Letters to the Editor


Time to build new hospital

With COVID 19 spreading like wildfire in The Bahamas, the Bahamian people are now finally focusing on the facilities at the Princess Margaret Hospital. They say it’s too small, it isn’t efficient, and a new one should be built.

Front Porch eating crow

The individual or individuals behind the pseudonym, Front Porch, now a weekly columnist for The Tribune, are paragons of Bahamian left-wing liberalism.

Brother's keeper

On January 4, 2020, the World Health Organisation reported that there was a cluster of pneumonia cases found in the Wuhan Province in China. Later, it was discovered that this was due to COVID-19. Johns Hopkins Medicine described COVID-19, aka the Corona virus, as a highly contagious respiratory illness easily transmitted through droplets released in the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

Wants vs needs

It seems as if politicians can’t seem to tell the difference between wants and needs when it comes to spending the taxpayer’s money.

Visiting Bahamas

My husband and I have had a long association with The Bahamas having first come to Nassau for work assignments nearly forty years ago. Our children are also now visiting and we always come and stay in the winter months.

Leadership of the CDB

I FIRMLY believe that the highly respected and soundly run Caribbean Development Bank is heading into serious leadership trouble. What I’ve heard is very troubling.

Put your vision to reality

ACCORDING to Kristalina Georgieva, IMF managing director, “Today we face a new Bretton Woods ‘moment.’ A pandemic that has already cost more than a million lives. An economic calamity that will make the world economy 4.4 percent smaller this year and strip an estimated $11 trillion of output by next year.”

Rename Dundas

Three cheers for the Commissioner of Police for his swift action to prevent a candle of entrepreneurship and innovation from being smothered in a sheet of “tin ferl”.

No clear plan for Abaco

Since the passage of Hurricane Dorian we, the residents of Abaco have been living life in slow motion. Even in the middle of a global pandemic filled with economic uncertainty. Even as we ride out yet another hurricane season with limited resources in place, Abaconians face another real threat. Over the past three months, work at the major hurricane dump sites in Abaco (Spring City and Treasure Cay) has come to a crawl and almost to a complete stop.

Rubbing salt in the wound

Self-employed Bahamians, such as taxi drivers, hair braiders, food vendors, jet ski operators and small business owners have not been hung out to dry in the wake of the COVID-19 economic crisis, due to the Free National Movement administration’s kind gesture in rendering financial assistance via the NIB unemployment assistance programme. According to National Insurance Minister Brensil Rolle, 7,235 self-employed recipients received $15.6 million. Rolle’s revelation that $175m in NIB funding has been dumped into the domestic economy since Hurricane Dorian and COVID-19 underscores the extent of the economic fallout.

Say no to oil

Bahamas Petroleum Company is getting ready to launch into the dangerous process of drilling for oil in our seabed, based on an expired Environmental Impact Assessment that is full of inaccuracies and outdated information.

Fight for the environment

THE Bahamas is a beautiful country with clean, pristine waters and white sandy beaches. Tourists comes from all over the world to see for themselves if one can swim in waters that are crystal clear.

The pop-up food market

The pop-up market Tin Ferl was created by a group of young Bahamian entrepreneurs who saw the need for the development of a pop up space where local food vendors and artisans can access a space to sell their products. During the interview, chef Jamal Petty a vendor at this location questioned whether or not the food park was shut down on Thursday, October 9, because it was in breach of the COVID-19 regulations as was stated by the Commissioner of the Police, or was it the result of “special interests” whose business interests may be adversely impacted by the presence and growing popularity of this group.

Reckless comments by Davis

In a story reported in a local daily last week the Hon Philip Davis, PLP Leader, is quoted as saying, “I think it’s an act of punishment” following Prime Minister Hubert Minnis’ address in the House of Assembly where he, among other things, announced new COVID-19 restrictions in order to attempt to arrest the increasing number of infections, particularly in New Providence and Abaco.

Rules make it too hard to plan visit

Our family are regular visitors to The Bahamas and have enjoyed coming for several weeks during our cold winter. We always enjoy the warm sunny days and the friendly Bahamians who assist us. Our travel agent said that your country is a prime destination and the booking process was completed quickly. It is an easy motor trip to Toronto airport where we take the regular Air Canada service.