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DIANE PHILLIPS: Saying goodbye to little Loki

EVERYONE tells you they’re old, they’ve lived a good life, it’s time. They use the word time as if there were a place on the clock that says time to be born and time to die.

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STATESIDE: Political grandstanding and distractions expected as US Congress grapples with debt and spending

THERE seems to be so many distractions in the US these days, even as an ominously deepening war in Ukraine threatens truly dire consequences.

EDITORIAL: Bodycams are a tool - but the system is broken

THE latest police shooting has seen divided claims between the family of the young man who died, 18-year-old Kwondrick Lowe, and police officers.

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Don’t allow preparation to become procrastination

Starting a business can often be a worrisome decision, especially if you have never done it before. It is so easy to spend months, or even years, researching best practices to avoid potential pitfalls. But procrastination can also be just as big a hindrance to becoming an entrepreneur, especially if all your friends and family will be watching and you do not want to be viewed as a failure.

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FRONT PORCH: Dysfunction, decay and dilapidation in Bahamaland

ON ITS website, the Ministry of Tourism boasts of Cable Beach: “This beach is world famous for its fabulous sand and crystal waters and for the myriad upscale resorts that line it.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Anti-Haitian sentiment rooted in white supremacy

LAST week, in response to questions about shantytowns in Abaco, Member of Parliament for Central and South Abaco John Pinder said: “We’re gonna lose our father’s place. Our ancestors settled there[…]”

EDITORIAL: Action on Haiti needed - but what?

THE issue of immigration is once more in the headlines, whether it is in Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis’ speech in Argentina, in the renewed talk of action on shanty towns - or in the inflamed rhetoric of some who would choose to drum up support for their political posturing through hate.

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PETER YOUNG: European trade unions flex their muscles amid rising inflation

THE extent to which industrial action by militant trade unions is currently causing chaos across Europe may come as a surprise to some. But it is, I think, worth examining as a sign of the times.

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FACE TO FACE: Leading light in American football for The Bahamas

AMERICAN football has yet to become as big as it could be in The Bahamas. Even though thousands of Bahamians energetically follow the NFL and anticipate the Superbowl, football is not a major sport in this country.

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WORLD VIEW: Peru troubles highlighting unease across South America

MANY countries in South America are now in a state of troubling unease. Recent events in Peru have catapulted it to the forefront of security concerns in all its dimensions. But worry also exists about other countries which are tiptoeing through political minefields that could explode overnight.

EDITORIAL: All quiet over Onego Traveller recovery operation

SINCE the cargo ship the Onego Traveller sank in waters off Abaco on December 29, there has been a curious absence of information from the government about salvage and remediation efforts.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Double decker curiosity – The lawyer behind the novel red bus restaurant and what drove him to do it, a zany twist in the road

ON a sliver of land, not much more than 50 feet wide and maybe 100 feet long, on Shirley Street in Nassau, sits a red double decker bus just like those you see in London.

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One Eleuthera Foundation: A culture of giving in The Bahamas

DO Bahamians really give back like they should? As simple as this question sounds, it’s more nuanced than we think. In my line of work, there are a lot of conversations about philanthropic giving in The Bahamas, and recently, I heard the sentiment again that “Bahamians don’t give back as they should”. It got me thinking about invoking a discussion around how we drive more local giving in The Bahamas.

EDITORIAL: Crime rising to top of government agenda

THE first 18 days of this year have been marked with nine murders. A murder every other day.

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STATESIDE: Prime Minister’s message at Atlantic Council was consistent and clear

WE are accustomed to viewing prominent Bahamian politicians on our own television broadcasts, listening to them on the radio and reading their words in our newspapers. Consequently, it’s always intriguing to witness the appearance of a predominant Bahamian figure in an unfamiliar, foreign context.