Letters to the Editor


Dealing with corruption

A real Bahamian, I am sick and tired of seeing and hearing our politicians adopt bogus stances towards alleged corruption by the party in power when the other side is in opposition. It is dead wrong and it is an overt insult to the collective intelligence of the unwashed masses.

Propaganda for the FNM

Please publish my commentary on a recent Nassau Guardian editorial:

Support middle class

PRIME Minister Minnis and his FNM government won the election in May, 2017 on the theme of the election – “It’s the People’s Time”.

Rupert Roberts must evolve

King Canute was simultaneously ruler of England, Denmark and Norway from 1016 to 1035. He became famous, rightly or wrongly, as the ruler who stood on the sea-shore and tried but failed to hold back the tide.

Get tough on owning a gun

BEFORE any Bahamian government or Commissioner of Police gets too comfortable with the recent marginal reductions in several categories of violent crime, we would do well to finally address the underlying matter at the heart of our violent crime problem.

Foreign policy based on cult of personality

The A-list columnist Philip Galanis posited an interesting take on the geopolitical machinations by the US and China to achieve hegemony in the Caribbean.

Why you don't want to get your wires crossed

You may recall last year when some hapless boater tried to tow a cabin cruiser home along Eastern Road and got the boat’s “tuna-tower” entangled in the electrical supply lines going across Eastern Road, in front of the Brigadoon Estate, and pulling two poles into the road before it stopped.

A little more digging would be in order

URCA is alike a mouse that roared…is it impotent?

We all make mistakes, but . . .

Re: Runway Blunder. The Tribune April 9, 2019.

Why health policy needs radical new approach

First let me share my heartfelt condolences to the family of the late Robert Valcom Jr., the young man who died waiting on an ambulance to respond.

Let's hope think tanks sell plenty of copies

After seeing your story about our so-called competitive drop in providing financial services, I took the trouble to read the entire just published “Global Financial Centre 25 Report for 2019”, and totally agree with Minister Finance Turnquest that it should cause no concern for The Bahamas, or be of much relevance to serious financial analysts anywhere.

We need to police the driving public more

The old people would often say when you were “talking fool”, “ain’t no good fa you to beat up ya gums wid dat now” and I could only wonder as social media carried the story of no cell phones and no drinking, “what is the point of adding new offences to the Road Traffic Act when the huge number that already exists are not being enforced and unlikely to be enforced in the lifetime of anyone living today” ?

The elected become more like overlords

In order for good governance, transparency, accountability and goodwill to be the order of the day in The Bahamas it is a moral imperative that this constitutional democracy have a fitting constitution which is not the present situation.

RBPF continues to be Nassau's finest

The Royal Bahamas Police Force, Nassau's finest nation builder and protector of this great nation and its inhabitants.

The world is changing and we must react

The boom and bust cycle of the global economy is well established. WTO says global trade has under performers with growth of 3% and is expected to decline in 2019 to 2.6 %. The IMF forecast a global slowdown for 2019. The United States (US) is the world’s largest economy in nominal GDP so I will focus mainly on the US in my analysis.