Letters to the Editor


A tribute to Ivan Cleare

WHO WOULD have thought that the death angel would knock at my family’s door wearing the mask of crime?

Scary landscape

PM Christie really believes that the young PLP MP’s want him to stay? Oh when will these long BEC outages from Bahamas ‘No Power’ and ‘No Light’ the heat obviously gone to his head.

Digicel back in The Bahamas?

After more than twenty years of reaping millions of dollars in The Bahamas and repeatedly highlighted in their many commercials over the past 12 months that they are a company 100 per cent Bahamian owned.

Graduate’s tactics are a diversion

I have just returned with my family from Exuma where we spent ten days relaxing and admiring the beauty there. If there is anyone who doubts that there is a God, go to Exuma and they will quickly realise that there must be a Supreme Being to have created such beauty and perfection.

Blood bank services

I NOTED with interest the letter published in your paper of this date (7/19/16) concerning the blood banks refusal of any blood donations from British citizens living in The Bahamas - so too the article of the same date stressing the shortage of blood at all blood banks.

Tennyson’s proposition

How is it that former FNM turned PLP facilitator turned Hubert Minnis propagandist Tennyson Wells keeps interjecting himself into the affairs of the FNM that clearly are none of his business?

Poor work at The Pointe

THE Pointe Garage/Multi-floor parking area is finally being uncovered so we can see the ‘quality of construction’.

Could Pokemon Go be a boost for tourism?

IT HAS been less than a month since ‘Pokemon Go’ was released and has been taking the world by storm.

Bahamian brain drain

I was shocked to see yet another statement emanating from our Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration that seemed to be way off base, perhaps even delusional.

Island time

AS The Bahamas seeks to enter into mainstream reality and second world status it would be well to understand something of your so-called Island Time.

British blood donors

I WATCHED with interest this evening an appeal on ZNS news for donations of blood from The Princess Margaret Blood Bank, Doctors Hospital Blood Bank and The Bahamas Red Cross.

Apprentices and the job market

COLLECTIVELY, we have been talking and hashing about youth unemployment for what seems like eons. It is recognised by all, even the crazy individual, that our basic educational structure is dysfunctional and barely working.

Battle of the dinosaurs

What’s going on here?

Hand in the tiger’s mouth

Our Chinese friends have a very instructive proverb that advises that you should never try to extract a tooth from a tiger’s mouth. In layman’s terms it means don’t take unnecessary risks.

Grand Bahama’s power play

IT IS rare that any legal cases have serious public implications. The press reports often make them seem too turgid and technical to attract reader attention.