Letters to the Editor


Power issues that plague our nation

LOAD shedding and power cuts by the Bahamas Electricity Company (BEC) have been going on for many, many years.

Disasters of the PLP

YOU got to love it when seasoned PLP politicians make sound bites about issues such as the recent protest.

Full inquiry needed into Power Secure

Your editorial of today (December 6), put the matter of the BEC management arrangements quite bluntly, but absolutely quite correctly.

Good riddance to Fidel

Re:Saying a farewell to Fidel Castro.

Is this really paradise?

AS an intelligent, Bahamian teenager at my peak of high school, I am appalled by the utterly terrible services provided by the country’s electricity company, be it BEC or BPL.

Tourism statisics

TOURISM - past experience with Ministry of Tourism giving accurate statistics is certainly questionable.

Will candidate help FNM campaign?

THE FNM under the leadership of Dr Hubert Minnis seems to be making good progress in terms of its candidates for 2017. And, a good group of candidates being presented to the electorate for their consideration is vitally important.

The cause of the crime waves

THERE is absolutely no doubt the liberal granting of bail to persons who must be locked up because they are a constant threat to the peace and tranquility of our neighbourhoods is the cause.

Chinese Titanic

The Bahamas is captivated by the drama of Baha Mar, The Pointe and other possible Chinese investments in the country.

We have no First Lady

“The Monkey Song” is a once popular calypso about a frustrated gentleman who couldn’t seem to shake a monkey off his back. He tries and tries but every sound he makes, every move he takes the monkey mimics him. (You can hear it by Googling Blind Blake and the Royal Victoria Calypsos).

Raping in broad daylight

For decades, Bahamians have been shafted by banks, and insurance companies, This past Hurricane Matthew was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

March ‘wake-up call’

WHAT an amazing cacophony of political baloney your reporter presented in this piece.

Another crime plan

Re:  Dames: Multi-faceted plan needed on crime.       

Tiger Woods

HISTORY could be written in The Bahamas this weekend as Tiger Eldrick Woods resumes his playing career at the Hero’s Challenge, hosted by the Albany Resort. He could not have chosen a better place and the Sporting world is buzzing with anticipation as to what may happen.

Embassy is out of line

While segments of the United States are deeply concerned about the very appearance of the involvement of foreign governments in any aspect of their recent elections, the tone deaf US Embassy in Nassau decided that now was a good time to jump head-first into ours.