Letters to the Editor


Grapevine rumours

I note in the Grapevine of today’s date that the Punch is intimating that I am upset about not having been named a QC.

Business as usual

The United States Department of State 2014 Investment Climate Report revealed the corrupt nature of doing business in the Bahamas and how acts of corporate malfeasance continue to go unchecked and unpunished.

Jailhouse wedding

On perusing The Tribune’s 22/01/2015 issue the headline story “Police failed says Nottage” and the lead story “Nottage: Jailhouse wedding discipline not down to me” on page 3 aroused my curiosity so I read them first.

Call for protection

It is with deep concern that this letter is being written, as due to the increase in the volume of theft, burglary and vandalism many persons of the General Public who exercise on a consistent basis, between Goodman’s Bay and Montagu Beach during the early morning hours have been subject to criminal violations to their vehicles and person.

Keep our country tidy

Is it me but have you noticed how many signs are up all over the place – some so old that the event has gone and the next year anniversary is taking place.

VAT and the FOIA

By your medium, I wish to ask the Radio Talk Show pundits and some of the political leaders to explain to the consumers and merchants how a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) would help them with Value Added Tax (VAT)?

Compulsory media coverage

I am unfamiliar with the laws in other jurisdictions around the world regarding the function of the media, with particular reference to The United States of America.

State of the Nation

Watching Obama’s State of the Union address tonight I hoped that ALL politicians in the Bahamas listened to his remarks particularly the later part of his speech where he was talking about the Democrats and Republicans working together.

No VAT discount for family, friends and lovers

The widely perceived  Mantra of the Progressive Liberal Party is: family, friends and lovers.

Adopt a child

I am mentally ill; and I have papers to prove that. Why do I say I am mentally ill? Because of what I am thinking, and have been thinking for years now. I am thinking (and have been thinking) that I want to be so successful in this life that I would want to adopt as many children that I can afford.

Selling to China

SINCE we are supposedly hoping to unload BEC, B’Air and beautiful downtown Nassau onto our Chinese comrades, why not also hand over the RBPF in this fire sale?

Generational unemployment

Why can’t even the most seasoned PLP MPs and even Ministers, understand that their younger MPs feel that they were being used, and now in the 2017 election fear that they will not have a chance to be elected.

Weddings in the Bahamas

Tourism this past week have been promoting Weddings in the Bahamas, 16 actually on 16 different islands. Interesting not a single one celebrated in a church... Nassau alone has 3000 churches! Hmm, Tourism gone secular.

Why so secular?

Facts speak for themselves - the much fanfared Bahamas Wedding business over the past three-four years has totally collapsed to the extent Tourism had to come up with a promotion something like 16 weddings on 16 different islands.

Well done, Quakoo Street

On the very cool night of January 8, 2015 I sat waiting quietly and comfortably in the Quakoo Street Police Station for a relatively small matter to be resolved.