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POLITICOLE: Snowden, surveillance and banks blinded by policy

THE battle with certain Canadian banks in The Bahamas that are imposing unacceptable, unfounded policies on Bahamians continues.

REAL ESTATE: Get a foot on the property ladder now and build for the future

Ashley Brown advises young professionals on why and how soon to start investing in real estate

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A Comic’s View: Strange bedfellows, Damian’s downer and the PM out of tune

THE American essayist Charles Dudley Warner once said “Politics makes strange bedfellows” and, based on events this past week, we can thank our politically promiscuous lawmakers for truly bringing this quote to life.

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Opinion: The dangers of Fred Mitchell

Politicians from all parties fear the power of a Haitian-Bahamian voting block and are complicit in the illegal and unconstitutional policies regarding citizenship in the Bahamas, Fred Smith argues

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Honesty in fighting corruption

Corruption is rife in the Bahamas. Today, there is a general lack of transparency, fair play and accountability in governance.

TOUGH CALL: The deep roots of racial conflict

IN JUNE, a gunman walked into the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, and shot nine people to death at a prayer meeting. The shooter said his goal was to start a race war.

POLITICOLE: Fighting for our freedom

I was born exactly 200 years (to the year) after the American Revolutionary War began. It was the beginning of the America we know today, and the beginning of its formalised civil liberties, creating examples for much of the rest of the world on how to protect individual rights and freedoms.

REAL ESTATE: The value and benefits of property appraisals

Looking for the best appraiser for a residence or commercial property? Antoine Adderley spells out what qualities clients should look for.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Too much PLP loose talk - and a divine spanking

As we get started this week, I’m glad to see that such a broad cross section of Bahamians read and enjoy this column and (judging by the side eye I get from them in Pizza Hut’s checkout line) certain politicians not so much.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: Time to reap the benefits of ending exchange control policy

THERE have been a number of comments recently about the need for more dependence on local investment and less on foreign.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Back to school . . . back to the drawing board?

It is high time that we recognise that The Bahamas’ school system is antediluvian and in desperate need of restructuring. We must focus on entirely revamping our almost defunct educational system. Once again, after another year of national exams, it is clear that a legion of Bahamian students has yet again failed with flying colours.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: How young teachers’ complaints can be solved

WHEN young teachers tell me their complaints, I can relate to them wholeheartedly as a former teacher myself.

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POLITICOLE: R.E.S.P.E.C.T a song and dance, by Fred Mitchell and Perry Christie

WHEN will our leaders recognise that their place in leadership does not mean that people should have nothing to say against them because they lead? And that, rather, it really means the opposite?

Go West! How the property landscape has shifted in New Providence

Andrew Seymour explores the reasons for migration from the east of the most populous of the Bahamas islands.

A COMIC'S VIEW: Adding up, Growing up, Acting up

I must admit as I looked back at all that transpired politically and socially this past week I had a “deja-vu” experience.