EDITORIAL: We need to wake up to Dorian’s warning

The dilemma a small national like The Bahamas faces in tackling the effects of global warning was exposed by the Prime Minister yesterday when he spoke at an international conference in Brussels and called for nations to urgently intensify their response to the looming crisis.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: It’s time we rid The Bahamas of this modern-day vampire

When I read an article in this week’s Tribune, in which Canadian billionaire and fashion magnet Peter Nygard, claimed to be the victim of a ‘conspiracy’ I almost expired from the fit of laughter that over took my entire body.

EDITORIAL: Should we give an ounce of credibility to Nygard’s claims?

“The intended appeal application arises out of a torturous legal battle which has probably contributed considerably to the deforestation of the planet.”

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STATESIDE: Just another year - or was it?

1973 was an interesting year, one that enjoys particular relevance in a number of different ways as we begin to anticipate Christmas and the end of the year of Dorian. Here are some highlights:

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BUSINESS BITES: Unlike other half-baked oil projects, I hope this one succeeds - for all our sakes

The phrase “pouring oil on troubled waters” arose when seafarers saw the beneficial effect of pouring a barrel of oil on storm-tossed seas and found the waves were flattened and subdued.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Working with strangers on a group project (and no internet) - what could go wrong?

Group work is one of the most dreaded parts of high school and university for anyone who cares about earning good grades and fair share of input. I remember complaining about group work and how it would affect my grades, emphasizing my preference for being solely responsible for my academic outcomes.

EDITORIAL: Nasty little protests need to be controlled

WE suppose it was only a matter of time before the real ugly face of racism showed itself on our streets.

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FACE TO FACE: I said if I die, I die; but if I live, Lord, I will live for you

Today is a brand new day for Daniella Forbes and her family. Whereas thousands have fled Marsh Harbour, Abaco with no intention of returning, she and her husband believe they are being called by God to return and establish a church there.

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THE PETER YOUNG COLUMN: We owe our freedom to those who served

At this time of year it is a pleasant duty to write about Remembrance Day on November 11 and to note that interest in honouring the casualties of war has not waned over the years.

EDITORIAL: Did we pay too much to Damen? And where did the money go?

WHEN in 2013, then Minister of National Security announced the signing of the letter of intent to buy nine new vessels, he proclaimed it “the single largest investment to date in the Defence Force’s history”.

EDITORIAL: No love from the public for BPL’s plan

If BPL wondered how their proposed additional charge to the monthly electric bill would go down, the Bahamian people have given them a swift answer.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Time for a revolution in our thinking and our schools

One of the brightest men I know was engaged in a conversation with another friend and myself on the subject of education when he remembered a quote, grabbed his phone and found the words he was looking for. It was a quote by Einstein on genius and how the misuse of teaching thwarts potential.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Let’s hope Lanisha can take a joke

THIS week another chapter in the lackluster, yet controversial political career of the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture and Sea Breeze MP Lanisha Rolle was written. And boy did it leave tongues wagging.

EDITORIAL: BPL is walking a fine line with new charge

Who’s going to pay to fix the long history of mismanagement of electricity in The Bahamas? Here’s a clue – your bills are going to have an extra charge on them.

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STATESIDE: Dates in history which still echo in the halls of power

It has been a week of political anniversaries in the US and this coming Saturday marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.