Letters to the Editor


Everybody thinks they can be AG

WHILE the whole island seems to be in an uproar over the decision of Attorney General Allyson Maynard Gibson to issue a nolle prosequi in the case being brought against two Sandals Royal Bahamian executives by the BHMAWU, I will attempt to take what seems to be the road less taken and actually try to look at the matter objectively.

Was $10m a total waste?

CARNIVAL FESTIVAL 2016... was it a total waste of $10m? Are the decision-makers delusional as to the merits of the event?

Long distance calls

Re: BTC to open all-Creole store, September 21

Protesting too much...

I paraphrase the line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet in responding to a columnist who wrote last week about Loretta Butler Turner’s campaign roll-out on Long Island. Sir, me thinks thou dost protest too much.

The confusion of Baha Mar claims

IT IS good to know that, as I previously predicted, the vast majority of the 2,000 Bahamian former Baha Mar employees are being paid off smoothly and efficiently, with few serious disputes.

Union blight on nation

ABOUT a month ago at the heights of the Sandals fiasco, Tall Pines Member of Parliament Leslie Miller asserted that the strong-handed approach of the unions was to be blamed for Sandals’ decision to close its Cable Beach property and dismiss more than 600 workers.

Flip-flopper or pragmatist?

It is no state secret how I feel about the benign leadership style of the Prime Minister.

Dept of Inland Revenue

You are now owned by an un-elected organisation called the Department of Inland Revenue.

Reform for whose profit?

WITH the Labour Department’s shocking release of proposed changes to the labour laws of The Bahamas, it is really tough to see where the unions end and the Labour Department begins: they seem to be one and the same! The unions dictate the show and the Labour Department asks: “How high do you want us to jump?”

Failing in support for teachers

EACH time I think that we are making a few steps forward in correcting simple issues in our education system I am quickly put in my place by the debacle that is our public service system.

Justice is under attack

Before I start this letter, I plead ignorance – ignorance of the facts of the case, but not of the judicial principles.

Being gay is not a choice

Isn’t it awful how often gay people just flat-out lie? Hundreds of thousands of them say they didn’t choose to be gay. Didn’t choose to risk being beaten by some passing yahoo. Didn’t choose to risk being cut off from their families.

Following PM to ruin

The Progressive Liberal Party will have its convention in November.

Christie’s compassion

Last Sunday I attended the Induction Service of the Bishop/President Theophilus Rolle at Wesley Methodist Church, Malcolm Road. The service was loaded with tributes and congratulations and was attended by a cross section of the cloth, foreign and local dignitaries, notably the Prime Minister of the Bahamas, The Rt. Hon. Perry Gladstone Christie, Minister of Tourism, Hon. Obie Wilchcolme.

Root of problem must be tackled

In response to MP Richard Lightbourn’s suggestion to the nation’s problem that is a result of irresponsible sexual behaviour or habits. To enact legal rights for tubal ligation for a single woman with two children, not to allow her to have any more children.