Letters to the Editor


Rapists should be flogged in public

I am deeply saddened after reading news of a woman being sexually violated by a sex beast during a home invasion in the Marshall Road area of New Providence.

Is The Pointe complying with HoA over workers?

The Pointe - has there been compliance with the Heads of Agreement regarding the number of non-Bahamian construction workers?

Lord, please have mercy on our own stupidity

I have concluded that The Bahamas is just like one of the network Soap Operas…should we take politicians seriously - are they serious - do they realise what they say, so regularly?

I was amazed by Pinder comments

I am amazed at the comments made by the Director of Labour, John Pinder, regarding the conditions put forward for the issuing or renewal of Visas (work permits I guess).

It's time to get serious about recycling

We love to belly-ache about government policy after it becomes law instead of demanding more transparency during the law-making process.

Slavery in our democracy

The ban on plastic bags is a welcome change in the right direction.

LETTER: Be A Hero campaign is a different initiative

I write concerning the Insight column published in The Tribune, Monday, January 13, 2020 titled “Well-intentioned but poorly executed and once again the public takes the hit.”

LETTER: Tales From The Twenties

One hundred years ago, the 1920s, known as the roaring ‘20s, was a decade of prosperity in western society and western culture.

LETTER: Don't let us join this hate fest against Trump

Foreign Affairs Minister Darren Heinfield’s comment to The Tribune about “it not being this country’s place to express support or opposition to the US strike” against Iran may be viewed as the Free National Movement government straddling the fence on a crucially important geopolitical matter. With the US being our most important and strategic ally, I see no reason for not supporting the American government in going after Qasem Soleimani, who was viewed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as the mastermind behind Iran’s state sponsored terrorism throughout the Middle East region.

LETTER: Helping out my son

My son was flunking out of college so I told my son, “You will marry the girl I choose.”

LETTER: Time of the people

Just under 250 years ago an event took place in Boston Harbour that would forever change the world, and in particular the United States of America and Britain. Ostensibly it was to do with Tea but fundamentally it was to do with Britain’s Tea Act which levied a tax of three pennies per pound on Tea imported to the Colonies. The Colonists revolted saying that since they had no representation in Britain, it was not right for Britain to impose any taxes on the Colonies.

LETTER: Racism still a problem

As a youngster back in the 1960’s the United Bahamian Party (UBP) was in full bloom. It emerged after the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and was comprised of what was then known as the Bay Street Boys, who were mostly white or Conchy Joe Bahamians. Of course, there was a small number of black Bahamians who embraced the UBP for whatever reasons. The late Reverend Gentry McPhee and Napoleon McPhee along with the late Prince Hepburn come readily to mind.

LETTERS: Give us a referendum on marijuana question

We all remember those old days when the then Christie led Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and its political and economic allies were caught in the cross fire of what was termed illegal gambling through the facilitation of unlicensed and unregulated web shops. The government wanted, as it should have, a slice of the multi-million dollar industry. The operators wanted the legality of the law and compliance and regulatory cover.

LETTERS: When will the bullying stop?

The recent comments by the Minster of National Security in relation to the Commissioner of Police and other senior career officers at the annual service for the RBPF’S, to say the least was inappropriate and disrespectful.

Tommy never had what it takes to be PM

I make no bones about it. Over the years I have been an adviser to all of the leaders and wannabe leaders of our wonderful nation.