Letters to the Editor


Stop the speeding drivers

Airport Gateway Road knocking down of street lights.

FNMs for Minnis

On Monday, May 18, The Nassau Guardian’s  “National Review” termed it a Critical Point and in the view of former FNM Deputy Frank Watson, the FNM was not ready for a general election. This is the only utterance of Watson that could be termed as a fact.

Enough is enough

The Bible said your foes are of your own household; and a chorus said your enemy cannot harm you but keep an eye on those who are supposed to be your friends.

The empty URCA board seat

At its annual Town Meeting to present its 2014 Annual Report and 2015 Annual Plan to the public on May 21st, the vacancy for the third non-executive Board member was evident although unmentioned.

An advocate for equality

Last week marked the passing of Senator Mizpah Tertullien, a great Bahamian woman – a visionary and trailblazer.

Definition of a Bahamian

In 2002, the PLP government signed the Economic Partnership Agreement by which more than half a billion Europeans would get rights of entry into The Bahamas. The Bahamas government was given 17 years to bring in legislation to give effect to this treaty and make it enforceable at the local level. In 2008, the FNM government ratified the treaty making it a virtual certainty that it would eventually become part of Bahamian law.

Analysis to determine Carnival success

I note with some interest your headline story entitled “Was Carnival really a success?” of May 21st, 2015.

Digicel leaves: we lose

Digicel leaves : we lose! What kind of statement is this you ask ?

State of Centreville

I had reason recently to drive through Farm Road - Centreville and was really shocked as to the physical state of the constituency.

Our money

You took nine million of our money to put on Carnival but people in Marathon are getting sick and dying and even the fear of getting sick or dying.

Where are the COB PhDs?

I am reliably informed that at the 2015 Bahamas Business Outlook Forum, the first two questions asked of Dr Rodney Smith, President of The College of The Bahamas by two persons in the audience were: Where are the PhDs at COB ?

Cable getting the jump?

URCA and Cable Bahamas are going at each other in the media on CBL’s tower construction exercise, but does anyone else care?

What are the facts?

I was amused to read the unsubstantiated remarks in The Tribune’s article of May 19 – Police Say 90,000 Attended Carnival.

Evolution of Junkanoo and Rake 'n Scrape

“You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Culture of secrecy

House Speaker Dr Kendal Major’s blocking of the PAC probe of Urban Renewal is in keeping with the PLP’s culture of secrecy in all matters pertaining to their spending of public funds.