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PETER YOUNG: Whichever way we turn in this crisis there is a bitter pill to swallow

After so many months of endless debate and controversy, some may regard further comment about the COVID-19 pandemic to be superfluous. But what appears to be a second wave of the virus in Europe - resulting in imposition of new restrictions - has reignited argument about the efforts of governments to control its spread.

EDITORIAL: Extending aid scheme is the right move

THE decision to extend the government’s aid programme for COVID-19 is the right choice.

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ALICIA WALLACE: A mother and daughter die but are we really shocked in a society complicit in violence against women?

FOLLOWING the murder of a 30-year-old mother and her eight-year-old daughter on Monday morning, the conversation about domestic violence has started again. There is shock, sadness and frustration. We have questions that have been asked before and never seem to get answers. How are guns getting into the country? Why do so many disagreements end in violent death? Who could kill a child? Then there is the question far too many people ask: Well, what did she do for him to kill her?

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FACE TO FACE: Rocky’s got a plan which can bring us all success

EXCELLENCE is something we encourage our children to strive for. We want them to give their all and be their best at noble pursuits that will enrich their lives and the lives of others. We know that if they strive for excellence, it will set them apart and help them to survive the trials of life.

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WORLD VIEW: Caribbean wouldn’t tolerate external interference on Republics

OF all the fanciful reasons imputed to the decision of the government to make Barbados a Republic, shedding its monarchical status with Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State, the most surprising has come from the Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the British House of Commons, Tom Tugendhat.

EDITORIAL: Our prison system is not doing its job

WHATEVER we are doing, it is not working.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: The alternative to opioid medication

I HAVE long said the barber shop is the last bastion of free speech. All topics are fair game and all opinions whether intellectual or idiotic are up for debate.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Take to the streets - Moms Lives Matter too

There’s a potential major movement that hasn’t attracted a blaring headline or, come to think of it, a single official member yet. But you can feel its rumblings stirring. Even if it got fully organized, even if it huffed and puffed and built numbers and momentum, its members would be mostly selfless, well-behaved people who would never incite a fuss, let alone stage a riot, take to looting or toss hand grenades. They’d probably be cleaning, polishing and storing the ammo.

EDITORIAL: A squabble not fit for the schoolyard

THE dispute between Minister of Education Jeff Lloyd and the president of the Bahamas Union of Teachers, Belinda Wilson, has all the hallmarks of a schoolyard squabble.

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STATESIDE: Game of Thrones had nothing on this tangled web spun through the courts and corridors of D.C.

Gender and race politics are dominating the news in the US these days. What else is new?

EDITORIAL: Now is the moment for Freeport

NEVER has the saying “it is now or never” felt more urgent than in the case of Freeport.

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FRONT PORCH: In politics you need more than blind ambition to lead - try humility and an ability to learn

Politics is about the long game, with even the most egotistical and self-possessed politicians requiring the capacity for growth, learning and humility to succeed and to realize their ambitions, including becoming Prime Minister in our system of government.

Tourism remains our golden goose - for now

THERE is a healthy dose of realism in the comments from Finance Minister Peter Turnquest about trying to diversify the country’s income.

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ALICA WALLACE: If only we could learn practise the old maxim - it’s good to talk

Over the past few weeks, I have had speaking roles at numerous youth conferences, workshops and specialised sessions. There have been a few recurring themes but the one that stood out is teen relationships. During the question and answer periods and later on email or social media, participants having been asking a range of questions on topics including sex, violence and red flags.

EDITORIAL: Battling to hide documents is no sign of transparency

ANOTHER day, another setback for the government at the Supreme Court.