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DIANE PHILLIPS: Art in public places, lifting spirits and boosting revenue, bank on it

THERE’S a new reason to smile while driving along Eastern Road. It’s a painting of a young woman with eyes like giant saucers, glowing cheeks and silken skin, a face of innocence amid a swirl of bubbles.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Our heated parliamentary debates are not so bad

THIS week, thanks to YouTube and a few spare minutes I managed to grab by playing Hide and a Seek with my ten-year-old (note to parents: the laundry room is a great hiding spot), I was able to watch how the Brits get down in their parliament.

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STATESIDE: Finding justice is no easy thing in courts where politics rule

American politics and jurisprudence are supposed to be separate.

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FRONT PORCH: What’s the actual plan for vaccine booster shots?

A FRIEND recalls a recent exchange with an employee of a utility company who came to read a meter at his home. Asked by the friend if he was vaccinated, the utility worker replied: “No, I don’t believe in that stuff.”

EDITORIAL: What is being hidden from the Auditor General?

THE role of the Auditor General is not an easy one – but it is straightforward in what he or she is supposed to do. The Auditor General is required to examine and inquire into the accounts of government.

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ALICIA WALLACE: For women, not against men

THE Global 16 Days campaign is always an interesting time for us at Equality Bahamas. Since 2017 when we started participating in the campaign, we have observed the responses from members of the public. Most people are content to ignore it or casually observe the activities while others are either excited by it and looking for ways to participate, or enraged by its existence — not that it is necessary, but that the campaign dares to centre women, people who disproportionately experience gender-based violence.

EDITORIAL: Don’t let vaccine go to waste

THERE are 20,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine that could end up being thrown away by the end of the year – what an absolute waste that would be.

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PETER YOUNG: So much talking as the desperate continue to die

The screaming UK media headlines said it all – “Tragedy in the Channel”.

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FACE TO FACE: If your partner is an abuser there’s only one solution - you have to end it

WHEN Tinagay Foster recently saw a violent act against a woman go viral on social media, it hurt her to the core. She wasn’t just hurt because society seems to shamelessly disseminate violent videos and photos on social media. It wasn’t just because it was another episode of violence against women, which she abhors. Tinagay was very hurt because she too had been a victim of abuse.

EDITORIAL: An end to unity, the start of the blame game

TALK of a less combative relationship between the political parties has not lasted very long.

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WORLD VIEW: Barbados’ Republican status is not a yen for pieces of silver

AMONG the most nonsensical statements uttered by a British Parliamentarian and repeated in the British newspaper, The Sunday Times, is that Barbados will become a Republic at the dictation of the Government of the People’s Republic of China.

EDITORIAL: A change that had to be made for the FNM

MICHAEL Pintard has won the favour of the FNM to be chosen as the party leader – and now must win the favour of the Bahamian public as he seeks to turn the party around.

EDITORIAL: Can 150-year Royal Caribbean deal be changed?

IT IS interesting to see the Davis administration leap into action over the Royal Caribbean lease of Crown Land on Paradise Island.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Land lease is a circus but no one’s laughing

THE greatest showman who ever lived, PT Barnum, gifted the world with this hard truth; “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

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DIANE PHILLIPS: The Atlantis lesson on xenophobia

SOMEONE I highly respect reminded me recently of the reaction Bahamians had when we heard a hotel magnate from South Africa, a man known to throw lavish parties aboard a private jet and enrich himself in a land of apartheid, had purchased much of Paradise Island. Bahamians were enraged, apoplectic.