FRONT PORCH: Our vibrant and well-tested Parliamentary democracy

Sociologically and biologically, humans are tribal by nature.

STATESIDE: NAACP calls for DOJ to show commitment to racial equity by pardoning Marilyn Mosby

FORMER American football star O J Simpson’s death seven weeks ago reminded observers of a significant aspect of his 1994 trial on murder charges.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Bahamian politics a race to the bottom

IT looks like we are in for another race to the bottom.

KENT BAZARD: Deciphering the Complexity of Sports Hernia

IN the intricate tapestry of sports-related injuries, few conditions present as vexing a challenge as the enigmatic sports hernia.

FRONT PORCH: The delusions of political power

THOSE entranced by political power alternately amuse, frustrate, perplex and infuriate.

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ALICIA WALLACE: You are not alone, reach out for help

MAY is Mental Health Awareness Month and it meets us at a time of frequent suicide and attempted suicide reports.

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FACE TO FACE - Paying it forward and creating lasting smiles

DR Welmilya Francis is living proof of how powerful the impressions are that we make on very young children.

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PETER YOUNG: Russian doublespeak

IT is always said that George Orwell was credited with inventing doublespeak after coining the term doublethink in his novel 1984.

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FRONT PORCH: The values and habits we live by

CULTURABLE habits and practices showcase the lived values of a given society. The mouthing of values is not the same as adhering to them. By example, while we adhere to the concept of monogamy in law and in Christian rituals, sociologically, we are a de facto polygamous society.

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PETER YOUNG: UK local election results show Tories in trouble

In this week’s column, I should like to comment on politics in Britain where last week local council and mayoral elections were held. These were the last test of public opinion before the next general election. They are, of course, an important part of the working of democracy and require some coverage today, not least because some of the extensive press reporting has been misleading. Some clarification might anyway be useful.

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FACE TO FACE: Xavion Johnson striving for gold

HE was just six years old when he decided his own fate. Xavion Emmanuel Johnson was watching the 2012 Olympics on television. He saw Olympians competing in Judo. They were throwing each other and slamming each other to the ground - quite fun in the eyes of a typical little boy.

FRONT PORCH: Capital punishment and a culture of revenge and retaliation

Former Roman Catholic Archbishop of Nassau, the late Lawrence Burke, SJ, lamented that many Bahamians often seemed more fixated on Good Friday, less seized by the assurance and promise of Easter Sunday.

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Government’s indifference over inequality and rights

THE latest ridiculous statement by the prime minister quickly made the rounds at the end of last week, drawing responses indicative of disbelief, annoyance, and confusion.

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FRONT PORCH: The failure to civilise new generations

A gnawing grief seized the family and friends of former Member of Parliament and Deputy House of Assembly Speaker, Don Saunders, following his murder during an armed robbery

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STATESIDE: War and ideology

THE lounge, a finger of whiskey still floating one ice cube in the cut glass tumbler resting on the side table next to his favorite arm chair. Several friends sat in a loose circle, arranged on comfortable hard chairs so he could see and respond to each. One of the professor’s oldest acquaintances spoke up.