EDITORIAL: Where's the firm 'no' we gave to the Braemar?

YOU would be forgiven if you were not comforted by the words of Renward Wells MP with regard to cruise ships.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Shopping by alphabet? My name starts with Z!

THIS week, the ‘Corona Chronicles’ continue.

DIANE PHILLIPS: The sadness of suspicion which hangs over us

We all know the obvious consequences of novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. We see the closed signs on shops, the empty airports, ports, schools and churches. We see an economy temporarily grinding to a halt. We hear the silence of streets after 9pm and we are far happier than we should be to see the garbage collection truck because it signifies activity.

EDITORIAL: An economic crisis - but don’t forget those at the sharp end

AS the grim landmark of the nation’s first death from coronavirus was confirmed yesterday, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis tried to make the country realise the scale of the problem facing us.

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STATESIDE: Like father, like son - Cuomo becoming the man to watch

It happens every day now, around midday. What pops up on the television screen is a briefing by a senior elected official full of useful, relevant information backed up by charts and graphs and a sense of honest credibility.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Choose life for ourselves and each other by playing by the rules

We are almost two weeks into our new and temporary way of living. It has been extended, as many of us expected, and it is in our best interest to follow the guidelines provided.

EDITORIAL: The cost of the coronavirus battle

A BILLION dollars by July.

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FACE TO FACE: Keeping the faithful connected as churches fall silent

Churches all around the world are embracing the digital age like never before in the face of the global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus. Church leaders are faced with finding new ways to reach their members as the pews are not filled for the first time in recent history.

PETER YOUNG: Are we doing enough to prevent economy being left in ruins?

In writing further about the coronavirus crisis - now being called the greatest ever threat to the world in peacetime - I offer comment this week on the latest developments in Europe, including Britain, and here at home as well. The crisis affecting so many countries has become nothing short of a human catastrophe and the most serious global health challenge of our times. Its effects have also had a horrifying impact on the world economy and have disrupted modern society on an unimaginable scale.

EDITORIAL: Get off the roads and stay at home

STILL too many people on the road – that’s the key point to be drawn from the latest tightening of regulations to curtail movement.

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WORLD VIEW: Today’s OAS - run by a few for a few

ON March 20 a reckless and irresponsible General Assembly (GA) was held by the Organization of American States (OAS), putting the health of many at risk and giving an entirely wrong example to the entire world.

EDITORIAL: Stop this virus spreading within our community

TWO hammer blows struck last night – one on our shores, and one across the water in the US.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Time to wake up to what’s happening all over the world

THIS week, “all buck up go” forced a full-lockdown curfew, elitism stepped forward and got pushed back, and press briefings morphed into something unrecognisable. Let’s begin.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Essentially, we could do with some flexibility

When you consider that Hubert A Minnis has been a doctor ten times longer than he has been prime minister, you can appreciate his medical stop-the-spread-at-any-cost approach to COVID-19.

EDITORIAL: Saving lives, then saving the economy

THE extent of the economic crisis we are facing is beginning to become clear.