Letters to the Editor


Did Pindling swipe at Wilchcombe?

For Monique Pindling, daughter of the late Sir Lynden Pindling, hitching her family’s prominent name to the Brave Wave bandwagon made good political sense.

Basketball helps nation

The 2019 Basketball Summer of Thunder is now history. The mammoth venture cannot go unnoticed.

Baha Mar vehicles

There have been previously letters on this issue... unlicensed vehicles of the landscape people at Baha Mar driving on the public road. Are they allowed to drive on the side walk? Surely Baha Mar, or their contractor, can afford to licence them?

BP&L bills

Before BP&L with the assistance of whoever resolves the current catastrophe which PM Minnis and his Cabinet don’t seem to realise, we the public want some indications as to what will this spending of $95m for new engines do to my BP&L bill?

Champ sends his regards

I’ve been advised that in order to be considered credible, people that write, speak or make public announcements should at the onset, state their biases, relationships or interests, whether direct or indirect and they should do so early out of an abundance of caution and for the sake of full and frank disclosure.

Is this any way to show respect?

From my very earliest memory, two words that should evoke human compassion and Christian kindness are Widows and Orphans. By their very definition they suggest vulnerability and to some extent, weakness against the misfortunes and outrages of simply living, much less living alone.

Disney project a done deal

We saw some funny things, trying to be engineered earlier - remember an NGO group wanting to have a hearing with Government, with their concept and they had no legal attachment or MOU or Agreement subject to approval, but they pushed and failed.

Missing point on minimum wage

Some faulty economic thinking is predictably creeping into the narrative of the debate for increasing the minimum wage and it has the potential for undermining support for the increase at this time, especially among those not fully committed to it in the first place.

Time to stop plastic pollution

The Bahamas National Trust joins Bahamians and Bahamian NGOs in welcoming the Environmental Protection (Control of Plastic Pollution) Bill, 2019.

No surprise over lack of RFP bids

Whow, the RFP for Nassau Flight Services attracted 3-as in 1-2-3 bids. Are you surprised?

So what is the truth at BPL?

BP&L…what is the truth?

Putting Sir Roland Symonette into context

Over 39 years since his demise, Sir Roland Symonette, first premier of The Bahamas, remains a lightning rod and a polarising political figure among Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) supporters who are unwilling to exonerate deceased members of the Bay Street Boys and their heirs.

The buck does indeed stop with the prime minister

Have zero patience anymore, the buck, Mr. Most Honourable Prime Minister, stops right at your desk. A national Address, with a Press Question and Answer, live Press conference broadcast has to happen, as the residents of New Providence cannot take BP&L any longer.

We need to get tough on immigration laws

Countries all around the world are getting serious about protecting the borders of their country.

US gun law affecting us in the Bahamas

As Americans are massacred by guns that should only be on the battlefield, the right of every American to own a gun for self defence is such a sacred right in the US that it doesn’t even tolerate sensible discussion.