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POLITICOLE: What’s wrong with Christie’s comments?

It’s interesting to analyse the words and language (body included) of political leaders.

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A LIFE OF CRIME: Fixing fractured families

The family structure is universally blamed for much of the mayhem. So when and how did it fall apart in the Bahamas?

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VIEW FROM AFAR: Electricity charges and a not-so-hidden tax

THE Jamaica Public Service Co, the country’s electricity utility, does not have the most efficient power generating plant. It is majority-owned by foreign investors and is regulated under law by the Office of Utilities Regulation.

Woman sues for wrongful detention and assault

A HAITIAN-Bahamian woman who accused Department of Immigration officers of assault and wrongful detention in December yesterday filed a civil writ against senior government officials in the Supreme Court over the matter.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Questions for Gray that must be answered

DAILY, I’m becoming more and more convinced that we live in a banana republic or are fast descending into becoming one.

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Cashing in on culture

Culture makes money. That sounds like a damnably crass and materialistic way to justify culture, by which I mean the visual arts in all their diversity – painting and sculpture plus music, dance, theatre, film, and literature.

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POLITICOLE: Poetry is a tool, not merely a pastime

There was a time when everything I wrote came out as a poem. The words didn’t always rhyme. Everyone wasn’t meant to understand them – just the few who needed or wanted to identify.

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A LIFE OF CRIME: Why do we kill?

IN THE midst of a major series examining the scourge of serious and violent crime in the Bahamas and how to solve it, Dr Mike Neville, a respected forensic psychiatrist, lost his son to the gun of a murderer. On the night of February 27, Sean Neville, 31, a father of a six-year-old daughter, was shot dead yards from the family home.

Inadequate response to human suffering in wake of cyclone

People on the east coast of the United States and the Caribbean should consider how best they might lend a helping hand to the people of the islands of Tuvalu and Vanuatu in the Pacific, whose lives have been shattered by Cyclone Pam that struck them on the night of March 13. In the case of the Caribbean islands, it is a case of “there but for fortune go I”.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: The Bahamas treasure trove

HAVING given up on the possibility of the removal of exchange controls, we need to find a way for The Bahamas to benefit from the fortune in assets held overseas by Bahamians.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Brave new world besmirched by BAMSI and BEC

WHILE this column will address the unravelling of the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI), I must certainly look at the undoing of the Christie administration and the fact that countless projects and initiatives have bitten the dust or been the subject of derision, scandal and out-and-out ridicule.

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TOUGH CALL - BAMSI: A tale of Alice in Blunderland

In her examination of the irregularities surrounding the so-called Bahamas Agricultural and Marine Institute (BAMSI) on Andros this week, Candia Dames wrote that Bahamians have had enough of the government’s negligent handling of our affairs.

POLITICOLE: Why men get married

MORE than 20 years ago, I became fascinated by the reasons why men and women get married, especially when they were seen or known to be ill-suited or unhappily married.

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A LIFE OF CRIME: Cries from a victim

MERE words cannot describe the agony that I have felt over the past few weeks. The loss of my son, Sean, has been unbearable.

WORLD VIEW - US and Venezuela: Don’t fan the flames, put out the fire

UNITED States President Barack Obama’s Executive Order imposing sanctions on another seven officials of the Venezuelan government for alleged intimidation of political opponents was boilerplate. In other words, the language is the standard government-speak used when measures of this kind are enacted.