Letters to the Editor


Vaccine is the way to beat this

How many more indeed. Lovely article. Lovely poem by Dr Bartlett. Grateful for his survival and his new message.

PLP’s silent Long Island candidate

When will the Progressive Liberal Party candidate for Long Island, Tyrel Young (PLP), address the people of Long Island?

The deadly summer of ’21

AS the end of summer approaches, what should have been a time of great fellowship with backyard barbecues, basking in the sun, and frolicking in the sea, turned out to be a period filled with rage, anguish, and grief.

Make masks and vaccines mandatory

A BIG debate in the United States erupted recently when a state school ruled that any student attending that institution of learning had to wear a mask.

All packed close in on Bahamasair

The following was sent to my iPhone today that I thought might interest your readers. The letter writer said:

Extraordinary death total

Extraordinary number of deaths Bahamas/COVID Statistics are readily available online.

Corruption in Zimbabwe

Sadly, the Kenyan national who goes by the name African Tigress visited Zimbabwe for tourism on the 31 August 2021. At the Robert Mugabe International Airport, the immigration officials threatened her with deportation unless she gave them something. It is obvious that many people are being deprived of their money by immigration officials.

Have rethink on travel rules, please

Our family own travel agencies in northern New Jersey and have had a long association with The Bahamas, including being part time residents.

Fiasco in Afghanistan

The decision of great powers have exacting and long lasting effects upon other nations and their populations in the world. They always have.

Gibson’s unintended damage to the FNM

Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) executive chairman Adrian Gibson is running in the very safe Free National Movement (FNM) stronghold of Long Island. The only time that the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) was ever successful in winning a seat on Long Island was in 1977 with P P Smith in the northern district of that Family Island, I think. Back then, the White establishment had split Long Island, with its small Out Island population, into two constituencies. This was gerrymandering.

Different views on ivermectin

When I read the article written by Dr. Pinto under the headline “You are not a horse - FDA warns against the use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19”, I was surprised to see how little of what he said was evidenced by any science.

It’s your time

Four years and a few months ago, the people of this wonderful nation lined up in droves to vote the Christie led PLP out of office due to a myriad of reasons coupled with Christie fatigue and serious allegations of corruption. A large majority stood in long lines in the scorching hot sun just for an opportunity to vote Minnis and the FNM into high office. The rest is now history.

Cartwright deserves re-election

Shanendon Cartwright is the Free National Movement (FNM) candidate for the St Barnabas constituency. He is also chairman of the Bahamas Public Parks and Public Beaches Authority. It is assumed by opposition forces that the FNM will be wiped out in New Providence, winning fewer than three seats. Pundits are predicting that the governing party should be able to hold on to St Anne’s, Killarney and Free Town. I believe that notwithstanding Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ apparent unpopularity, St Barnabas should re-elect the Mr Cartwright.

Think twice, Elizabeth

Before taking Hubert Ingraham’s advice and voting for former Health Minister Duane Sands . . .

Suddenly, we have an easy choice

Last week was an epiphany to some. But the shocking allegations of conflicts of interest by members of the present government (and their insulting, but predictable refusal to adequately address them by shifting the discussion back to the PLP) should have at least one positive effect.