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A COMIC'S VIEW: It’s another fine mess in the House

After a “vote of no confidence” that the governing Free National Movement government shrewdly turned into an amended “vote of confidence”, the status quo remains in the House of Assembly.

EDITORIAL: The increased isolation of America

WE make no apology for returning in these columns to the issue of parochialism in some of the mainstream US media at a time when so many parts of the outside world are in turmoil.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Why Bahamians defy the retirement odds

Many of my friends are of retirement age. But they don’t, retire that is. Why would you choose to work when you could choose to not work, a question that assumes the choice is not based on a need for money, but is strictly a personal one? The question intrigued me so I began to a totally non-scientific study. I asked about ten people, ten being a large enough sample to provide a clue that would have one of two outcomes – reaffirm my guess or be such an eye-opener as to qualify for revelation status.

EDITORIAL: The scandals of Trump's government

READERS with especially long memories will recall the many political or personal scandals which in recent decades have brought down or destabilised parliamentary democratic governments in England, France and Italy among other places.

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CULTURE CLASH: Black Lives Matter - in The Bahamas too

It’s open season, but don’t worry. They’ll only kill the people they recognise, and only if they’re afraid. The Royal Bahamas Police Force is on a mission and no one cares to intervene.

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FACE TO FACE: The singer with words to say about the law

She is a Gospel recording artist who shares her gift at churches and events throughout The Bahamas and the world. She was a school administrator for 32 years, helping to nurture the lives of Bahamian children. Yet Lenora Taylor was treated with such disrespect by police, even in her senior years, that she felt obliged to share her story and call on the leaders of the Royal Bahamas Police Force to ensure the officers who deal with the public act with more professionalism.

EDITORIAL: Our beautiful spaces need funding

FOR years, Bahamians have used parks throughout the country without paying a penny.

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INSIGHT: Losing focus with Parliament’s pantomime

THE last few weeks of Parliament had the makings of daytime television, or as many Bahamian women would call it, “the stories”. However, this storyline tells of something much more horrific.

EDITORIAL: Haitians must be treated fairly

IT SEEMS ironic that almost 40 years later Sir Roland Symonette’s son, Immigration Minister Brent Symonette, should be one of those faced with the “Haitian problem” and the need to amend the law to control the growing crisis.

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INSIGHT: Ruining our heritage

I wanted to weep. 

WORLD VIEW: Structure not ad-hoc agendas key to US-Caribbean relations

MUCH has been said about the government of the United States of America cutting off aid to countries which do not support that country’s position in international organisations.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Madness in the House of Hades

WHAT can we say about what happened in the House of Assembly this week that hasn’t already been said about conch slop? It stinks to high Heaven.

EDITORIAL: What were they thinking?

There is no excuse for the undignified, low-brow exchange that took place in and outside of the House of Assembly this week.

EDITORIAL: Man tries to crack marijuana’s secret

LAST year Jamaican scientist Dr Henry Lowe made history when his drug, developed from cannabis, to treat acute myeloid leukemia was granted “orphan-drug” designation by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

DIANE PHILLIPS: The least among us can inspire so long as we have a dream

Local drama aside for a moment, this was a very good week to watch history unfold and think about why some events move us, others shake us to our core and still others make us so proud we have to contain ourselves or we might just burst.