Letters to the Editor


Rising up, onward bound


Vile video must not be defended

Today’s Guardian featured story, “Moss Stands by Party Chairman - Vulgar video makes social media rounds after UDP announcement”, happened to be published on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls.

Minnis’ major blunders

Since his election as FNM Leader last year, Dr Hubert Minnis, over the course of 2015, has further destroyed his credibility and harmed the good name, identity and credibility of the FNM. After over three years as Leader he has demonstrated little capacity to improve and seems averse to taking good advice.

How many local workers?

The Pointe... Can the Prime Minister please advise us how many Chinese construction workers have been permitted to work on The Pointe?

Our money is draining away

From my unenlightened perspective at least, the financial outlook for our country is truly grim.

Blackbeard’s Cay: Take action now

The following is an open letter to Prime Minister Christie regarding the continued operation of the facility known as Blackbeard’s Cay in defiance of a Supreme Court order.

Political pressure from Bell

I am flabbergasted that no less a person than Keith Bell should have opened his mouth to berate the Commissioner of Police, Elliston Greenslade.


Everybody is talking about crime on the surface, but not many people are examining the many multi-faceted layers surrounding this phenomenon which impact whether society’s efforts to combat it will have any significant effect.

Minnis’ head is in the sand

Your Editorial or Friday, 20th November, is right on point. Sadly, the mechanisms or party politics in the Bahamas, coupled with delusions of grandeur that many of our aspiring political leaders have developed, may well preclude such a potential means of changing the government of The Bahamas.

Disunity in the FNM

I read with great interests the comments of a Founding Father of the Free National Movement, and former Member of Parliament, Maurice Moore, current Member of Parliament for Montagu Richard Lightbourn, a letter by Andrew Allen and one by WAL in the various dailies.

Govt must oppose same sex marriage

With all this talk about the faults of NEMA, the tragedy in damages to islands of the southeastern Bahamas by hurricane Joaquin and scepticism about the National Health Insurance plan (NHI) that should be in effect in 2016; as well as, the never ending terror of increasing crimes, the moment is here for us to take time out to face and deal with another threatening matter of same sex marriages.

An omen? Really?

AN OMEN..... See this is part of our problem as a nation. In 2015, a national leader in our country is referring to a hurricane unbelievably as an omen and no one is correcting him or calling out this insanity!

Wrong priorities

For those wondering exactly how much of their time our government’s leaders are devoting to the violent crime that is literally endangering the viability of our state, the Prime Minister of Grenada, Keith Mitchell recently gave us some indication.

Fit to rule ourselves?

I must admit that when I read in this paper that the police chief suggested some “civil liberties” would have to be infringed upon, the first thing that popped into my head was that this country would give up trying to govern themselves and would give up on their repeated failures of voting for people or clowns to lead them.

Baha Mar troubles

I was pleased ex Cabinet Minister Brent Symonette at least admitted that there was enough blame around the Cable Beach site of Baha Mar to go around for both the Christie Government who initially approved the project and the Ingraham, FNM Government of which Mr Symonette was a Minister.