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Payment row caused Baha Mar ‘slow down’

The Government has intervened in the row between Baha Mar and its main contractor, amid suggestions that China Construction America slowed down its work rate in the run-up to the planned March 27 opening due to a payment dispute.

BTC: ‘No preference’ on first mobile rival

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) has “no preference” as to who wins the battle to become its first mobile rival, although its post-liberalisation strategy will be determined by the winner’s identity.

Civil service skills woe used to back ‘PLP crony’ hires

A trade union leader has slammed assertions that just 1 per cent of the civil service is highly skilled, accusing the Government of using this to justify handing jobs to “PLP cronies”.

Broker’s principal admits defeat in battles with SEC

The principal of a now-defunct Bahamian broker/dealer has conceded defeat in his legal battle with US federal regulators, and is now exposed to summary judgments he cannot pay.

Project to unlock handicraft sector being squandered

An award-winning electronic platform intended to unlock $6 million in annual sales for Bahamian indigenous “treasure” is in danger of being squandered, its key architect has warned.

Bahamians sceptical on VAT revenue use

Many Bahamians are sceptical the Government will keep its promise to use Value-Added Tax (VAT) revenue to reduce the country’s deficit and $6 billion-plus national debt, according to a study conducted by College of The Bahamas (COB) students.

Chambers ready position paper for Gov’t handover

Bahamian Chamber of Commerce leaders have compiled a list of concerns that will be presented to the Government via a position paper within the next two weeks, Tribune Business has been told.

‘Be honest if you want to play ball’

The private sector has been urged not to negatively interpret the director of labour’s comments about “employer hiring tricks”.

‘Conservative shopkeeper attitude’ deters desire for securities ownership

A “conservative shopkeeper’s attitude” has deterred many Bahamians from becoming shareholders, a Cabinet Minister yesterday suggesting that the CLICO (Bahamas) “catastrophe” had also undermined the development of a savings culture.

Gov’t jobs exchange: 50% lack basic skills

“At least” 50 per cent of Bahamians seeking to register with the Government’s jobs exchange lack basic language and maths skills, a top official yesterday conceding this made it “difficult” to significantly dent the high 15.7 per cent unemployment rate.

Minister: Baha Mar boss ‘not incorrect in his complaints’

A Cabinet Minister yesterday conceded that Baha Mar’s owner was “not incorrect in some of his complaints”, agreeing that this nation had to move more rapidly on energy and education reform.

Labour ‘limits employer tricks’

A top official yesterday said the Department of Labour had “significantly limited the tricks” used by employers to deny Bahamians jobs in preference to foreigners, slamming some tourism and financial services work permit applications as “ridiculous”.

Foreign construction worker numbers are ‘totally unacceptable’

A Cabinet Minister yesterday branded the number of foreign construction workers in this nation as “completely unacceptable”, arguing that economic growth and investments were not translating into Bahamian jobs.

Exuma has ‘little to show’ for Treasury funds contributions

The absence of local ownership and accountability is holding back Family Island economic development initiatives, the Exuma Chamber of Commerce’s president yesterday charging that “there is little to show” for the significant revenues being generated in his island.

Baha Mar chief slams ‘12 years unmet promises’

Baha Mar’s owner yesterday slammed successive governments for “12 years of unfulfilled promises” on energy and education reform, arguing that the $3.5 billion destination resort had to be developed in “a less than ideal” environment.