Letters to the Editor


New FNM leader is essential

Dr Hubert Minnis is a good man. A political leader he is not. Dr Minnis is trying his best to keep at the PLP but I fear the capacity is just not there with him to be a capable Prime Minister.

PLP is out of control

The Progressive Liberal Party is like a runaway train with no engineer in the caboose, or an airplane out of control without a pilot in the cockpit. The Bahamas is plunging down the mountainside with the precipice in plain sight but there is no one in place who is able to apply the brakes.

Alfred Gray and responsibility

On May 12, 2012, Rt Hon Perry Christie announced his Cabinet and the matter was gazetted officially. It is interesting to read carefully the wording of that announcement, as it directly affects the correct decision, which if not the Prime Minister should have taken, certainly Mr Gray should have.

Davis should not represent anyone

Although, for the present, he may continue to sit in the House of Assembly, in my opinion Philip Davis does not deserve to be called honourable.

Yellow Elder blunder

I was reading through today’s Weekend section of the Tribune (March 27) and began to read page 22, attracted by the photos.

Dispute makes PM ‘uncomfortable’

Imagine that. Prime Minister Perry Christie is “very uncomfortable” with the dispute between the Melia Resort and the Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union.

NHI plan will harm pharmacies

National Health Insurance will put pharmacies out of business!

Vox populi

Why not get the Public’s opinion on National Health Insurance?

Dithering over our future

BEC is a living example of how not to run a business.

Department not above the law

As an organisation, BATCU is mandated to pursue and defend the fundamental rights and freedoms of its members within the confines of the law. It is my anticipation, that my subsequent contribution brings equity to the discussion pertaining to workers rights and current employment law.

Rejuvaseal cancer fear

I write with reference to an article in The Eleutheran on March 10 entitled ‘Eleuthera Residents Appeal To Gov’t To Rejuvaseal Roads’ that could lead to disastrous consequences for the Caribbean islands.

Celebrate our entertainment icons

Please allow me to address an open letter to the Minister of Tourism and the Minister of Sports & Culture in your columns.

VAT charged on top of duty

I recently flew from Ft Lauderdale to Nassau. I brought with me merchandise which cost $110 in Florida.

Ingraham was different

I’m sick of these excuses from Prime Minister Perry Christie and the PLP whenever they are caught doing the wrong thing. They always say that the FNM did it too. Well, even if that were true, it is no excuse for them. But it is not true.

Trust in govt with our health?

THE TUC reportedly believes “every Bahamian should have equal access to quality health care”. Surely, no one would wish otherwise.