Letters to the Editor


Algernon Allen

I would strongly recommend that Algernon Allen, who is supposed to be a lettered man, watching his futile attempt yesterday, in trying to make wrong, right, to read, and digest, this morning’s Guardian Editorial,

Here’s looking at you, Leslie

Quote: “It amazes me of the ineptitude of some of these people that want to be in government” – Leslie Miller.

Embrace the Junkanoo Carnival

Please permit me to enlighten my fellow Bahamians, brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.

Gibson and Scotiabank comments

I waited a day before sending this letter to your paper as I did not want your readers to think it was a response to an April fool’s joke.

What did auditor get wrong?

Would Urban Renewal Co Chair Algernon Allen please enlighten us as to what part of the “philosophy and policy” of the Small Homes Repair Programme the Auditor General fails to appreciate as it relates to those contractors who were paid, but didn’t produce, whom he, Mr Allen, intends to “pursue to the depths of hell” for non-performance.

Welcome work of the auditor

Rather than cry foul, the co-chairs of Urban Renewal should welcome an investigation to flush out any irregularities that may exist under the programme.

South Eleuthera

Kindly allow me space to share my reflections on a place near and dear to me… South Eleuthera, my home. Those were the days!

Keeping the dream alive

The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) is at the cross roads of history. It came to office almost three years ago on the backs of multiple political promises many which it should have known could not be fulfilled much less implemented anytime soon. Unfortunately for the party and its leadership cadre, a whole dray load of Bahamians bought into the “charter for governance” and now they are demanding delivery.

The Baha Mar blues

What a waste… remember when Baha Mar and China State Construction started work the temporary office buildings were set up… we were told in one of Baha Mar‘s “blue moments of significance” that when the project was complete these buildings would be saved and donated to government.

Duped on VAT?

Mr Gowon Bowe, chairman of The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation, was recently reported as sending a shot across government’s bow, dressing them down about not answering matters raised by the private sector.

Memories of Kemuel Hepburn

The late former Assistant Commissioner of Police Kemuel Hepburn was a great Bahamian, who distinguished himself during his career as a police officer, as a very firm, astute, articulate, compassionate and courageous leader.

A loss of hope in our nation

Never have there been so many attacks on so many pillars of social order, which has added to our people’s confusion, hopelessness and frustration.

Increase MP salaries & allowances

It has come to my attention, and it also disturbs me greatly that the government of The Bahamas has deemed it fit to compensate Members of Parliament only a meagre $28,000 annually.

Cronyism in government

When a particular party wins, be it PLP or FNM, many positions are filled in Government with friends and supporters who are untrained for the position they are given and indifferent to the work they are assigned.

Same sex relationships

It is not my custom to watch ZNS in the afternoon due to work related commitments. However, shortly after 5pm on March 25th I was able to watch a portion of a programme called “Girlfriends”. This episode caught my attention because it was about one partner in a lesbian relationship getting ready to give birth with exchanges of affection between the “couple”.