Letters to the Editor


Leave it to the experts

Your headline on Friday read, “We Won’t Pay” referring to the UB negotiations with the lecturers could well be a headline for the situation with BPL or BEC.

Pandering to new wave of xenophobia

I admire the unwavering patriotism of members and executives of the lobby group Operation Sovereign Bahamas.

No, we are not a Christian nation

Please, people like Senator Jasmin Turner - Dareus, and all you so-called “Christians”, who suddenly remember to be Christian whenever the issue of the day is homosexuality and the Bahamas’ fledgling LGBTQI community.

Only basketball has hit the spot with sports fans

Sports Tourism…I am young enough to recall following the 1992 FNM when Tourism brought in a team of UK Consultants for Sports Tourism.

I'd love to holiday in Bahamas – but can't

I have read in the press of USA and Bahamas articles about the need of Bahamas for tourists to come after the hurricane. What I would like to point out is how the government “says” they want tourists but at the same time they don’t let them in.

Baby boomers are to blame

As I watched them playing vigorously on the court I listened intently as they teased each other.

Testing the drug waters

Expunging past criminal records for the possession of drugs as put into the public media by ex-Commissioner of Police Farquharson simply is a pre-empted approach to indicate the way the Minnis Government intends to go…Testing the waters.

Watch for the brain drain

LOOKING on the bright side . . .

Fifty years of chicanery

It is not surprising that the country is up in arms about this latest piece of stupidity, coming on the heels of the worst summer ever, in terms of electrical supply.

Talking at the wheel

Didn’t we ban the use of cellphones when driving? Not any difference from what I see but then you never see a police vehicle let alone a traffic cop except for their once a month licence check. Suggest that law was all PR.

Why not pay schools by results?

No one in his/her right mind could or should blame the Hon. Minister of Education, Jeffrey Lloyd (FNM-South Beach) for the dismal state of the educational plant in The Bahamas today and the terrible national grades. This phenomenon has come about due to any number of factors. With your leave, Editor, allow me to flesh out one or two of them.

Excellent work from the science community

“…Wonderful..” “…Great!..” Were only two of the superlatives used to describe the fulfillment of the decision by the Government to sign the contract to relocate and build the bridge in Staniard Creek, Andros. It was indeed “…. Wonderful...” and “…Great…” to witness the advance of an event many others and I have so long desired.

Bad sign of the times

I am appalled by the proliferation of large signs on the sides of most of the major streets in New Providence. These signs, which are mostly on Government property, advertise everything from beverage to Games of Chance.

Catch and release is inhumane

We have had an illegal Haitian problem for decades. During the 1940’s to the early 1960’s the emerging Bahama Islands, now the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, required massive foreign labourers (usually of Haitian background) for the agriculture industries principally in the Abacos, Eleuthera and parts of Grand Bahama. Theses islands, historically, have been inundated ever since with illegal and legal Haitian migrants and immigrants.

Calsey's excellence

Calsey Johnson, journalist par excellent dies at 82 years old.