Letters to the Editor


Chase for College payment

I have a problem with the College of the Bahamas involving money and do not know who else I can turn to about this.

The scandal of Sandals job cuts

The Sandals mess and the oblivious impotency of the Minister and the Director of Labour has an employer simply putting in the face of Law and no one seems to care.

Christie is not to be blamed

IN light of Sandals’ decision to temporarily close the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort to facilitate urgent repairs and renovations and in the process make over 600 workers redundant, many Bahamians have launched an attack on the Government and in particular Prime Minister, the Most Honourable Perry Christie.

Lottery to fund NHI, smell stink

There has been some suggestion that the government is toying with a National Lottery as a means to funding National Health Insurance. This is extremely interesting.

The secret of giving?

The Press now prints large notices of amnesties for late payment of Stamp duty on deeds and documents, and notices of land acquisitions to construct homes for the poor.

Error in notice to mariners

INASMUCH as the “powers that be” seem unable to keep our traffic lights in New Providence functioning, we should not be too surprised when The Ministry of Transport and Aviation, (Port Department), publishes a notice in your newspaper under the heading “ Aids-to-Navigation on the Little Bahama Bank”, following which, it proceeds to list five navigation lights.

Freedom of speech, not to abuse

I have never been more un-proud of who we are becoming when I see the blunt disrespect for the Prime Minister, his family and the office he holds.

Gambling our health away

I read that certain people are proposing a further adding of a National Lottery the proceeds to go to funding NHI.

A birthday message for the PM

Prime Minister, God graced you with another birthday.

Are we enslaved to politics?

Have the two primary political parties actually enslaved those in the lower income range and those single women who have brought into this world three-four and more children?

Solving our nation’s problems

There cannot be anyone who would wish or to cause unemployment however there is a reality if more and more people require employment and successive Governments are unable to produce reliable employment then we have to ask those who represent them as their MPs - are you really doing best for your constituents?

Devil in the detail

NHI - there wasn’t the detail in the debate?

It’s time for Christie to move on

It’s quite instructive to read the newspapers from other parts of the Caribbean. Recently, a leader column in the Jamaican Gleaner was praising the new government led by Andrew Holness (age 44) and how his new policies are beginning to bear fruit and I quote: “The prospects for the economy are at a record levels, according to the surveys of business and consumer confidence.”

Government spending

We have a parliamentary Finance Committee, headed by an Opposition MP with Opposition members in the majority. They are supposed to keep Government in check on its spending and reporting and transparency.

Pride in Miller

Ever since Britain’s Desmond Bannister broke the 4 Minute Mile in the late ‘50’s, the athletic World has speculated on the finite limits of the endurance and speed of the human body .