Letters to the Editor


PhDs at COB?

I am reliably informed that at the 2015 Bahamas Business Outlook Forum, the first two questions asked of Dr Rodney Smith, President of The College of The Bahamas by two persons in the audience were: Where are the PhDs at COB?

Who will speak on behalf of Bahamians?

I write regarding the ongoing discussions of the recent enforcement of Immigration policies in the country. I note with interest that for the most part, both local dailies have taken the pro-immigrant position at every opportunity.

Politicians and the tongue

We are used to the lies that politicians feed us every election period. We are used to the endless promises of jobs and opportunities. You would have to be a fool to believe anything that these politicians promise.

Why bring race into it?

“If you are black and you are poor, you die. Surely a tax is better than death.” What kind of idiotic statement is that in a country of 85 per cent black, ruled by the majority?

Copper ban

The response to someone electrocuted by a man stealing copper is to ban copper!

Govt must ban copper export

By allowing copper export the PLP government is not encouraging the development of an industry but crime, a country exports what it produces, copper export is ridiculous, as far as I know The Bahamas does not produce copper.

Will real Christians stand up?

ON July 10, 1973, The Bahamas made a giant step in removing its shackles from the British Empire and becoming an independent nation. In our preamble to the constitution, it states that we are a Christian nation, abiding by Christian principles. This now remains to be seen.

Rollins the populist

Bahamians who are in the lower economic classes were probably rooting for Fort Charlotte MP Dr Andre Rollins as he exchanged words with Elizabeth MP Ryan Pinder last week in the House of Assembly, over the former’s revealed intentions to opposed the PLP’s proposal to introduce a National Health Insurance tax in January 2016.

Open letter on Little Harbour

By this time, it is no surprise to you that most, if not all of us, have serious concerns about your plans for a marina in Little Harbour. You may recall the Prime Minister’s remark upon your purchase of the Abaco Club at Winding Bay cautioning developers that “such projects cannot work unless they have the buy-in of locals”.

Rihanna and misplaced priorities

Baha Men founder Isaiah Taylor along with Bahamians who have a keen interest in PM Perry Christie’s brainchild Junkanoo Carnival are anxious to know who will be the lead act at the imported foreign cultural event.

Which is it, Mr Mitchell?

In a recent letter to the press, the Nassau Institute put forward observations about the government’s latest immigration policies.

Under surveillance

I live in Andros, Bonefishing capital of the world. I’m wondering what kind of message we are sending to tourists who are paying top dollars at the peak of our tourist season while green helicopters are flying over our resorts and homes day and night?

Problems facing the Bahamas

I have not written a letter to the editor for many years, but I am compelled to write after an experience last week.

No TIN number?

ON January 15, 2015 I visited BAlC to pay the lease on a track of land situated off Cowpen Road.

Money lenders create modern day slaves

I listened and read with concern what the Prime Minister, Perry G Christie said on the news, Tuesday, February 3, 2015 and as recorded in The Tribune, Wednesday February 4, 2015 respectively, concerning the “Money Lenders – Have Created Modern Day Slaves”.