Letters to the Editor


China and building Baha Mar

I SEE the Prime Minister has suggested that Dr Minnis approach the Chinese contractor and say “Well done”. What he should say is “About bl***y time”.

Mackey ‘forgot’ Customs debt

IT IS absolutely incredulous that the ultra-hypocritical utterance, by Bradley Roberts at a PLP campaign rally in Hatchet Bay, could so swamp both The Tribune front page and Business lead page, over an FNM candidate owing some $9,500 to Bahamas Customs.

Pastor Duncombe

This is an open letter to Mr Christie

Architects board

I AM not sure that politicians understand the importance of the creation of such a Board and its composition.

Junkanoo Carnival timing

THE timing of Junkanoo Carnival 2017 is not coincidental.

So unnecessary

I READ with great sadness your news (March 10) about a “15-year-old boy dies after being thrown from pickup truck”.

Horse fall

Re: Surrey horse seen lying in the street (March 27).

Baha Mar concerns

THE open letter to the Gaming Board in yesterday’s Tribune raises serious concerns that need to be addressed before the Gaming Board grants Sky Warrior Bahamas Limited a licence to operate the casino at Baha Mar.

Nothing better to do

THE country is poised to set yet another record for the number of murders, yet the “You Know Whos” remain silent.

Politics, not economics

I again find myself pressed to share my thoughts on yet another both stressful and poorly thought out issue presented by those who would again wish to govern us.

Is Minnis irritating Christie?

Perry Christie stood on hallowed ground in South Andros and unleashed a poorly timed rant aimed at Hubert Minnis. It backfired big time. Instead of meeting the intent of maligning Dr. Minnis as unfit for the Office of the Prime Minister, it showed that the current occupant lives in la la land.

Weep for the country

IN your December 11 publication, Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling has lamented that “somebody has fallen down on the job” and that she feels “like weeping” and the Prime Minister is “stunned” by yet another young life lost to violence and of the crime situation which NOW requires the government investing in security equipment in schools.

Give us change

THIS is a concern citizen born and raised in this Beautiful Bahamaland, I have a major concern with our Bahamian Government Perry Christie and his governing party.

State of the nation

WHEN humankind is put against each other for the sake of winning a fight, no matter the fight, it is not people that win but those that encourage such behaviour. It is those that seek power and rule over the people that divide them and they generally do so for their own personal gain.

Police staff concerns

This is an open letter to the Speaker of the House,