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A COMIC'S VIEW: Power to the people

So, has enough time passed for us to officially label Bahamas Power and Light as lousy?

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A YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Let me suggest how you pay for hurricane recovery, Mr Christie

The goalpost shifting, public relations gaffes, wobbling ways and revisionist spin in the wake of Hurricane Matthew is on full display this week, with Prime Minister Perry Christie jamming his foot into his mouth and launching an avalanche of rebukes when he told The Tribune and ZNS that the Cabinet would consider, when they met yesterday, the introduction and implementation of a special tax to help finance repair and recovery efforts.

EDITORIAL: Bahamians kept in the dark about investments

FOR five years, with lips sealed on serious matters that affect the future of the Bahamas, this government has sat on the Freedom of Information Act. If ever this Act was needed it is now.

EDITORIAL: Again we ask PM Christie - whose side are you on?

ON MONDAY, we posed the question here to Prime Minister Christie: Whose side are you on - the Bahamas or Beijing?

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POLITICOLE: When will Christie call the next general election?

He has very little in the ‘pros’ column to prop himself and his government up on.

INSIGHT: The law is there to be used against criminals, not at political discretion

Cases of criminal misconduct against parliamentarians have not been prosecuted and the government has made no effort to confiscate the proceeds of crime from perpetrators, former Assistant Police Commissioner Paul Thompson reveals in the latest part of his weekly series.

EDITORIAL: PM Christie: Whose side are you on - Bahamas or Beijing?

PRIME Minister Christie keeps reassuring Bahamians that he is working in their best interest to get Baha Mar completed and opened. Now is the time to prove it.

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INSIGHT: National stock can rise by spreading share ownership

As the country begins the recovery after Hurricane Matthew, Richard Coulson says now more than ever the BISX needs to be reconstructed to help the Bahamian economy grow.

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INSIGHT: What a national university means for Bahamians

In the second of a new weekly collaborative series on post-secondary education, Dr Rodney Smith, the president of the College of the Bahamas, looks at a momentous development in increasing the intellectual capital of the nation.

EDITORIAL: US election grows nastier by the day

WITH the US presidential election less than a month away, the race for the White House is becoming uglier and nastier by the day.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Thumbs down for BPL and gas queues, thumbs up for KFC

Almost a week after the ravages of Hurricane Matthew, the Bahamas is still limping through recovery.

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A YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Matthew exposes failings in authority and fractures in society

For the governing Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), Hurricane Matthew will either be the straw that finally breaks the camel’s back in the minds of the electorate or the lifeline they needed to convince voters that they are worthy of another term.

YOUR SAY: Vulnerable small states need global support to help with natural disasters

Hurricane seasons have always been a stark reality of Caribbean life. Many of the natural disasters in the region have made history, personalised by names such as David, Hugo, Felix and Erica. But there is nothing humane about these storms.

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TOUGH CALL: Putting politics aside is essential in a time of crisis

Why it that in this time of turmoil, inequality, political dysfunction and apparent decline, a few countries are nonetheless thriving?

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POLITICOLE: Matthew exposes weak points and utilities’ lack of charitable spirit

I remember like yesterday being in my last semester in college, in my dorm room, with my freshman, swimmer roommate, and her TV, watching The Weather Channel, seeing Hurricane Floyd spinning over the whole Bahamas archipelago at once.