Letters to the Editor


Road Traffic failure

Kindly allow me space in your columns to lodge a complaint with the Road Traffic Department as their phone rang unanswered this morning.

Better without

IN today’s Tribune, there seems to be great concern as to who is standing in for PM Christie, while he is away in Switzerland, dealing with urgent matters with Mediterranean Shipping Company. Who cares who is in charge?

The truth about being gay

Hello I’m a gay Bahamian teen in Nassau and I have lived here for my whole life not being anywhere else I attend church and have a mother and father.

Major overhaul needed

My thanks to Dr Nottage, who has hired professional help from the FBI at last. But I’m still wondering something.

Minnis camp playing race card?

The Free National Movement has been the most inclusive, impartial, multi-racial political party in the history of The Bahamas.

A response to Dept of Immigration

The Department of Immigration took a poor view of my position in my letter of January 17 titled “Rufa case hurts our nation”, accusing me of making assertions that are “materially incorrect and without foundation” and of outlining a history in the case that is simply “wrong” as it relates to how it has treated Canadian citizen and long-time Freeport resident, Bruno Rufa.

More nonsense from Minnis

Just when it looked like FNM Leader Hubert Minnis may have exhausted his propensity for foolishness he comes up with more of the silly stuff. His latest nonsense is his continued coddling of Senator Lanisha Rolle after her unprecedented and savage attack on the FNM’s sitting Members of Parliament.

Patronage and purges

Enquiring minds all over this country want to know what’s wrong with the Free National Movement. They ask and then answer their own question. Dr Hubert Minnis is what’s wrong with the once great party.

NHI to fail

THE decision of the government  to push ahead with NHI is not surprising. They have a firmly established reputation of making poor and expensive decisions on behalf of the people they were elected to serve.

Fiddling while Nassau burns

Re:  Nottage Preparing To Make Music Not War.

Mule vs the Horse

Thank you for the opportunity to address the current leader of the FNM who was on ZNS with Darold Miller today (Monday).

In support of MP Lightbourn

I am writing in reference to the headline implying that Mr Richard Lightbourn, MP is a racist.

The voice of Bahamians

Truly I am amazed at a very significant issue that transpired in the Holy Bible. It involves the last days of Jesus Christ on earth.

Gone fishin’

The Bahamian people have misinterpreted the generosity of the Chinese munitions factories, and all one hears today is “what is the defence force going to do with all of those grenades” ?

The row within the FNM

It both surprises and amuses me to some degree that Senator Lanisha Rolle, Maurice Moore and others feel that they can threaten, bully, berate and intimidate FNMs into supporting Dr Hubert Minnis. So…ok…this might succeed to some extent with elected party officers, Members of Parliament and candidates from whom the party is in a position to withhold nominations, appointments and the like.