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CULTURE CLASH: ‘Sorry’ still seems the hardest word

How many times do you apologise in week? For stepping on someone’s foot, bumping into someone, hurting someone’s feelings, or failing to follow through on a commitment, we often have to say we are sorry. Apologies do not immediately repair damage, but they are not just words.

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FACE TO FACE: When the mountain is too high you have to ask for a little help

Jarvis and Dereka Grant are a power couple in the world of culture in The Bahamas.

EDITORIAL: From the ruins of the Soviet Union Putin strives to revive the Russian superpower

The passing of former US President George HW Bush reminded many that we are approaching the 30th anniversaries of some of the most critical geopolitical events of the second half of the 20th Century.

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WORLD VIEW – The Caribbean: Confronting its demons

Had the meeting of CARICOM governments on the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) been the only event affecting the Caribbean in the first week of December, it would have been a week to celebrate. But, it was also a week when global emissions of carbon dioxide reached such high levels that the future of Caribbean countries is now almost irreversibly endangered.

EDITORIAL: If PMH is best – God help the rest

WE were very interested in a statement by Dr Marcus Cooper during the recent consultants pay dispute at the Princess Margaret Hospital, in which he explained that it was because of the personal and professional sacrifices of these same doctors to improve the quality of services in our public system that The Bahamas “is able to boast the best public healthcare facility in the region”. Dr Cooper is president of the Medical Association of The Bahamas.

EDITORIAL: We've had the warnings - but what are we actually doing?

Three years after the Paris Agreement on climate change and global warming there is renewed focus on this controversial issue with a major United Nations conference now taking place in the Polish city of Katowice. This is the first such meeting since the landmark report in October by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which declared drastic action is required to avert a world disaster precipitated by climate change.

EDITORIAL: Tiger burned bright but we missed an opportunity

If you turned on the TV any time toward the end of last week or on the weekend, you were likely to see a welcome face in a familiar place, Tiger Woods at Albany.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Americans will spend $465 billion on their Christmas gifts, what will Bahamians do?

The Washington-based National Retail Federation, the world’s largest retail trade association, estimates Americans will spend $465 billion on Christmas gifts this year.

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CULTURE CLASH: What we saw in 2016 is what we have now

We are plagued by the desire for a hero. When anything goes wrong, we look for someone to save the day.

EDITORIAL: May's down to the wire with storm clouds on every side

Britain’s departure from the European Union is once again top of the international news agenda.

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FACE TO FACE: Goofing around in class with the future PM - what would come next?

Too often when we see successful people, we automatically think they had it made or the road was well paved for them.

EDITORIAL: Money not the only issue in Minnis juggling act

IT’S hard to know what was likely to come out of Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ meeting with unions this week.

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WORLD VIEW: CARICOM must not sit idle as Haiti’s torment drags on

HAITI continues to be an unsettled country politically. Demonstrations against successive governments have become almost normal, and so too, tragically, are the deaths associated with them.

EDITORIAL: The Bahamian work force is today’s challenge

IT WAS indeed a below-the-belt blow to learn from the World Bank that it is easier to do business in the war-torn West Bank and Gaza Strip than it is to do business in The Bahamas.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Real Life v Reality TV

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I probably watch way too much so-called “Reality” television. I have no good excuse for this except to submit to the court that such programming is practically unavoidable.