EDITORIAL: Britain’s new Commonwealth relationship

FOLLOWING last year’s referendum on Britain’s relationship with the European Union (EU) and the momentous decision to leave, ‘Brexit’ has remained top of the international news agenda because the likely effects will be far-reaching beyond Europe itself.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Spot the difference with the Bahamas Intercept Bill

Another week, another weak performance by politicians who should know better. Let’s begin.

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YOUR SAY: How teletherapy can improve life for Bahamians with disability

The Democratic National Alliance has been, from day one, a vital and important champion for the rights and care for those that are less fortunate and disabled.

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NASSAU LIFE: What sort of Bahamian benefactor is Peter Nygard?

A prominent column in the Freeport News on February 13 reminded me of the amazing qualities of Peter Nygard - enough to get him sanctified as our patron saint.

EDITORIAL: Dangerous ‘spy bill’ lumps innocent with terrorists

THE GOVERNMENT is considering the Interception of Communications Bill, commonly and accurately nicknamed the ‘Spying Bill’.

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POLITICOLE: A president of conflict will not make America great again

THE newly-minted American president, Donald Trump, said this over a hot mic (Access Hollywood) while heading to a soap opera taping in 2005, to Billy Bush, co-host of the Today show on NBC until he was made to resign from the network in October, 2016:

EDITORIAL: What is happening in our courts?

WHEN WE read the remarks last week of Attorney General Allyson Maynard Gibson in defence of the integrity of our courts and the fairness of our judges, we recalled a 2016 report in a St Lucia newspaper about a Bahamian lawyer, accompanied by a Bahamian police officer, snooping around St Lucia ostensibly investigating the background of one of the most respected judges on our Supreme Court Bench today.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: ‘I went to bed in Fort Charlotte and woke up in Mount Moriah’

The ‘Green Room’ in any comedy club can be extremely brutal, with comedians trading jabs and barbs.

EDITORIAL: Now is the time to put aside egos and unite

TODAY we make no apology for returning once again to the burning political issue facing our country - the alarming prospect that, in the face of a warring and fractured Opposition, a Progressive Liberal Party government may be returned for another five years at the general election which has to be held no later than May.

EDITORIAL: Boundaries debate now sub judice - no debate

IN DISCUSSING the government’s controversial Interception of Communications Bill, 2017, which has attracted much opposition because it is seen as an unbridled invasion of privacy, Attorney General Allyson Maynard Gibson pointed out that “the Supreme Court is charged with protecting our Constitution, our rights under the Constitution.

TOUGH CALL: Trust and bias in a changing media landscape

IN THE wake of Donald Trump’s rise to the American presidency, fake news has become a trending topic and media bias is the hot issue of the day.

EDITORIAL: Senate must find its voice and stand up for Bahamians

THE SENATE has a rare opportunity to make a difference in the future of The Bahamas this week when a certain Bill comes before it.

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POLITICOLE: Silence can be golden when it comes to politics

Why is Branville McCartney answering back at Loretta Butler-Turner?

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RICHARD COULSON: The rebirth of Baha Mar

While the deadline remains tight, Richard Coulson senses renewed optimism over the April opening of the Cable Beach luxury resort . . .

EDITORIAL: The mouse that got caught in the trap

THIS latest attempt by government to strip Bahamians of all privacy is proof that these legislators must indeed take all Bahamians for fools.