Letters to the Editor


Rebel 7 in political abyss

ON December 7th, 2016, Loretta Butler-Turner and six other Free National Movement Members of Parliament submitted a letter to the Governor General, expressing no confidence in opposition and FNM leader, Dr Hubert Minnis. They were referred to as the Rebel 7. This essentially caused Minnis to be fired from his job as Her Majesty’s Leader of the Opposition.

PM speech full of cliché

THE PM’s speech to the SIDS UN Conference at Melia yesterday.

NHI - what precisely is it going to cost us?

WE now see and hear the roll-out what NHI is going to offer and clearly there should be an immediate Customer Beware insertion as what we see that NHI is going to provide behind the flam are hidden costs if you need surgical services or services outside of the minimum which is basically what NHI is going to provide.

Christie in the Wild, Wild West

In April of 2012, bad boy Sheriff Perry Christie of Centreville stood up at a rally at RM Bailey Park and waved a magic wand called a Charter of Governance that he promised would fix the economy and end crime.

Alternative facts

WHILE watching the evening news on ZNS, I couldn’t help but notice  BTC’s little promotional ad where an “on the spot” reporter, armed with a microphone bearing BTC’s familiar logo, interviewed random Bahamian people, asking them if the Bahamas was “BTC Country”, and what they liked most about the company. When prodded, they all answered “yes” to question one, while giving numerous and rather interesting answers to question two. One young lady even went as far as saying that her favourite thing about BTC was “their data”.

Elites only?

SO what does it take to be a successful candidate in a Bahamian election?

Minnis’ ship is sinking

THE Bahamas finds itself in a bit of a quandry! The Bahamian people are tired of the present government but there is no ‘real’ opposition to vote for.

It takes one word from Baha Mar

FINALLY the fact that our mismanaged dump that spews poisons and toxins into our air and water table is being taken seriously by our Government.

Unite against Spy Bill

FINALLY, there is an issue that all opposition forces seem to agree on. Namely, that the government’s Spy Bill is reckless and dangerous and violates the fundamental rights of we the citizens of The Bahamas.

Baha Mar impact

I COULD only shake my head reading The Nassau Guardian article “IMF: Baha Mar to spur growth into 2018 and 2019” from Friday about the International Monetary Fund economist’s comments on the Bahamian government.

Bahamas in crisis

THE Bahamian people this year 2017 will have the opportunity to select which political party that will solve the crisis on Crime, Education, unemployment, seven billion debt problem, Standard and Poor downgraded to junk status of the Bahamas economy.

Stop the rowdiness in Montagu

Kindly publish this open letter to Commissioner of Police Mr. Ellison Greenslade.

Minnis fails to inspire party

IF the future of the country was not at stake the drama of Bahamian politics would be comical.

Nottage speaks

FINALLY, the Minister of National Security, the Hon. Dr Bernard Nottage has broken his silence on the recent crime spree in New Providence. But will his rant in the House of Assembly cause a crime solution to be effected?

Fighting the fires

Once again I would ask you to bear with me and publish my thoughts, this time on our public services as they relate to fire control. I would like to make this an open letter to Chief Fireman EVANS.