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A COMIC'S VIEW: Double talk from the FNM

AFTER officially discontinuing the National Intelligence Agency in June, National Security Minister Marvin Dames said Tuesday a “modified” version of the controversial agency could be implemented in short order. Seriously? Dames revealed during an a

EDITORIAL: Mass migration in Europe and a growing threat closer to home

LARGE-SCALE migration of people from country to country or across continents is not new. America was a nation created by immigrants as was Britain in much earlier times, which, in common with other countries, also later provided a safe haven for refugees like the Huguenots in the 17th century and for threatened Jewish communities fleeing Nazi Germany in the 1930s. This was followed by the settlement in Britain of large numbers of immigrants from Commonwealth countries from the 1950s onwards who were legally entitled to enter and stay.

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MENTAL HEALTH OF THE NATION: Focusing on children's mental health

“Your child’s mental health is more important than their grades.” THIS is not the area of my greatest expertise, but one could argue that this subspeciality is the most important in the Bahamas today. The ever-growing young population, the failure

EDITORIAL: Beds lost in PLP sink-hole of stupidity

FREEPORT’S Dr Michael Darville, Shadow Minister of Health, has congratulated Health Minister Dr Duane Sands for his government’s plans to upgrade the Accident and Emergency and other sections of the Princess Margaret Hospital, noting that not only was it a “step in the right direction,” but that it was what the PLP had planned to do before it was voted out of office.

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TOUGH CALL: The nonsense of Leslie Miller

THE level of irrational and deceptive discourse from our political leaders can sometimes be stupefying.

EDITORIAL: PMH destroyed by ‘dumb’ decisions

DR Charles Clarke, former president of the Bahamas Doctors Union and defeated PLP candidate for St Anne’s in the recent general election, took issue with Health Minister Dr Duane Sands for the way in which he handled the recent flooding crisis at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

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YOUR SAY: CCA has questions to answer during PM's tour

WE HOPE that as our new Prime Minister gazes upon Baha Mar’s unfinished buildings this week — alongside representatives from China Construction America (CCA) — that he remembers the Bahamian construction workers and hospitality professionals who rema

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VIEW FROM AFAR: Happenings in Jamaica

OVER the decades, I have often said that The Bahamas can learn some things from Jamaica and then quickly added about what not to do. There are many mistakes we have made in Jamaica which I felt The Bahamas could avoid. However, Jamaica does some thi

EDITORIAL: Bahamians must concentrate on rebuilding their country

WE agree with former prime minister Hubert Ingraham that elections rather than a short time in prison settles ”scores between populations and politicians.”

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WORLD VIEW: Caribbean problems while facing a US void in policy

THE Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, DC has produced a publication entitled, “The Relevance of US-Caribbean Relations – Three Views”. The title is misleading.


IT WILL have come as no surprise to many people that last week’s G20 meeting in Germany of the countries with the world’s largest economies attracted even more media attention than is usual for such a significant gathering.

YOUR SAY: There is too much political interference in doing business

Your Say By Frederick Smith QC THE Government has a unique opportunity to resurrect the Phoenix of Freeport from the ashes of political red tape and recession. This will require political courage to adopt a paradigm shift in foreign investment polici

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MENTAL HEALTH OF THE NATION: Dealing with dementia

“If you find yourself dealing with a relative with dementia, chances are you will need help,” Phyllis Logan.

EDITORIAL: The Emperor is naked and the cupboard is bare

FOR THE first time Bahamians have been told the truth. No matter what they have heard over the years —particularly in the past five years under a PLP government— their Emperor is bare.