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'Double' $25bn output boost from energy reform pipeline

Using gas piped from Florida as the Bahamas Electricity Corporation’s (BEC) primary fuel source would boost the increased economic output from energy reform by 150 per cent, amid renewed calls for this to be the Government’s “number one priority”.

Bahamas 'excels in turning off entrepreneurs'

The Bahamas has “excelled in turning entrepreneurs off from their dreams”, a young business owner yesterday urging the Government to completely revamp all its agencies supposedly geared to business financing and support.

Obama administration: US BEC bids 'superior choice'

Barack Obama’s commerce secretary has urged the Bahamian government to select two US-led groups to reform the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) and energy sector, describing them as the “superior choice”.

Drinks producer plans IPO within three years

A Bahamian drinks producer yesterday said it was aiming to go public in three years’ time to raise the capital necessary for its $15-$25 million Andros expansion and international growth plans.

Gov't eyes $450m BEC debt 'win-win'

The Government is assessing a “win-win solution” that would relieve both itself and successful bidder(s) from the burden of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation’s (BEC) $450 million legacy debt, Tribune Business can reveal.

THE ART OF GRAPHIX: Avoiding compromises to design integrity

Whether you are a web or graphic designer, or involved in any other kind of creative pursuit, maintaining integrity is not always easy.

Striping's patch plant to create 15-20 jobs

The extension of duty-free incentives beyond the Port area was yesterday cited as critical to Bahamas Striping’s decision to switch its planned $750,000 manufacturing facility from Abaco to Grand Bahama’s West End, a facility that will initially create 15-20 jobs.

Bahamas opens new airlift 'frontier'

The Bahamas will open a new direct airlift ‘frontier’ to Nassau on November 20 this year.

Baha Mar teams up with top musicians

Baha Mar has partnered with musicians Jamie King and Emilio Estefan, who will be teaming up for the first time to develop, produce, choreograph and score the resort’s Grand Opening Gala alongside executive producer, Bernie Yuman.

Tourism executives bid for further GB airlift increase

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and private sector representatives teamed up for a public relations and sales mission in several US cities, in a bid to further boost airlift to Grand Bahama that is up 33 per cent year-to-date.

$50m investors getting 'shafted at every turn'

Investors with a collective $50 million exposure yesterday said they felt betrayed and abandoned by the Bahamian justice system, with their development struggling to move forward under the weight of its controversial past.

Gov't to amend VAT 'travel ban'

The Government is proposing to amend the controversial section in the Value-Added Tax (VAT) Bill that prevents delinquent taxpayers from leaving the island, and will instead require such persons to lodge a bond covering their liabilities.

US billionaire in Walker’s Cay talks

The Government is hoping that Walker’s Cay will return to its “boater’s paradise heyday” if its purchase by a US real estate billionaire successfully closes.

Business 'don't welcome' productivity-linked wages

Businesses are committing a major blunder by failing to link wages to worker productivity, a trade union leader yesterday arguing that the Bahamas only referred to this concept in an “academic” setting.

MARKETING REVOLUTION: Breaking the ice on client engagement

Some of you may have seen the youtube clips of persons taking the ‘ALS icebucketchallenge’. This is a brilliant way to get publicity for your business or cause.