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CULTURE CLASH: Learning from the lessons of our Commonwealth partners

Dozens of Commonwealth government leaders and advisers are attending the Equality and Justice Forum in Cape Town, South Africa hosted by the Equality & Justice Alliance (EJA) this week.

EDITORIAL: A light at the end of the tunnel

FOR too long, we have been speaking of the problems facing The Bahamas because of the economy – but a ray of sunlight may have just pierced the gloom.

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FACE TO FACE: A family bonded in history where the ties stay strong

Last week I visited a woman whose age did not dictate her level of poise and persona. Big in personality and kind in heart, Keva Hanna-Lawrence spoke with authority and excellent diction as she shared some of the things she could remember from her days growing up in Acklins with her parents and siblings, including former Governor General Sir Arthur D Hanna.

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Handing control of our port to the cruise lines would be like surrendering to privateers

When the time comes, I will make myself known as the writer of this piece, but for now, know that I am not in any way vested in either of the parties vying for management of the cruise port in our downtown.

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WORLD VIEW: It’s simple - elected officials cannot serve two masters

THE law is the law and it is binding on all who dwell or visit within its jurisdiction. The law is particularly binding on those who make the law. As I observed in a previous commentary, “Law makers should not be law breakers”.

EDITORIAL: Will Supreme Court bring Trump's wall tumbling down?

For several years, the composition of the American Supreme Court has been a contentious partisan issue, generally simmering on the political stove but on several occasions boiling over into a full-blown pitched battle between conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: The funny side of love

Here’s a few funny Valentines stories, for those who weren’t lucky in love this year.

EDITORIAL: Without a cultural change all we'll ever do is dream

WHILE historically there has always been debate about the nature of fiscal policy, it is now generally accepted that, in a modern globalised economy, reducing debt and stimulating growth should be the goals of most governments.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Cyber crime - it’s just a keystroke away

It is Valentine’s Day and I should be writing a soppy love story instead of something that sounds like fear-mongering against a backdrop of Darth Vader. But recent events converged to force this from the bowels of my keyboard, a warning that even when you think you’re safe, think again.

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CULTURE CLASH: We need to do more than pay lip service and get real on human rights

We have never talked much about human rights. When the topic comes up, it is often in reference to the right to life and liberty.

EDITORIAL: Detention Centre a horror story demanding Immigration Dept overhaul

The case of yet another life interrupted by a horrific and prolonged stay at the Carmichael Road Detention Centre punctuated by beatings and abuse without formal charges ever being filed against the detainee makes for grim reading.

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FACE TO FACE: A lesson to cherish and build a new life - never give up

Many of us know we have greatness within us. We know we are meant to achieve more and do more than we are at present.

EDITORIAL: We need a Marshall Plan for Haiti

They came in their hundreds to mourn the dead.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: As usual, our leaders leave us with more questions than answers

Another week, and more questions than answers from our government on many fronts.

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Business Bites: The hidden story behind Cable Bahamas strange share price

Cable Bahamas is a strong company, with positive growth prospects, one of our best-known and most actively traded equities. Yet the share price quoted on BISX gives the impression of a severe loser, with a decline of about nearly 40 percent in the last year, from $3.68 to $2.29. Why?