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Hotels endangered by ‘huge’ gratuities hit

The hotel industry fears that proposals to include gratuities in the Employment Act’s definition of wages will have an “astronomical” impact on its cost base, and could drive some properties “out of business”.

QC ‘urges’ FNM: Fight Baha Mar secrecy in courts

The FNM and Baha Mar creditors were yesterday urged by a well-known QC to use Judicial Reviews and other legal methods to challenge both the Government’s agreement with the Chinese and its sealing by the Supreme Court.

Union chief tones down strike threat

A trade union leader last night toned down threats of industrial action to rival the 1958 General Strike, following a nearly three-hour meeting with the Prime Minister over the Sandals situation.

CCA denies lawsuit tie to dismissal of contractor’s wife

Attorneys for China Construction America (CCA) yesterday denied that a Bahamian contractor’s decision to launch legal action against it over alleged Baha Mar debts sparked the firing of his wife that same day.

D’Aguilar: Baha Mar deal may hit Atlantis ‘viability’

A key Sarkis Izmirlian ally yesterday expressed fears that Atlantis’s “commercial viability” could be undermined if the Baha Mar agreement paves the way for China to dominate the Bahamian hotel industry.

IAN FERGUSON: Employee coaching key to firm’s health

Coaching is used in a variety of ways to help employees solve their problems. No workplace is without its share of issues, and no individual is immune from personal and professional roadblocks.

Participation in Dubai’s Expo 2020 ‘part of foreign policy outreach to Middle East’

The Government’s participation in the Expo 2020 in Dubai is part of the Christie administration’s foreign policy outreach to the Middle East, according to Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell, who noted that the aim is to ultimately attract foreign capital and market the nation as a tourist destination.

Businesses braced for stormy weather

Businesses and residents in the southern Bahamas are bracing themselves for the possibility that a strong tropical wave expected to pass over The Bahamas becomes a serious threat, with one private sector representative telling this newspaper: “We don’t want to find ourselves in a situation as with Joaquin”.

Tourism: No Zika cancellations yet

The Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) yesterday said it had received no reports of booking cancellations as a result of the Zika outbreak, despite travel and health advisories issued by this nation’s two key visitor markets.

CCA ‘fired my wife when I served writ’

The only Bahamian contractor known to have taken legal action against China Construction America (CCA) for Baha Mar non-payment yesterday said he was left “heartbroken” when it fired his wife “the same day” the writ was served.

Unions threaten ‘shut down’ over Sandals

The Bahamas’ two leading trade unions bodies joined forces yesterday to warn they will “shut the country down” with a repeat of the 1958 General Strike, unless the Prime Minister meets with them in the next 48 hours to resolve the Sandals situation.

NHI insurance tender ‘skewed’ against locals

The Bahamas Insurance Association’s (BIA) chairman yesterday argued that the bid document for the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme’s public insurer is “skewed” in favour of foreign companies.

New mobile player hits ‘record’ pace

The Bahamas’ second mobile operator yesterday boasted that it was moving at “record” pace to roll-out its network, having already built more than 90 per cent of its planned cellular towers in Grand Bahama.

‘We’re no longer the best owner’ for Bahamian bank

A Swiss financial group has sold its 85 per cent majority stake in Nassau-based Private Investment Bank (PIB), conceding that it “might no longer be the best owner” for the institution.

No agreement details until Baha Mar sold

The Opposition’s deputy leader yesterday questioned what was “so sensitive” in the agreement for Baha Mar’s construction completion that required the court file to be sealed, amid indications full details will not be revealed until the project has been sold.