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Home away from home - why vacation rentals are growing in popularity

Tina Bain looks at the benefits of vacation rentals for property investors and for those who wish to holiday like they mean it.

POLITICOLE - Facebook: The antisocial media?

THE jury is still out on the true utility of Facebook and whether it improves our lives more than it damages them.

A COMIC'S VIEW: Hard card Sharkis, air miles Allyson and Carnival’s Chinese arithmetic

It’s safe to say Baha Mar is everywhere. Not only can you see the paused paradise from multiple vantage points throughout New Providence, everybody has an opinion on how this bad “soap opera” is playing out.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Junkanoo Carnival was handled disastrously

THE Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival has evolved into one of the most disgraceful shams we have seen thus far for the year.

TOUGH CALL: Leaders lost in the political mire

“It’s better to have a debate about where we are going, because frankly whoever is the leader, unless the direction is right, I’m afraid the rest won’t be right.” - Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, 2015

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POLITICOLE: The ‘secret’ society of the Bahamas

The nature of who we secretly are is the reason we can’t gainfully advance our country or the people in it.

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A Comic’s View: When saying less is more

Throughout my lengthy comedy career in The Bahamas and abroad, I’ve learned one thing – a good joke and laugh catches everyone’s attention, especially politicians.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: The implications of the Baha Mar saga

IT appears that the Baha Mar saga will be occupying the front pages and serving as lead stories in newscasts for many months (and likely years) to come.

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POLITICOLE: Christie’s Baha Mar address - a parody, in dialect

We still gat da biggest resort in da Caribbean region! Don mind it can’t open yet.

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Why Baha Mar filed for bankruptcy

Robert ‘Sandy’ Sands explains why Baha Mar sought protection in a foreign court

WE all have times when what seems to be one thing turns out, with a deeper understanding, to be something very different.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: When will the BEC bribe-taker be charged?

CLEARLY, the statement that a promise is a comfort to a fool is something we all need to take very seriously.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Glorifying gangsterism

IN THE Bahamas, there appears to be a rapidly growing underclass of Bahamians who deify criminal behaviour, seemingly seeing violence and sadistic conduct as cool while engaging in a cult-like, hero-worship of gangsters and hooligans.

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POLITICOLE: The inaccuracy and lunacy of ‘xenophobia’

I am so tired of hearing people misuse the word “xenophobia” to suit their purpose or to sell their story.

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LIFE OF CRIME: From the cradle to the grave - a call for action

THE Life of Crime series has traced issues that impact on our crime rate from the cradle to the grave; now we have reached the “burial” of the series and it is time for a few reflections.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Calm heads needed in Baha Mar crisis

I think Bahamians are about to experience Baha Mar fatigue. I certainly am.