Letters to the Editor


Relying on hope is not a strategy

When engaged in international relations a government must never base its policies on hope.

Time to take responsibility

Aquisition by the Defence Force of $240 million worth of patrol craft, and the development of the RBDF Base in Inagua and Coral Harbour truthfully started when Hon. Tommy T. Turnquest was Minister - at least the purchase of the patrol craft.

Keep it simple

Nothing has changed over the past 30 years. There is a constant and continual flow of economic migrants from Haiti, which remains still in an economic mess, even after massive aid after the earthquake, now years ago.

Apply the three Cs to help build your business

I read an article in your paper recently written by a Bahamian male who was celebrating our successes over the past year regarding tourist arrivals to our shores.

A few wishes this year

We who are reading this have much to be thankful for. We made it into a brand New Year and are able to look forward to the future, while ardently living the present. Our wonderful nation, despite the internal threats, for we really face none from without, save and except illegal immigration and migration, is poised for systemic, even if anaemic, economic growth and a degree of societal progress.

If you hear gunfire, don't arrive too early

When it comes to crime, any form of accurate imaging – video certainly assists the police.

Fred Mitchell, a thin-skinned self-publicist

Fred Mitchell is a thin-skinned self-publicist whose playbook includes pillorying his opponents and ridiculous attention-grabbing stunts, but he retreats to his pious corner to sulk and whine whenever his dirty laundry is hung out to dry.

Gamblers may want instant thrills – but we have enough

Bahamian gamblers want instant thrills - instant highs with in some cases at the web shops there are over 30 draws a day why even talk about a National Lottery?

Has the cost of the Sun gone up?

PRIME Minister said there would be an enquiry into the 80MW Standby BP&L RFP…total utter silence.

This time we should boycott Buju Banton

Buju Banton was three years old when the late Bob Marley lived in Nassau and spent hours on end, enthralled with chasing a soccer ball around Fort Charlotte in blissful solitude. He was recuperating from being shot at his home in Jamaica.

How we maintain our public spaces tells a lot about how we think

Arising from the National address - Cleanliness and totally unattractiveness of Bay Street…have to suggest the full House of Assembly, have to be blind as to the state of disrepair and ugliness. They pass through that area at least once a week. Certain Ministers daily, going to work and they do not see?

If we don’t act soon, none of us will be able to go out and eat conch

Not that Richard Lightbourn, nor the topic of conch depletion in The Bahamas, needs any endorsement at all, but I would simply like to add my own voice to the discussion.

Someone must pay for Haitian tragedy

The tragedy involving the death of scores of Haitian nationals and, of course, the large number that are missing is an indictment against the Haitian government, for its continued failure to eradicate human trafficking of its citizens from the Island Nation.

Sir Stafford is the father of banking

Former attorney general and financial services and investments minister in the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) administration of former Prime Minister Perry Christie, Allyson Maynard-Gibson, has informed The Nassau Tribune that she has started her very own blog.

Time to ban conch export

Key West in the Florida Keys was/is referred to as the Conch Republic because there was at one time an abundance of conch. Despite the fact that there has been a total ban on the removal of conch from the Florida Keys for almost 40 years, there has been little increase in the population in the meantime as a certain density of conch is required in order for them to reproduce.