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POLITICOLE: The bus ride from hell

I JOKINGLY called it the bus ride from hell. Obviously, that was after I had safely disembarked and walked into familiar territory.

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INSIGHT: Izmirlian deserves a second chance with Baha Mar

Ishmael Lightbourne makes a plea to the government to broker a deal over the stalled mega resort for the good of the country . . .

WORLD VIEW: A world according to Trump

DONALD Trump’s Foreign Policy speech on April 27 did not once mention the Caribbean.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Ducking, diving and running for cover over disclosure

Wow! What a week it was. I must say there were many ‘things’ that caught my eye in the headlines this week. Some happenings left me shaking my head in disgust, others made me laugh my butt off.

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A YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Once again, MPs fail to obey law on disclosures

MUCH like in previous years, we see widespread lawbreaking by lawmakers who have yet again failed to abide by the law that mandates that they file annual financial declarations.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Losing trust in the police force

ON Sunday, I suffered a harrowing experience at the hands of two officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF). It opened my eyes to the abuses, disrespect and breaches of constitutional rights that so many Bahamians have been subjected to by rogue elements of the police.

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POLITICOLE: The cost of being extraordinary

I remember where I was when Michael died.

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NASSAU LIFE: An everyday story of Bahamian issues

Richard Coulson offers a succinct (and opinionated) summary of the recent spate of hot news topics.

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A Comic’s View: Prince is dead, long live the Queen

My high school English teacher at St Andrew’s Gordon Mills (awesome teacher and even better person) had a sign on his desk “Garbage in, garbage out.”

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A YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Beleaguered government faces a summer of discontent

IT IS clear that sometimes in life, the truth is much stranger than fiction.

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TOUGH CALL: Will our leaders ever get serious about a plan for the future?

I THINK most of us would agree that the country could do with a strategic plan that looks beyond our five-year electoral cycles and pushes the public sector to deliver.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: A tax too far on hotels

WHEN a hotel bring travel agents, media personalities and journalists to the Bahamas and puts them up free of cost, the hotel is required to pay Value Added Tax (VAT) on a value of the rooms given to them.

Working together to strengthen the rule of law in The Bahamas

The IDB has granted a $20m loan to the Bahamas to help with the fight against crime. Robert Pantzer explains the technical co-operation that paved the way for the new approach.

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POLITICOLE: Illiteracy and unemployability shame The Bahamas

If I hear one more person claiming to want to lead me and my people and can barely knock two letters together to make sense ...

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Reconciliation in the air over Baha Mar

THEY say time heals all wounds. I guess when billions of dollars and thousands of jobs are on the line those wounds heal faster than others.