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POLITICOLE: Low quality of life reflects poor education of Bahamians

IF you want to know about the real economic welfare of Bahamians in The Bahamas, take a complete tour of New Providence island, since this island represents The Bahamas’ greatest “development”.

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A LIFE OF CRIME: Criminal before birth?

THE rising tide of serious crime in the Bahamas has reached the point at which a national debate is required to help solve the blight on society.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: The tipping point

Anyone considering the challenges our country faces ought to arrive at a startling acceptance of the reality that we have reached a frightening point as a young nation.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Why is assault category missing from police crime stats?

I FOUND the Royal Bahamas Police Force’s statistical presentation relative to criminal activities for 2014 to be quite interesting. And that’s putting it mildly!

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Love and the older man or woman

WHAT is ‘older’? How old is ‘too old’? Is there such a thing?

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: The economic colonialisation of the Bahamas by the Chinese

OUR increasing dependence on China is sure to undergird their brand of economic colonialism, deepening the notion that The Bahamas is hardly independent – ie only paper independence – and, moreover, that we are in line to be – lock, stock and two smoking barrels – beholden to China and Chinese interests. Due to its close proximity to the United States, The Bahamas – in its relations with the US – used to be referred to as the 51st state but, more and more, these days we’re progressively appearing to be the 23rd province of China (though they claim Taiwan as the twenty-third).

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Time to stop automatic gratuities

THE Melia Resort on Cable Beach is absolutely right in its attempt to be rid of the automatic 15 per cent gratuity that accompanies most cheques at restaurants/hotel properties here in The Bahamas.

POLITICOLE: The problem with Majority Rule Day

IF “the white man” was the majority in The Bahamas in 1967, or any time between then and now, would we still be celebrating Majority Rule Day as a national holiday in The Bahamas?

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Young Man's View: The Bahamas in 2015 as seen by the PM (according to Adrian Gibson)

I know that the New Year has already passed and that I’m late in bringing my remarks to you but, that’s nothing new.

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TOUGH CALL: The maligned crusader standing up for the Bahamian Constitution

YOU have to admire crusading lawyer Fred Smith for his chutzpah and energy in tackling regulatory and human rights abuses that would otherwise almost certainly go unchallenged.

POLITICOLE: The trouble with VAT - first impressions

1 VAT is showing itself to be very challenging to implement at the point of sale.

Culture under siege?

THE decorated complaints continue to parade on in our papers and on our radio stations concerning Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival.

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POLITICOLE: Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival . . . why?

S it not bad enough that, as a country, we tend to exhibit a copycat, plagiarising, uninventive mindset? Now we have to cement that in place?

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POLITICOLE: Writing and the art of self examination

Q: How long have you been a journalist? A: I am not a journalist; I am a writer.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Social media rears its ugly head

This week, we saw what could only amount to an ongoing meltdown on social media - Facebook and WhatsApp - with the dissemination of child pornography.