Letters to the Editor


Ban the export of conch

I appreciate that there are a large number of issues which need to be addressed by the Government, however, I am disappointed that the Government has not appreciated the need to address the severe depletion of the conch stock in the country as a matter or urgency.

An efficient solution

Can we reduce our use of electricity by simply throwing out our high BTU equipment and buy the more efficient?

Respect our police officers

HERE in this country the government says that all employees should treat their workers with respect and workers should be paid minimum wages, so when will the government set example and start first.

Why the surprise over the sloop?

THE Prime Minister was “disturbed” by the broad daylight landing of an illegal Haitian sloop and wants a “full report” on how this was possible. That seems ridiculous to me.

Ready for Thanksgiving

LIKE most residents we look forward to US Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday in November, so this year November 23 for a full house in all of our hotels as it really kicks off the season.

Taxes, the WTO and outsourcing

Ah well, here we go again! The talk of the town is now saying things like: “Let’s even the playing field ... tax them!” “By 2019 we’ll be full members of the WTO” and “Let’s outsource it.”

Citizenship change illegal

CITIZENSHIP…It is so funny we have been through this two times, including spending $2m plus on referendum and the politicians and political gods, still do not wish to understand the required process.

Border insecurity

250 illegal migrants land near Albany in vicinity of HMBS Coral Harbour.

China is on the rise

WE live in a multipolar world. The United States (US) is no longer the undisputed leader of the world. China is a direct challenge to US hegemony.

A perfect Weekend

WHOEVER first conceptualised and conceived the idea for your Weekend Magazine is a natural genius and is to be commended. Since its initial insertion into Friday’s edition of The Tribune, my family and I, especially my teenage daughter, Jasmine, a student at the University of The Bahamas, eagerly await each edition.

Yet more debt?

THE government of the Bahamas has been in office since May 10, 2017. Since that time they have borrowed $720m and are still collecting VAT.

China is on the rise

WE live in a multipolar world.

Tobacco toxin

THERE can be little doubt that the great benefit to 20/50 being employed by Wind River Tobacco Company far outweighs the damage done to hundreds of thousands of people whose life will be forever changed by their product.

Nothing wrong with MP raises

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis was very right to announce he would raise parliamentary salaries. Parliamentarians must be the only ones in The Bahamas who have not gone up in pay in 30 years.

PM should not be deterred

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis should ignore the naysayers. There are some people who keep asking what has the government done so far? To me, they must be blind not to see.