The people have spoken

The race is over and the dirt has settled. Some are happy, others are sad. But the Bahamian people have spoken. They sent a clear message - "We are in charge". History has been made.

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THE DISENFRANCHISED: Lack of separation meanseach of us is a victim of crime

I'm sitting here contemplating on how to start this column (well, it started the night before) and wondering how do I approach this? How do I convey the barrage of information I have been receiving these past two weeks?

EDITORIAL: How social ties make us resilient to trauma

THE suicide bombing at a concert in Manchester, England, on Monday night has claimed at least 22 lives.

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TOUGH CALL: What to do about ZNS - again?

Another election, another pledge from an incoming administration to transform the fortunes and purpose of ZNS. What, if anything, has changed in five years since this column, reprinted from May 30, 2012?

EDITORIAL: Stop saying sorry - now seize the day

THE Bahamian public is still feeding off the recent election like a remora sucking nutrients from the underside skin of the shark’s belly.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: Now let’s get back to business

VIEW from Afar took a break during the recent elections. This was because, as a long time resident but not a citizen of The Bahamas, I did not want any opinions put forward to be interpreted as being politically partisan.

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The future for China-Bahamas relations after 20 years

DISTANCE cannot separate true friends who feel so close even though they are thousands of miles apart.

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INSIGHT: A teacher’s plea

Public education system desperately needs an overhaul to meet Bahamian needs

Chris Minns, a veteran and highly regarded educator, offers an open letter to Jeffrey Lloyd, the new Minister of Education, Science and Technology . . .

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WORLD VIEW: OAS compromised on Venezuela by its Secretary-General

The Organisation of American States (OAS) has lost credibility as a multilateral institution capable of contributing to a resolution of the growing conflict in Venezuela.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: The joke’s on Perry as Bahamians have the last laugh

It’s now nine days post-election and the nation is settling in with both eyes on the new government and with eager anticipation of better days to come.

EDITORIAL: Prime Minister Minnis takes a wise first step

WE CONGRATULATE Prime Minister Hubert Minnis for making public finances the first item of business. Unless he gets the country’s finances under control and knows exactly the position of the Public Treasury, his government will find it difficult to move forward with plans for the many projects needed to increase employment.

Disenfranchised: Immigration and citizenship

IT IS my belief that every country should protect its borders and strengthen its immigration laws.

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Mental Health of the Nation: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

“I ain’t crazy” Most of us are not crazy, but before I grant a general absolution, many of us have symptoms of mental illness despite not being “crazy”.

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YOUR SAY: Why robust social protection is key to poverty alleviation

The Bahamas has seen an unprecedented amount of challenges over the last few years which have highlighted many infractions in its system of governance, policies and overall national development.

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CULTURE CLASH: A time to believe in our fellow Bahamians

It’s the people’s time. Believe in Bahamians. Forward, upward, onward, together.