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POLITICOLE: Misdirected cruise line emails and media misdirection

LAST week, Prime Minister Perry Christie gave an interview with local media and said the following: “The people of The Bahamas will have help in determining how good we are and how well we have fared.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Branville McCartney and his premature problem

As I write this, I am listening to Prime Minister Christie, Police Commissioner Greenslade and NEMA Director Captain Russell reassure the public that the government of The Bahamas is prepared for Hurricane Joaquin and are confident they will be able to maintain communication with the Family Islands throughout the duration of the storm.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: War in the ranks of the FNM

THE Free National Movement is at war. Perhaps, most disappointingly for those long-time party supporters, the party is at war with itself.

TOUGH CALL: Where’s the will to hold authorities to account?

THERE is a simmering public anger these days about the evident impunity of the Bahamian political elite and their friends, families and lovers. You can sense it all around. It feels mushy on the ground. And you can smell it hanging in the air.

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POLITICOLE: You won’t vote for Bran because . . .

He’s attractive But he’s not a Barack Obama kind of attractive.

Curb appeal: Why beauty on the outside counts

How your house looks from the street is a factor often overlooked by sellers. Lisa Carroll explains why exterior appearance is crucial in luring potential buyers.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: In defence of a curfew

THIS week we found out that a curfew is the answer to our all of our prayers.

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YOUNG MAN'S VIEW: Time to shuffle the deck

Of late, I have heard many Bahamians begin to talk about an exit strategy, about looking in other jurisdictions for employment and a better way of life and about feeling totally disenchanted with the same ole, same ole political and economic processes.

YOUR SAY: Choose wisely when picking candidates

IN the grand scheme of things in The Bahamas, political parties have become somewhat of a sideshow to the public expressions or shenanigans of their respective leaders.

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POLITICOLE: We are afraid and fear will defeat us

I’M KIND of old school when it comes to writing. I like to sit down and be comfortable with my pen ... a nice, smooth writing pen and a notebook or some paper that’s almost bright white, smooth finish, not too porous, and just write to my heart’s content ... write on whatever it is that’s going on around me, especially in the political arena. Things that affect my country, my people.

REAL ESTATE: Why expert advice and financial planning are key to property ownership

Adhering to the five ‘Ps’ can remove the hassles involved in building your own home, Raymond Antonio says.

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Adapting to a better life after transplant operations

In the final part of a series marking National Rehabilitation Awareness Week Sasha Daneah Anderson looks at how donor organs can make a difference

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Who’s to blame for crime? Anyone but Nottage

THIS week, we learned that our Minister of National Security is passing out blame like candy and leadership ambitions brings out the bad here, there and everywhere.

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How quality of life for the elderly can be improved

In a series marking National Rehabilitation Awareness Week Sasha Daneah Anderson looks at the issues of care for geriatrics

FNM concerns about the issues surrounding BAMSI

BAMSI was initially touted as the answer to the challenge of food security in The Bahamas. This $100m project was announced by the Christie administration with much fanfare and celebration. Since that time, the project has generated more uncertainty, unanswered questions and delays as opposed to confidence that we are on the way to achieving food security. The destruction of the male dormitory by fire revealed a number of fundamental deficiencies in the government’s handling of the BAMSI’s development.