Letters to the Editor


EDITORIAL: Wiser heads would tread more carefully

In these columns two weeks ago, we took the Prime Minister to task for various failings in relation to the governance of this country. As a newspaper, we have always sought to remain measured and objective in commenting on political issues, criticising a government where we consider it necessary but without favouring one party over another despite being accused sometimes of an anti-PLP stance.

Straight to the Point ...

LIGHTHOUSE Point. So much of what I read is emotion ... are there any facts?

Attack on sovereignty

 Other than the fact that both are located in the Caribbean, The Bahamas and the Dominican Republic have very little in common. Situated on the eastern part of Hispaniola, the official language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish. Only 15.8 percent of the population is black.

Why I have faith in our police force

OVER the decades our Police Commissioners, who worked in the Criminal Investigation Department (CDU) learned to appreciate the need for an efficient and effective police service.

Hands off Nassau Harbour!

I read with horror the news that Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has a bid before Government to redevelop Nassau Harbour. It seems that under Prime Minister Minnis, we risk being completely taken over by the gaudy, tacky theme park nightmare that is cruise ship tourism.


Re: ‘Please, I pray you forgive me’.

Foot in mouth problems

Office of The Prime Minister Press Secretary – not only is this the mouthpiece of the Prime Minister and today as the Prime Minister does not like facing journalists this should be where the PM gets PR advice. Boy they are not assisting the PM as he is putting his feet in his mouth daily.

A lifeline we must throw

Certain so-called opinion leaders have worked themselves into quite a lather because the government has stepped into the breach to stop what surely looked like an economic tsunami hitting Grand Bahama.

Thanks to Mr Nygard

I write this letter to express my personal feelings about the kindness and profound generosity toward me and my sick child from Mr. Peter Nygard.

Time for the Post Office to deliver

I am wondering if it is possible for our Post Office, could offer some partial service, with regards to placing mail(s) in our boxes.

Four shillings and a bottle of rum

Those Disney people have come into Eleuthera the way the Bay Street Boys used to come in at election time in the bad old days.

Why are we selling off our birthright?

As I prepared to write this letter I serendipitously clicked on one that was written in May 2017 which expressed the sense of optimism and anticipation I felt for the new beginning following the election that, sad to say, has been short lived. That 2017 positive energy is draining away - I am so fed up of being fed up when one gubment tends to be as disappointing as the last!

Too many questions to answer

BASED on Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ comments to Crooked Islanders about Pineridge MP Frederick McAlpine wanting Grand Bahamians to suffer, it is safe to assume that there’s a disconnect between the two.

No amnesia problems here

Someone should inform former FNM turned radical PLP supporter Ivoine Ingraham that the Bahamian people, collectively speaking, are not suffering from amnesia. The memory of the maladministration of the previous Christie PLP government is still fresh in the minds of the Bahamian people. 

Why the Point might struggle to entertain us all

Can the Minister of Health confirm that we have an epidemic of Foot in mouth? PM at Point topping off…this project will add to the culture of our city!