TOUGH CALL: The rise and fall of Dr Arthur Porter

The unravelling of Dr Arthur Porter’s life didn’t begin in the Bahamas. But it could be considered to have ended here – more or less.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: In the wake of Ottowa shooting, Nassau needs to toughen up

THE Bahamas’ Parliament is wholly unsecure and Parliamentarians are seemingly unprotected in the precincts of both the House of Assembly and the Senate.

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POLITICOLE: The real problem that Bahamians have with illegal Haitian immigrants

THE story of the Bahamian national of Haitian parentage who lost his illegal home in a legal demolition has made its way across every form of local media, perhaps most of all social media, where people have dialogued on the verge of meltdown.

NICOLE BURROWS: Do Bahamian politicians really want to keep the people ignorant?

There is a school of thought in public and private circles in the Bahamas that says our political leaders make the decisions they do and act out those decisions in certain objectionable ways because they believe the Bahamian people are ignorant and they want to keep them ignorant and oppressed.

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Divided they stand, united they could still fall

Next month, Free National Movement executives will go head-to-head for party positions at its convention. But FNM insiders say the party must look beyond next month, and its internal fights, and chart a united course that will help it win the next election. Tribune News Editor, Taneka Thompson reports . . .

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: More 'Lettergate' questions

The Renward Wells/Letter of Intent fiasco took another turn this week when the Cabinet office, late on Tuesday evening, released a statement that simply said that “the office of Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Works and Urban Development (had) become vacant.” However, this terse statement could only be likened to a wonderfully choreographed piece of high-stakes politics at its sordid worst.

TOUGH CALL: Is it time for FNM to change horses or hold a steady course?

WITH less than eight months to the next British general election, the opposition Labour Party appears to be having buyer’s remorse over its choice of leader. In fact, there are some interesting parallels with the political situation here.

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THINGS are heating up in the Free National Movement and soon members and party officers will feel the fire burning as the internal races and rhetoric, preceding the convention, intensifies before they select an executive team that’s likely to lead the party into the next general election.

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Coleloquial: The mindset of innovation

Nick Woodman is the founder and CEO of GoPro, a $10bn tech company that makes mountable sporting video cameras, based in Silicon Valley, California.

TOUGH CALL: What's the hold up with a Bahamian university?

(This article, written by Larry Smith on February 7, 2012 is reprinted here today because the subject of what’s holding up a Bahamian university is still topical. The question he asked then – all the preparatory work to turn the College into a university has been completed, so what’s the hold up? – is still relevant today).

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COLELOQUIAL: The Great Parliamentary Show

ON the morning I write this, I recognise, in my favourite western-area coffee shop, and seated snugly in the corner but in view of the door, the former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, a character missing from the dramedy cast profiled here, but looking very well-rested in his retirement.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Determining the true value of an ideal education leader

WITHOUT doubt, the $400,000 salary demand by recently selected College of The Bahamas (COB) presidential candidate Rodney Smith is excessive, beyond the pale and, frankly, unreasonable.

TOUGH CALL: Of politics and high society in Bahamian days gone by

MY reading list recently has included two personal memoirs by individuals connected to the Bahamas.

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COLELOQUIAL: The cheating Bahamian husband - whose fault is it really?

HARDLY a week goes by that I am not approached by a married Bahamian man, with an invitation to step into the fantasy he clings to when his reality is no longer appealing or sufficient. The way it seems to me, he is looking for something else to define or entertain himself, because his marriage no longer does it in a way that reminds him he’s desired or needed, at least not in the way he cares to be. Perhaps it never did.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: The great political divide

THE public spat between Free National Movement leader Dr Hubert Minnis and deputy leader Loretta Butler-Turner is a tell-tale sign of the deep-seated animosity between these individuals and serves as a preview of the impending battle royale set to take place at the next FNM convention, which has been forecasted for February 2015.