Letters to the Editor


Where is the victory?

I was disappointed – but not surprised – to hear a pastor identify the “elitist nature” of the Yes Campaign as one of the reasons for the failed referendum on gender equality.

Statistics not all in the battle with crime

I wish to commend Dr Nottage and the police in their fight against crime.

Roc Wit Doc

I was appalled that Dr Minnis would use up the precious little time allotted for his contribution to the budget debate to advance his campaign.

Runnin’ scared from the ‘gay agenda’

THE Christian Fundamentalists and Evangelicals must be running scared if they have to use the Preamble to the Constitution of The Bahamas to support their bible basis for marriage.  

Mitchell living in La La Land

After declaring that he will dedicate his 2017 election campaign to the fight of women’s right, Fox Hillians should shout: ‘’Earth to Fred Mitchell, you and your PLP colleagues please wake up from your La La Land dream and address the real issues affecting the Bahamian people!’’

Strange bedfellows

The saying that politics makes strange bedfellows aptly applies to the current political soap opera unfolding within the FNM between Dr Hubert Minnis and the six MPs who are pushing for his removal as leader.

Applying price control regardless

The spectacle of the Price Control Commission (PCC) visiting and demonising businesses in the press has recommenced, but with a twist.

I cry shame on unfit leaders

On June 7th, 2016, the Bahamian people spoke loud and clear.

Atlantis concessions

The Prime Minister mentions often that Atlantis has some special concessionary agreement which will not expire.

Christie must go after failed vote

Following the second rejection in three years of the government’s direct proposals by the people of The Bahamas, Mr Christie MUST resign.

Blame, blame everywhere


For an urgent national turnaround

My fellow Bahamians, our country stands at the precipice.

Bullying a problem going too far

I cannot explain with words how terrible a person can feel if they happen to be a bullying victim. But what is bullying you may wonder.

Tennyson dead wrong - again

My self-serving, narcissistic, overbearing, thin-skinned, oligarchic newest best friend Tennyson Wells has elevated me to the level of superstar. He has gifted me my very own groupies.

Minnis will prevail

As the Free National Movement’s convention draws near, it does my heart good to see the support that Dr Minnis is getting not just from the Nassau supporters, but from the Family Islands as well. While the battle for leadership raged, Dr Minnis has remained focused and done his work well. The sign of a great leader!