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Aliv to 'kick on' via latest $15m raise

Aliv’s top executive last night said it was “very confident” of hitting its latest $15m capital raising target as it bids “to kick on to the next level” of its growth strategy. Damian Blackburn told Tribune Business that the latest financing will pr

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Bimini losing tourists ‘left, right and centre’

A major Bimini resort yesterday said it had lost a three-day block booking of all its rooms and marina as Bahamas Power & Light’s (BPL) energy crisis extended beyond New Providence.

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‘Don’t waste billions’ on Andros as capital

A Freeport-based QC yesterday urged the government to “pull the trigger” on making his city The Bahamas’ future capital rather than waste “billions and billions” on moving it to Andros.

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Domestic banks 'low risk' over financial abuses

The Central Bank yesterday pronounced that domestic banking presents a “low risk” for financial crime, with the main vulnerabilities stemming from three industries - gaming, real estate and money transmission.The regulator, unveiling findings based o

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IDB: Clock ticking over EU list threat

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) yesterday urged the government to “prioritise” escaping the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) adverse listing before Europe revives its own initiative. A policy brief produced by IDB officials, which was

BFSB links to money maritime conference

The Bahamas Financial Services Board (BFSB) sought to reinforce the sector’s maritime links by sponsoring last week’s 32nd annual Marine Money Week Conference in New York. The summit bridges the gap between shipowners and the international capital m

Spending by 4m cruise visitors less than ideal

New Providence tour operators flocked to a Ministry of Tourism seminar designed to keep them on the cutting edge of developments in the fast-growing cruise industry. The Cruise and Maritime Tours seminar, held at the University of The Bahamas (UB),

Parties 'halt' action in Morton Salt row

A Cabinet minister yesterday urged both sides in the Morton Salt dispute had agreed to “refrain” from taking any action that undermines the company’s economic viability. Dion Foulkes, minister of labour, said resolution of the differences between In

Insurance Commission unveils birthday plans

The Insurance Commission yesterday unveiled plans to celebrate its 10th anniversary as an independent regulator - a landmark that will be achieved on July 2, 2019.Under the theme, Commemorating a decade of regulating and ensuring trust, the commissio

2,000 vehicles pass anti-dumping tests

Around 2,000 used Japanese vehicles have been pre-inspected and allowed into The Bahamas since the process designed to improve consumer safety was introduced in March. Dion Foulkes, minister of labour, and who has oversight of The Bahamas Bureau of

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Power crisis for $42m Superplex halts show

The $42m Fusion Superplex complex yesterday said it has suffered a “significant blow” from constant power woes that have left it without a back-up generator to cope with BPL’s latest outages.

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Govt is urged: 'Knock out low hanging fruit'

The government’s 14-day target for completing property registration would represent “a tremendous improvement”, an attorney yesterday urging: “It’s time to knock out the low hanging fruit.”Darron Pickstock, who heads the Chamber of Commerce’s trade a

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'No more taxation pins and needles'

Chamber of Commerce executives have called for “substantive dialogue” with the government on the future of Bahamian taxation to avoid companies being left “sitting on pins and needles”.Jeffrey Beckles, the chamber’s chief executive, told Tribune Busi

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Bahamians told: Don't view WTO as 'destination'

Bahamians must not view World Trade Organisation (WTO) membership as the “end destination” but rather “one tool” for achieving essential reforms, Chamber of Commerce executives are urging.Jeffrey Beckles, the Chamber’s chief executive, and Darron Pic

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Building permit delay slash 'win-win for all'

Construction industry executives yesterday hailed the government’s ambition to slash by 75 percent the “exorbitant” time taken to obtain building permits as “a win-win for everybody”.Robert Myers, principal of the Caribbean Group and multiple constru