EDITORIAL: Frustration for too long - and on both sides

IT has been a long time coming – but junior doctors walked out yesterday.

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STATESIDE: The #MeToo creator changing the world

We often read stories about lottery winners. We read the winner was living a modest life and the unimaginable riches from the lottery will transform his or her life. There is once-in-a-lifetime excitement, then a list of worthy things the person will do with the money.

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BUSINESS BITES: Doctors Hospital - a little diamond in the rough

Investors should take a close look at Doctors Hospital Health System (DHS), our only non-Government full-service medical centre. DHS has never attracted much attention because of its small market capitalisation - ten million shares outstanding, trading at about $2.20 per share. But its recent Annual Report for the fiscal year to January 31, 2019 (released in June) should be required reading for it is positive news.

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THE ALICIA WALLACE COLUMN: A friend’s family opened my eyes to a different way to educate children

This week, I am catching up with a friend who lives in New York. She has two children - 13 and ten - who attend the Waldorf school where she works as a teacher.

EDITORIAL: Is there a plan for our children? "Not really"

AS the nation continues to struggle through the power problems affecting New Providence, there continue to be moments that make you realise how little prepared the government was for this.

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FACE TO FACE: Mdeez - From the bleachers to Montego Bay

On the very day Davon Alistar “MDeez” Knight was scheduled to light up the stage at Sumfest in Montego Bay, Jamaica, he was laid to rest. The festival was to be widely broadcast throughout the Caribbean with a live stream available for fans around the world.

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THE PETER YOUNG COLUMN: Is the nanny state taking over?

Another fascinating debate being aired during my wife’s and my extended summer visit to England was about the balance between civil liberties and state intervention in people’s lives.

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WORLD VIEW: Trump’s new rules will reduce Caribbean migration to the US

US President Donald Trump’s new rule on immigration and nationality, published on August 12, is no different from the rules applied by Caribbean countries.

EDITORIAL: Leading the way for a healthier diet

OUT goes the sin tax, in comes a ban on sugary drinks.

EDITORIAL: An unforced error ahead of union talks

Stormy waters lie ahead for the government – some of them literally – as it tries to keep on track for its deficit target of one percent this year.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: When it comes to cutting the line, it’s best to know the rules of engagement

We have all waited on a line, especially here in the Bahamas.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: The strange, sick case of Jeffrey Epstein and why some people can never be satisfied

The world has watched the Jeffrey Epstein story unfold with the same kind of stomach-churning fascination with which it watched the Charlie Manson murders, curiosity piqued by a failure to understand how someone could do the things he did.

EDITORIAL: How about a living wage, not just a minimum wage?

There was a very quick retreat yesterday from Finance Minister Peter Turnquest after the subject of a possible rise in the minimum wage was broached.

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STATESIDE: Amid conspiracies and crises, a reality check on the world today

It’s so hard to keep everything straight in Washington, DC these days.

EDITORIAL: Plastics law to have teeth - now enforce it

When the ban on single-use plastics was first proposed, we warmly welcomed it in this column – with one caveat: It has to be enforced.