A COMIC'S VIEW: Pay to play policy further exposes the FNM

TO BORROW a popular colloquialism, the world of politics is ‘on fleek’ this week.

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A YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Hands up all those who want Perry Christie to stay as PM

Based on the Prime Minister’s comments this week, it appears that the post-Perry Christie era within the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) will be interminably delayed.

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YOUR SAY: Including all Bahamians the key to moving forward together

AN economy that leaves no one behind is the only way we as a nation can move forward, together.

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TOUGH CALL: The ‘dangerous spot’ that The Bahamas is in

According to Sir Franklyn Wilson - one of the chief architects and financiers of the current Progressive Liberal Party administration - The Bahamas is in “a very dangerous spot”.

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POLITICOLE: The blah blah blah of the so-called tit for tat

The United States embassy’s security message/travel advisory issued last week caused quite the uproar … and lots of banal dialogue … almost as boring as the advisory itself.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Diplomacy lost between right thing to do and bad idea

In life, something can be both the right thing to do and a bad idea at the same time.

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A YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Mitchell’s credibility at stake in war of the travel advisories

Over the last few days, many Bahamians have pulled up a chair to observe the war of the travel advisories between The Bahamas and the United States.

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YOUR SAY - Loretta Butler-Turner: Real change and real results required on crime

ACCORDING to the World Health Organisation we have an epidemic.

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RICHARD COULSON: Halkitis must be heroic in facing ratings agencies' questions

THIS WEEK and next, the warriors of the dreaded international rating agencies will ride into town to pick at the bones of our financial structure. Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s (S&P), each with its own rigid criteria, will send their best and brightest analysts whose lances will be lap-top computers loaded with data from our own Department of Statistics and Central Bank, all sent to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund for the world to see.

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Hard work and discipline crucial to the alleviation of poverty

THE Bahamas is experiencing the impact of a global recession that has stagnated the growth of the country’s economy. While this state of affairs may lead many to fear, become angry or simply feel as if they are in a debilitated state, it is important for the Bahamas to make sensible decisions and good use of its time while it seeks to find ways to sustain, promote and implement sound economic policies toward sustainable development.

YOUR SAY: 43 reasons why the Government lost the referendum

IT appears that the Bahamian people may have not just rejected the Referendum on the four “Gender Equality Bills”, but may have also sent a message to the government, expressing their belief that it is out of touch.

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POLITICOLE: See the realities at a time of patriotic pride

One week ago today, I was getting ready to go and celebrate US independence in America with Americans.

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WORLD VIEW: Jamaica's CARICOM Review Commission - understanding the elephant

Jamaica’s CARICOM Review Commission has been established and has had its first meeting, even if its purpose and the prism through which the review will take place is not clear.

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A YOUNG MAN'S VIEW ON INDEPENDENCE: 43 years on and still we need to break the shackles

WHILST WE have accomplished much since our Independence in 1973, we continue to be a country that celebrates “flag independence”, more so than what it means to be truly economically and socially diverse and self-determining.

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A COMIC'S VIEW - Inigo 'Naughty' Zenicazelaya: A tale of two rallies

Of all the classics I’ve read over the years, the opening of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ still ranks as one of the best.