Letters to the Editor


The dangers of supressing news

In the 1970s and 1980s I watched our Bahamas change. Drugs came here in large amounts. Young men were dealing it and making plenty, plenty money. Young men just barely out of their teenage years were driving luxury cars and living in mansions. The fast life came to The Bahamas.

Flood waters had nowhere to go

I hear the comment of Minister Lewis who we must not forget is a qualified architect, but in 245 years of the history of hurricanes hitting The Bahamas only one in seven years is there a hit…35 in 245 years!

A Christian education

While technological innovation has its place in the overall transformation, growth and development of education in The Bahamas, the teaching of Christian values in our schools ought to continue to play a pivotal role in nation building. If we want productive, responsible and spiritual citizens, then spiritual values taught from a Christian perspective is crucial.

Reservists like my father deserve better treatment

My father is a Reservist with many years of service. He had performed duties in the Royal Bahamas Police Reserve, he is one of those officers that can be called upon at any time. Without hesitating or complaining and stop whatever it is he is doing to go to that appointed station or function.

A history of corruption

Let’s look back to the earliest times of when The Bahamas was discovered by Columbus…on behalf of the Spanish many of the original tribes of the Bahamas were taken as slaves to Mexico and other parts.

This silence is deafening

Years have passed since the late Dr. B. J. Nottage, former Minister of National Security, committed himself to legislation his government would introduce, that he called “Marco’s Law”.

Police need our support

Can you imagine going to work each day and not being sure you’ll survive your shift and see your family again?

A love for light skin

Last week, during the PLP’s rally, Patricia Deveaux introduced Senator the Hon Dr Michael Darville with specific language.

It's good to see a paper that is standing up for the underdog

THE Tribune is The Bahamas’ most courageous newspaper.

Follow the British example

House of Assembly – just how open to speech is the House when an opposing side MP can interrupt constantly through a presentation? Compare that to the mother of parliaments, this never occurs.

Don't just blame Mrs Deveaux for having her views

PLP National vice-chairman Patricia Deveaux’s racist remarks — for which she later had to apologise — brought back many childhood memories.

The real war on crime

I thank the Lord Jesus Christ that He, obviously, protected Sir Arthur Foulkes, our beloved senior statesman and former Governor General, and his wife, Lady Joan, from bodily harm or worse during a recent invasion at their home. One shudders at the very thought of what could have happened to them both.

All quiet on Oban

Have you noticed the OPM-FNM is not talking about that OBAN deal whilst Freeport is so desperately looking for employment and investment? Strange I hope not as the AG should be looking at prosecutions and Ministerial resignations but you know how we go.

No shame in being a 'darkie'

After reflecting on the racist gaffe committed by a Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) official at a recent rally at Columbus Primary School, I began to reflect on the PLP’s history on race relations.

Where's the emergency?

When may a Police or Fire truck or Ambulance use a siren? I ask because over the past months there has been a serious misuse I suggest of that blaring noisy siren without any emergency whatsoever – Why?