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Securing your business over Christmas holiday

Before you spend your time and money on Christmas festivities, remember to plan for a safe and secure holiday. While the festive season brings joy and excitement, it unfortunately also sees a rise in criminal activities, especially those directed against the business community. Here are our most effective tips for holiday safety and security:

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Tourism relief: Biden doesn’t kill Christmas

The Bahamian tourism industry yesterday voiced relief that the US chose not to impose harsher COVID border restrictions that would have undermined the peak Christmas/New Year season.

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Bahamas’ $35m airport funding IDB’s worst loan

A Cabinet minister yesterday revealed that the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has branded $35m provided to The Bahamas as its “worst performing loan in the region”.

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Gov’t ‘burying their head in sand’ on global tax threat

A former Cabinet minister yesterday accused the Davis administration of “burying their head in the sand” to The Bahamas’ “detriment” on global tax moves that threaten to impact this nation.

‘Sacrifices’: Bahamians drag feet on retirement

Too many Bahamians face having “to make sacrifices” because they wait too long to build-up sufficient savings to finance their retirement, a local banker warned yesterday.

Opposition’s last-ditch VAT change bid fails

A Cabinet minister last night slammed the Opposition’s bid to introduce last-minute changes to the VAT Bill as the two sides continued to trade blows over the rate cut and ‘zero ratings’ end.

‘Glaring’ Dorian non-compliance drives Building Code overhaul

The Government is pressing forward with upgrades to the Bahamas Building Code after “glaring” non-compliance was found to have worsened Hurricane Dorian’s devastation, it was revealed.

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Sebas raises $19m for e-commerce purchase

Sebas Bastian raised nearly $19m from investors to finance the acquisition of an e-commerce platform that he yesterday said will become an “Amazon like” presence in The Bahamas and region.

‘Clean up mess in construction’

The Bahamian Contractors Association’s (BCA) president yesterday said the industry is optimistic that the Davis administration will take the final steps to “help clean up the mess” in construction.

‘I’ve never seen prices this high’

A senior Sysco Bahamas executive yesterday said they had “never seen prices this high” as the global supply chain crisis continues to impact the country’s post-COVID recovery.

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CIVIL SERVANTS BLOCK AUDITOR: Officials holding back documents stopping full probe of finances

The Government’s top financial watchdog has renewed complaints that some civil servants are breaking the law by obstructing his office’s efforts to uncover misuse of taxpayer monies.

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Ex-PM’s VAT attack ‘ignorant’ of advice

The former prime minister’s attack on VAT’s reapplication to breadbasket foods and medicines was yesterday branded “naive” and “ignorant of the advice” given to his administration.

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‘Total devastation’ if VAT was put at 15%

Super Value’s principal yesterday said increasing the VAT rate to 15 percent would have inflicted “total devastation on the economy” with food prices set to rise 10-15 percent in the New Year.

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Banks report ‘fourfold’ fraud attempt growth

The Bahamas can stand “shoulder to shoulder” with any country on the strength of its anti-financial crime regime, the Central Bank’s governor said yesterday, as banks reported a “fourfold” rise in fraud attempts.

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Central Bank’s ‘inclusion’ aid for politically exposed

The Central Bank is moving to ensure politically exposed persons (PEPs) are “not excluded” from the Bahamian banking system by making scrutiny of them “more client friendly”.