Letters to the Editor


$200m – yet $219 for workers

I believe that the main bone of contention that the Keep Ya Corned Beef We Marching protestors and rabble have with the Minnis administration is its proposed sliding scale tax on web shop operators.

Jobs at risk

IT’S interesting to hear the current government talk about being concerned about the interests of Bahamians.

Inhumanity of separating children

I am a Bahamian who swore that because I am not American I would have nothing to say – pro or con – about US president Donald Trump.

Barbados govt theft?

An article, Banks Facing Billion Dollar Hit, in Barbados was making the rounds on Social Media this past weekend and it is an example of theft by government. No more, no less.


I had decided to stop writing letters but after watching the local news tonight I am so disgusted that something has to be said.

Disabled parking in Downtown

ON June 6, 2018. I ventured downtown to Bay Street to purchase a wedding anniversary gift for my beloved wife of 41 years.

Crime under control?

WHILE the Police were having a special police operation carnage on Jerome Avenue - who said crime is under control?

Feeling unsafe

Re: ‘No reason to feel unsafe’.

Bahamian hypocrisy

THE amount of outright hypocrisy and double standards that exists in this country we call the Commonwealth of The Bahamas is truly astonishing.

Silence on renewables

Remember pre-election, hard mouthed the FNM were, on renewable energy especially solar? Where is it today? Silent as a house mouse.

Where is the BNT?

SEVERAL serious, potentially game-changing environmental issues have arisen during the short time the FNM has been in office. People have complained about Oban, the plans for LNG and the fact that there is still no solution for the city landfill. My question is, through all of this, where is the Bahamas National Trust?

Ordaining a Homosexual Pastor?

There has been a lot of talk about a church in Nassau that recently ordained an alleged homosexual. Connected to that discussion, a friend recently forwarded to me an audio clip of someone asking why I and other pastors have not spoken about it. Although I heard the allegation, I had no intention of speaking to it, but I’ve had a change of heart since the recent ordination continues to drive many conversations.

Gaskin a good choice

Mr Garvin Gaskin is imminently qualified to be the first person appointed to the Constitutionally established post - Independent Director of Public Prosecutions. Indubitably, he has excellent academic qualifications and intellectual prowess. Importantly, he is a man of Christian values, which were deeply imbued in him by his parents.

Baseball stadium delay

Bahamians should know by now who is politically genuine or not. No amount of pontificating or masquerading can change their minds if you mean them well or not. They have already marked the report cards and will show the results sooner than later.

Entry level job losses no big deal

FINANCE Minister K Peter Turnquest must not capitulate to the Bahamas Gaming Operators Authority (BGOA) and its attorney, Alfred Sears, in their demands for the Free National Movement (FNM) administration to abandon its plan to exponentially increase taxes on web shops.