A challenge or opportunity?

CARIBBEAN leaders and politicians ignore the long-term effects of unregulated Chinese investment projects.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Urban Renewal chooses to shoot the messenger

THE suspension of all manner of reason at the altar of political correctness appears to be the order of the day these days, particularly when we see the Auditor General being thrown under a bus for a report that is not glowing about the political class.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: That letter from Long Island

Last Thursday, The Tribune published a letter signed off as being written by “residents of Long Island”. The letter was in response to an earlier column of mine and made a number of deceptive statements.

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POLITICOLE: Hillary, hacking and help for illegal immigrants

OVER the weekend, Hillary Clinton officially tossed her hat into the ring, to join the 2016 race for US President. In her very first, very plain campaign television advertisement she says: “Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.”

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A LIFE OF CRIME: A chance to rise from the tomb of crime

RECENT posts by contributors to A Life of Crime are overwhelmingly asking for something to be done. “Enough talk!” they write.

WORLD VIEW: US and the Caribbean - Brief summits not enough

US President Barack Obama and Jamaica Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller have pronounced his visit to Jamaica and their bilateral discussions to be a success.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: The hidden extent of sham marriages

THIS weekend, I was chatting with a few immigration officers who told me that I would be surprised at the numbers of sham marriages of convenience happening in this country.

Minority interest holds UK political power in the balance

The race is finally on. Following last week’s dissolution of Parliament by The Queen, official campaigning is under way in the lead-up to a General Election in Britain on May 7. Six hundred and fifty seats at Westminster will be contested and few would dare predict the outcome of what is likely to be an exceptionally close battle.

POLITICOLE: What did Shane Gibson really say about Scotiabank?

I noticed that our prime minister kept a low profile this past week. That’s unusual to me.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: The long arm of the law, Long Island style

Without doubt, Long Island must be home to some of the worst, most unprofessional police officers in the Bahamas.

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TOUGH CALL: The Yellow Brick Road or the road to Hell?

LIKE others, I spend a lot of time grazing on social media these days. Although you have to wade through muddy water, it is one of the best ways to gauge the opinions of a wide cross-section of Bahamians.

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POLITICOLE: What’s wrong with Christie’s comments?

It’s interesting to analyse the words and language (body included) of political leaders.

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A LIFE OF CRIME: Fixing fractured families

The family structure is universally blamed for much of the mayhem. So when and how did it fall apart in the Bahamas?

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VIEW FROM AFAR: Electricity charges and a not-so-hidden tax

THE Jamaica Public Service Co, the country’s electricity utility, does not have the most efficient power generating plant. It is majority-owned by foreign investors and is regulated under law by the Office of Utilities Regulation.

Woman sues for wrongful detention and assault

A HAITIAN-Bahamian woman who accused Department of Immigration officers of assault and wrongful detention in December yesterday filed a civil writ against senior government officials in the Supreme Court over the matter.