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Meditation Caribbean Christian spirituality

SpiritualityIf we follow the guideline that things spiritual refer to matters of “the soul especially as acted upon by God” (Oxford Dictionary), then our spirituality is our way of being ourselves in God’s world. Our character, personality, thoughts,

Hey, I know her! Frank and Stubborn

Each woman is a unique blend of strength and softness makes her worth knowing. She can represent the very best of humanity with grace, faith and steadfast love. Of course, as a helper and then as a leader herself, she truly stands out as one of God’s

Meditation: Caring for the sick

I. Coping with life after the diagnosis When you care for someone with a chronic disease or serious illnesses there are several issues or changes which may occur for both the patient and the caregivers: 1. Loss of the norm and the need to establi

Prayer, needed now more than ever - Baptist women host spiritual conference -

It was indeed “Praying Time” for the St Paul’s Baptist Church’s Women’s Ministry as they held their yearly conference last week.The conference, held at the church on Bernard Road, spanned two nights of prayer and praise, culminating with a prayer bre

Hey, I know her! Ethereal Eve

Women are such fun creatures. They naturally birth ideas, grow concepts and multiply anything that is given to them. Every woman is a force to be reckoned with.We are looking at personality traits that will make us say, “Hey! I know her!”Let’s call o

Latter-day Saints help ready the Crisis Centre for back-to-school

New and returning Fall attendees, their families and visitors to the Bahamas Crisis Centre, particularly of school age, will not only be warmly welcomed by Dr Sandra Dean Patterson and her team, but will also have the benefit of additional provisions

It’s in you: The yin and yang of parenting

It’s impossible to discuss all the potential and promise of kids without looking at their parents. Although kids have other influences such as friends, mentors, teachers and the like, parents are the foundation layers, the main ingredient in who and what a child may become.

Walking with God

Believers in Christ understand the significance and connotation of walking with God. It represents a way of life that requires that we adhere to God’s commands and that we live in harmony with God’s will for our lives. For many this can be extremely challenging notwithstanding the depth of one’s faith. Micah 6:8 (KJV) tells us: “He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?”

Local Christians are converted to apostles through Cursillo

Cursillo is Spanish and simply means “a short course in Christianity”.

Conquerors for Christ celebrate 15th anniversary and leader’s birthday

The Conquerors for Christ Junkanoo group has had much to celebrate in recent weeks. First, on June 22, the group’s leader, Apostle Henry Higgins celebrated his 54th birthday with the community, and then the following Sunday, June 30, they marked their 15th anniversary with a special church service.