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FACE TO FACE: Dale’s life mission - to get the best out of her students

We often complain about the public education system – its shortfalls and setbacks – but we don’t often praise some of the hardworking educators who go above and beyond to overcome these hurdles to invest into the lives of our children. Their contributions make a difference. Even when some parents don’t seem invested enough, there are teachers who move into action to nurture the potential of their students.

THE PETER YOUNG COLUMN: Rebellion? Just mayhem and misery for millions

Memories of youth seldom fade. I still recall a teacher in my far-off schooldays who seemed more interested in demonstrating his own intellectual prowess than in leading young minds to new ideas and concepts. ‘Liberty or licence’ (see below) was one of his favourite topics for essay-writing, without bothering to explain the difference in advance.

WORLD VIEW: Migrant Caravans – Are they in the Caribbean’s future?

IMAGINE the scene if people with little hope of a better life in Caribbean countries could walk to the United States. Undoubtedly, many would do so, joining the tens of thousands in the present so-called Caravan from three countries in Central America – El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

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STATESIDE: A spellbinding Sunday in Augusta

Among golf tournaments, the British Open and the Masters are generally regarded as the most prestigious and the most steeped in the many traditions with which golf drapes itself.

EDITORIAL: When will we learn to treat people as humans?

IT is hard to imagine how much worse the government could have treated Douglas Ngumi.

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THE ALICIA WALLACE COLUMN: We don’t have to make everything a competition

Disasters intrigue us. We are interested in how the fire started, who was targetted and why it took so long for help to come. Some become amateur detectives, trying to find motive. Some are self-appointed jury members and judges, deciding who did what and what they deserve as punishment. Not much time passes between freak accidents and terrorist attacks, especially when we have international news at our fingertips. There is always something to theorise, obsess, pray and argue over.

EDITORIAL: A lie has speed, the truth has endurance

GOSSIP got out of hand, it seems, at SC McPherson last week.

EDITORIAL: "You can’t get lost in the animal rights talk." Oh yes you can - and must.

The swimming pigs have become globally recognised as a part of the Bahamian tourism market.

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THE PETER YOUNG COLUMN: Can Assange’s actions be justified? Not in my book

The sudden news of the arrest in London of the co-founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, not surprisingly hit the headlines last week.

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FACE TO FACE: A zest for life which has never been broken

One cannot meet a person like Paul Fernander and forget him.

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WORLD VIEW: Fight to save or sell the soul of the OAS

THE Organisation of American States (OAS), already a broken institution, was shattered even more on April 9 at a meeting of its Permanent Council. It is now an organisation whose membership is deeply divided and among whom mistrust and bitterness now predominates.

POLICE ADVICE: Wherever you work, think safety first

Accidents can be prevented by keeping workplace safety tips in mind on the job. No matter what industry you work in, applying safety tips can prevent accidents.

EDITORIAL: Will the Bahamas become America’s Taiwan?

THE fiery response from the Chinese Embassy to the White House Press Secretary’s statement that President Trump “looks forward to working” with The Bahamas and other Caribbean countries to “counter China’s predatory economic practices”, should at last open the eyes of the American government to what we have been predicting for some time in this column - China is flexing its muscles in the Caribbean basin - America’s security moat, both on the Atlantic and Pacific side.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: On the funny side of Easter ... or why some hair spray might restore your faith in a good joke

Since Easter is approaching, and Good Friday is a holiday, I thought I’d get the jump on the ‘Easter Bunny’ with some ‘Easter Funny.’

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DIANE PHILLIPS: A stench of entitlement laid bare

In March, when the story broke revealing some 50 people had been indicted in the US for what was labelled a “racketeering scheme” involving Hollywood hotshots, hotheads and CEOs paying up to $500,000 to have test scores altered so their children could get into good colleges, shockwaves radiated from coast to coast.