debate has emerged, related to several aspects of the presentation.

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INSIGHT: Public consultation key to the success of Freedom of Information reform

DURING Minister of Education Jerome Fitzgerald’s comments on May 4 in Parliament, he spoke to the need for greater public consultation on the proposed Freedom of information Act (FOIA) 2015.

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INSIGHT: The Vote of No

It wasn’t fears of same-sex marriage that scuppered the referendum, it was distrust of the government, says Malcolm J Strachan . . .

WORLD VIEW: Let the voices of the Haitian people be heard

‘International interests in Haiti, in addition to checking off an ‘elections done’ box, are largely defined by controlling emigration, maintaining stability and managing poverty.'

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INSIGHT: Let your voice be heard

Malcolm J Strachan urges Bahamians to ignore the fear, bigotry and hatred swirling around the Constitutional Referendum . . .

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INSIGHT: Questions of reform and constant review

Adrian Gibson explains why his desire for equality in The Bahamas overrides his misgivings about some of the referendum bills . . .