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12082016 EDITION

Thursday, December 8th.

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Voter apathy and failure to tackle PLP mistakes motivated rebel seven

VOTER apathy and the Free National Movement’s failure to capitalise on the Progressive Liberal Party’s mistakes prompted seven parliamentarians to seek Dr Hubert Minnis’ removal as leader of the Official Opposition in the House of Assembly yesterday, Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner said.

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Senators hand in resignations

CARL Bethel, Kwasi Thompson and Dr Duane Sands each last night confirmed that they tendered resignations, with immediate effect, from the Senate following a bombshell move from the majority of Free National Movement (FNM) MPs to have Dr Hubert Minnis removed as leader of the Official Opposition in the House of Assembly.

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Minnis ‘blindsided’ by letter

KILLARNEY MP Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday admitted that he was blindsided by the actions of the seven “rebel” MPs who moved to have his appointment as leader of the Official Opposition in the House of Assembly revoked, while insisting that democracy will not be “subverted” by this latest attempt to have him ousted.

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Passenger dies after driver loses control and crashes in Eleuthera

ONE man died and three were injured after a driver lost control and crashed into bushes in Eleuthera on Wednesday night.

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MPs told to resign or face disciplinary action

FREE National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis last night called on the seven MPs that staged a coup to remove him as Opposition leader in the House of Assembly to do the honourable thing and resign from the party or face disciplinary action.

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FNM revolt

IN A bold move that stunned Parliament, seven Opposition MPs submitted a letter of no confidence in Free National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis to both House Speaker Dr Kendal Major and Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling yesterday, revealing that a vote was taken among them for Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner to be the new Official Opposition Leader in the House of Assembly.

Boat parade delayed due to weather

THE Sir Durward Knowles Festival of Lights Christmas Boat Parade scheduled for this Saturday has been postponed due to forecasted high winds and rain at the weekend.

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The “Punchline That Won’t Go Away” Award presented by Donald Trump – Detroit Lions. The idea of the Lions being good seemed like a farce in week 1. It’s week 14 and they’re leading the NFC North. Calvin Johnson is still retired.

EDITORIAL: Is the era of Minnis now over?

“THE era of Ingraham is over,” declared a self-satisfied Hubert Minnis who inherited the FNM leadership from former prime minister Hubert Ingraham, who resigned his North Abaco seat after serving as prime minister for 15 years – three terms.

Pride over jobs in The Bahamas

Looking at the way our society is heading the common man today doesn’t have much support or none at all, no matter which direction he or she turns. Whether it be the government, church, a neighbour, family or your good friend, but there is something today that when we have it we appear to take it for granted – and that is our jobs.

Tourism levels really a success?

WHAT are our actual, net stay-over visitor levels? How many ‘oo’s do we attract by holding Government meetings, etc…?

So very specific . . .

It seems quite remarkable that a proposed investment that has not yet been contemplated by the Minister, nor the Cabinet, could have such significant and specific quantities published as fact.

What impact from march?

Black Friday March - what real political effect did it and will it have?

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Miller says Minnis should have backed Key for renomination

TALL Pines MP Leslie Miller yesterday faulted Free National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis for not backing Edison Key’s bid to be renominated by the party in the Central and South Abaco constituency before the next general election, citing this as a key reason why seven parliamentarians were able to petition Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling to remove Dr Minnis as leader of the Official Opposition in the House of Assembly.

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Roberts: Move against Minnis a sign of messy democracy

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party Chairman Bradley Roberts said the “recall” of Free National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis as Official Opposition leader in the House of Assembly yesterday is evidence that democracy can be “quite messy” at times.

Bahamian group seeks landfill LOI

A Bahamian consortium yesterday said it was eagerly hoping to obtain a Letter of Intent (LOI) from the Government so it can proceed with plans to take over the New Providence landfill’s management, where conditions are said to be “getting more dangerous by the day”.

Bran: ‘Natural justice denied’ over VAT fines

Bahamian businesses are being denied “natural justice” by the absence of a properly-defined appeals process for resolving Value-Added Tax (VAT) disputes, the Democratic National Alliance’s (DNA) leader has blasted.

OECD urged G-20 to press Bahamas over tax exchange

The world’s most powerful nations were earlier this year urged to pressure the Bahamas into agreeing to the multilateral approach for automatic tax information exchange, something it has so far resisted.

Freeport web shops: Govt can ‘co-exist’ with GBPA licence

The Government believes itself and the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) can “co-exist” on the licensing of Freeport-based web shops, provided the latter does not “usurp” the Gaming Board.


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