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Activist slams Shell LNG deal as ‘regressive step’

A WELL-known environmentalist yesterday said the adoption of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as the Bahamas’ main power source is a “huge regressive step”, questioning why the Government was not aggressively pursuing solar energy.

Price controls ‘out window’ with WTO

The Bahamas Motor Dealers Association’s (BMDA) president yesterday expressed hope that WTO membership will result in price controls “going out the window” to be scrapped. 

Blockchain to solve Bahamas’ ‘major workforce waste’

THE Government’s first-ever use of blockchain technology will tackle what was yesterday branded “an enormous waste of human capital”.

Bank payment charges need ‘legitimate redress’

THE Central Bank yesterday appeared to concede that fees for payment services were too high and “require legitimate redress”, a view shared by 78 per cent of Bahamians.

Insurers: Don’t leave us all ‘half pregnant’

THE Attorney General yesterday confirmed general insurers “are out” of anti-financial crime legislation, as the industry urged: “We can’t be half pregnant.”

QC: Corporate tax is ‘not inevitable’

THE Bahamas was yesterday urged to see its European Union (EU) pledges through to completion, a well-known QC arguing that corporate taxation is “not inevitable”.

DPM: Business Licence fee is ‘inherently unfair’

THE Government is examining how to adjust a Business Licence fee that the Deputy Prime Minister yesterday branded “inherently unfair” to firms with high turnover and low profit margins. K Peter Turnquest, who is also minister of finance, described as “misinformation” any suggestion that the Government has committed to the European Union (EU) that it will introduce a corporate tax or income tax. 

Manufacturer survival needs tariffs post-WTO

Bahamian manufacturers will struggle to survive unless the Government can maintain existing tariff protection upon joining the WTO, a well-known producer warned yesterday.Walter Wells, Caribbean Bottling’s president and chief executive, told Tribune

Tourism's battle with ex-beauty queen heats up

A FORMER Bahamian beauty queen has accused the Ministry of Tourism of failing to properly investigate her copyright violation claim, as she battles its efforts to dismiss her lawsuit.The fight over the alleged unauthorised use of Khiara Sherman’s son

Union chief slams 'travesty' of WTO meeting exclusion

THE Trades Union Congress’s (TUC) president yesterday slammed the labour movement’s non-inclusion in ongoing WTO consultations as “a travesty” and “sign of backward thinking”.Obie Ferguson, speaking as the Government kickstarted a fortnight-long seri

Gov't's 'large batch' of business ease reforms

THE Government yesterday said it plans to introduce several ‘ease of business’ improvements in the upcoming Budget, given their important link to the WTO accession. Brent Symonette, who has Cabinet responsibility for the trade and industry portfolio,

Oil explorer's licence' under consideration'

THE Government was yesterday said to giving “active consideration” to the renewal of an oil driller’s licence and the wider issue of exploration in Bahamian waters.Romauld Ferreira, minister of the environment and housing, told Tribune Business that

'Someone has to pay' $2m deportation bill

A CABINET Minister yesterday lamented the high cost of illegal Immigration, and warned that “someone has got to pay” for the near-$2 million deportation bill year-to-date.Brent Symonette, who has responsibility for Immigration, confirmed some work pe

Shell HQ relocation gives Gov't big boost

Shell’s plans to relocate its regional headquarters to the Bahamas were yesterday described by a Cabinet Minister as a sign of increased confidence in this nation’s economy and government.Desmond Bannister, minister of works, confirmed to Tribune Bus

Gov't to 'replicate' NP landfill solution across Bahamas

THE Government plans to “replicate” the New Providence landfill solution across the Bahamas, with a Cabinet Minister urging: “We must stop this ‘dumping in the bush’ culture.”Romauld Ferreira, minister of the environment, told Tribune Business that f