Letters to the Editor


Little Harbour protest

A letter to the Prime Minister. I live on a sailboat and my husband and I have spent the past three winters sailing in your beautiful country.

Fix the statelessness

The upcoming referendum has it merits, its positives and negatives, but the statelessness of thousands of people born in The Bahamas and cannot be identified with The Bahamas or any other country is sickening.

Make sure the bills are paid

What precisely is government’s and consumer debt at this immediate moment a few days away from the budget presentation 2016?

Analysing bills in the referendum

PERHAPS the best explanation of the fourth question in the upcoming Referendum can be found in an analysis done by a partner in one of the major law firms in The Bahamas.

Perpall's Tract drainage

I live in Perpall’s Tract in Nassau and I have been living there for over 40 years. It is a lovely and peaceful neighbourhood, with caring and concerned individuals. I would not choose to live anywhere else in this country.

Questions over equality vote

Regarding the upcoming referendum, I asked myself two questions. Firstly, will the genders truly be equal if the bills are passed? Secondly, who stands to benefit most?

Referendum to end rights as Christians

There is always a hidden mischief with all Governments that hides the real truth from its citizens. Always a hidden agenda.

Baha Mar bids

Baha Mar - who did bid? I hear the big boys didn’t!

What’s the truth?

BTC - minority sale of shares owned by Cable & Wireless to Liberty Communications and the much talked about 2 per cent.

Weighing equality issues

Law is interpretive. Many will argue that law is based on facts, upon carefully weighed evidence.

Is NIB in disarray?

Tribune Business - Unregulated pensions a disaster in the making.

Judgment always a test of leadership

A fundamental truth of leadership is that once earned, it is incessantly tested. Most of the time, that test comes in the form of difficult strategic, tactical, moral, and ethical judgment calls. Put another way, judgment is almost always a good measure of leadership and leadership potential. This is particularly true at the political level, where – sadly – the temptation to ignore sound judgment always abounds.

Referendum could create further inequality

While the June 7, 2016 referendum has been framed as a “Gender Equality Referendum”, there is the real possibility that it will create further inequality by taking away from unwed mothers a citizenship passing right they have enjoyed for the past 42 years, while at the same time granting a new right to Bahamian men to pass citizenship to their children fathered out of wedlock with Bahamian and foreign women, at home and abroad.

The four gender bills

Over the past two years in The Bahamas and specifically within the last six months, the four Constitutional Bills to eliminate discrimination against women has been a very “hot topic”. 

Eat humble pie

It is unfortunate that the call by Sir Michael Barnett and others to the PLP government to apologise for its role in the referendum debacle of  2002 has been met by senior members of the government by remarks like “what for?” Indeed not only should the government apologise for this but it should also apologise to the Bahamian public for ignoring its wishes in respect of the so-called gambling referendum of 2013.