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ALICIA WALLACE: The lessons we can learn from the Budget

THE world of partisan politics is never dull. The Budget Communication certainly makes for a lively few weeks, full of debate, pontification, and a range of emotions. It is probably the time we are most attentive to the government and political manoe

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BUSINESS BITES: The Budget catastrophe belongs to the PM

Woe unto us! A little over a year ago we elected a new Government that would lead us into a land flowing with biblical milk and honey. Instead, we are left, like Job, to repent in dust and ashes. In its most basic function, creating the budget that controls our economy, Dr Minnis’ FNM party, with nearly 90 percent of House seats, has managed to lose the faith of its citizens.

EDITORIAL: Trump looms over midterm votes

FOES and admirers of Donald Trump alike have since his inauguration 18 months ago been pointing to this November’s elections in the United States. While no national office is at stake, there is a broad perception that Trump himself is at the centre of this pivotal election.

EDITORIAL: Government must show vision and spending control for tax increase

THE government of The Bahamas is asking the Bahamian public, many of whom are barely able to make ends meet, to accept a very bitter pill, a nearly 40 percent increase in VAT from 7.5 percent to 12 percent.

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FACE TO FACE: My father, the hero

WHEN I was 14 years old, I had the opportunity to participate in the filming of a Hollywood movie right here in Nassau. Gerard Depardieu was the main actor – a French father who took his daughter, played by Katherine Heigl, on vacation to The Bahamas

EDITORIAL: Unity is needed to build a country

IT IS said that a revolution can be built in a day, but it takes a generation to build a government.

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INSIGHT: Crumbling before our eyes

WHEN I wrote a column last week that started with the words - shame on me - I was fighting back tears. I am a Bahamian citizen and as guilty as every one of us who stands by and lets history crumble before our eyes. Earlier that day, I had stood in front of a building that once housed Pan American Airlines headquarters and realised, just as I had the Sunday before when a young friend and I pushed away the bush to get inside Blackbeard’s Tower, that we are letting our incredible history vanish piece by piece, decaying block by block, day by day.

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INSIGHT: Stop taxing the poorest

ALREADY drowning in a sea of hefty utility bills, high living costs, and archaic business-stifling restrictions, low to middle income Bahamians have just been smacked in the face with a sledgehammer in the form of a regressive, unexpected and misguided tax hike. It is far worse for Grand Bahamians where the economy remains mired in a quagmire of depression.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: You have to laugh or else you’ll cry

DESPITE the naysayers, and detractors, the march against VAT was well attended all things considered.

EDITORIAL: Diplomacy and persuasion the best option

PEOPLE absorbed in their personal pursuits and blissfully unaware of the ebb and flow of international affairs might be forgiven for wondering what all the fuss was about this week in Singapore. Was the summit between the United States President and the leader of a relatively small country in Asia really the most significant such meeting in modern times, as some in the media had been claiming? The hyperbole of the international press showed no bounds in seeking to report the news in the most dramatic terms.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: A slap on the wrist and a wake-up call

Shame on me. I am a Bahamian citizen and I am sitting by and watching history crumble before my very eyes.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Facing up to mental health challenges

I KNOW people with mental health challenges, some of whom are getting professional help and others who cannot afford it, do not want anyone else to know what they are going through, or do not think it would help. I have received phone calls and in-pe

EDITORIAL: OAS could be key to Venezuela future

THE Organization of American States is now in its 70th year. An organisation long and naturally dominated by the United States, the OAS has been criticised for that and for other things. But whether they are speaking from the core of their conscience or playing to the TV cameras for points with viewers back home, Western Hemisphere heads of government and foreign ministers often make news when attending an OAS meeting.

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FACE TO FACE: Two girl scientists on a mission

WHEN looking for solutions to the problems that face this country, we often look to our religious, political and social leaders for the answers. We look for grown-up solutions to problems that are affecting children as well. But what if some of the answers we need could be found in the children?

EDITORIAL: Good work, Works Minister

AMIDST all the criticism of the Minnis administration for the roll-out of a budget with massive tax increases`, The Tribune wants to hit pause and say “congratulations” for one job well done.