EDITORIAL: A new day indeed, as Minnis pays price

IT’S hard to imagine. Just four years ago the FNM swept to power with a huge majority giving it licence to do as it wished for the benefit of the country. All that stood against them was an Opposition of just four MPs – Philip “Brave” Davis and his three colleagues – the only survivors of the electoral rout.

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FRONT PORCH: A More Authentic Understanding of Hope

During the general election season and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic the virtue and value of “hope” has often been bandied about as a sort of magical thinking or a bottled elixir than can be employed as an easy fix for difficult problems, whether personally or nationally.

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STATESIDE: Early sign Democrats may be safe in the mid-terms

There was a lot of political news in the US on Tuesday. Pundits and commentators from both the left and the right had plenty to talk about. The big question is whether any of the news was really significant. It might be.

EDITORIAL: Election Day has come, and it’s time to choose

THE time has come, Bahamas. Today, we make a choice. It is a difficult choice, but it is one which will guide the years ahead in our country.

EDITORIAL: Don’t be lulled by drop in COVID numbers

IS THERE a glimmer of hope in the number of COVID cases being recorded?

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ALICIA WALLACE: If you’re going to vote tomorrow - stay safe

Tomorrow, we go to the polls. Well, some of us. I have heard from numerous people that they are definitely not going or are still very unsure about voting in the election due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the current raging wave of cases as well as the video evidence of an obviously disorganized advanced poll. For many, uncertainty turned into definite opt-outs when the announcement was made that people who are supposed to be in quarantine will also be allowed to present at the poll and vote alongside everyone else.

EDITORIAL: Rolle speech raises suspicions over jobs

Are jobs being given for votes in Abaco?

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PETER YOUNG: What has the US learned 20 years on from 9/11?

NEVER forget the loss, grief and pain that is deep, consuming and ever-present. This was surely the enduring message when America, with sadness and solemnity, paid tribute on Saturday to the nearly 3,000 victims of 9/11. It was the 20th anniversary of the deadly terrorist attacks in New York and Washington in 2001.

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FACE TO FACE: We all know someone the virus has taken - how many more?

THE amount of COVID- 19 deaths have risen steadily in recent weeks, so much so that almost every Bahamian knows someone who has succumbed to the virus. It is rampant and merciless. In a small population like The Bahamas, the effects of the disease have hit home for many.

EDITORIAL: Sensible policies show path we should follow

FIRST, there was a proposal by the FNM to provide free food in schools for all children at government schools.

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WORLD VIEW: Venezuela talks – mountain went forth and produced a mouse

IT was predictable that, in an attempt to show they are capable of collaboration, the rival political groups in Venezuela would pick their spurious claim to two-thirds of Guyana’s territory as a show of unity.

EDITORIAL: Is it really safe to cast our votes?

THEY stood in their thousands yesterday to vote. In the heat. In crowded lines. In the middle of a pandemic.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Why do so few Bahamian families stay in politics?

Many years ago, a very well-known politician cum head of a major sporting body said he was getting out, leaving the public spotlight. I asked him quietly in a social setting one evening, “Why? Why when you are at the top of your game, everyone knows your name, you can travel anywhere, get an audience with anyone, why leave now and kiss it all goodbye?”

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A COMIC'S VIEW: It’s the silly season - but dead voters?

THIS may be the “silliest” of “silly seasons’’ in the history of our nation.

EDITORIAL: Delta is here - so what can you do about it?

THE Delta variant is here.