Letters to the Editor


Bearing the progressive mantle

Paradoxically, Pastor Cedric Moss is both correct and incorrect. In an Op-Ed published on April 16 in The Nassau Guardian, he wrote that we are having a “dishonest debate” about “gender equality”.

Parliamentary privilege

NO one is above the law ---- except, of course, for some of the privileged few who actually make the laws. 

Equal rights comparison around the world

While our country has our own morals and standards I thought that it would be interesting to compare our laws on equality to those of the rest of the world so that our people could decide what nations they think we should group ourselves with from a legal and moral perspective.

Misleading on referendum

By your medium, I wish to share my personal views on Bill No. 4, that is one of the Bills to be voted upon in the upcoming referendum. 

Arrogance of pastors who say ‘No’

It is baffling when men of God would choose to deny Bahamian men and women equal rights because of an unfounded and irrational fear that to do so would open the door on same sex marriage.

Fitzgerald, Rubis and integrity

Jerome Fitzgerald likes to talk about his integrity. Lately, he has been defending his integrity against those who he says have accused his government of being corrupt.

Is Sears Christie’s successor?

Alfred Sears has re-entered front-line politics, which has oft been described as a rough and tumble business. The former PLP Cabinet minister and Fort Charlotte MP has decided to come out of a self imposed four-year hiatus to challenge his former PLP successor in Fort Charlotte, Dr Andre Rollins. It is a huge sacrifice for Sears.

The hypocrisy of Greg Moss

I read with interest the article entitled, “Three More MPs Failed to Declare Their Assets” in the Wednesday, April 27, 2016 edition of you paper. Among the members of parliament currently breaking the law is Member of Parliament for Righteous Indignation, Mr Greg Moss.

Questions for Dame Joan

Is Dame Joan Sawyer really serious?

Saga of the BASH horses

On a hot and humid day in early September, 2014, I accompanied Inspector Percy Grant of the Bahamas Humane Society to see the horses at BASH, which he had seen a few days before and found them badly cared for. As Chairman of the BHS Horse Committee and having considerable horse experience, I was asked to assess the situation.

The case of the purloined emails

Speaker Dr Kendal Major says he may hold Minister Jerome Fitzgerald in contempt of the House of Assembly if he finds out that the private emails Mr Fitzgerald read in the House were illegally obtained. What a joke.

Dame Joan’s odd verdict

It is with great sadness that I read the comments of Dame Joan Sawyer, a former Chief Justice and President of the Court of Appeal, today.

The Church and equality

I found it quite interesting reading about the Christian Church leaders seemingly new-found enthusiasm for the equal rights of women in The Bahamas.  

Unfair attack on media

A letter written by Delvin Rolle complaining about media coverage of FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis is another sad example of his supporters’ belief that the media are somehow blind and just don’t get how wonderful, articulate and filled with bright ideas is Dr Minnis.

Time for Minnis to rise

Every five years, a very strange phenomenon occurs. Educated men and women, considerably righteous men and women, and even those usually not prone to much gaff descend into a primal circle of rhetoric, propaganda, smear tactics, and outright falsehoods all in the name of politics.