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NEW MOODY’S DOWNGRADE: Action taken over financing access fears

The Bahamas was last night urged to "move more urgently to rev the engine" after Moody's again downgraded the country's sovereign creditworthiness over fears its access to borrowing is being squeezed.

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BPL CEO: Reliability of grid ‘is pretty high’

BAHAMAS Power and Light’s CEO Shevonn Cambridge insisted yesterday that the reliability of the grid is “pretty high” amid concerns about BPL’s ability to provide consistent service as the fuel surcharge is set to increase next month.

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‘Victimised’ public servants urged ‘come forward’

PRESS Secretary Clint Watson has urged public servants who claim victimisation to come forward and seek recourse through the proper channels.

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Govt signs heads of agreement for $250m Long Island development

THE Davis administration signed a heads of agreement yesterday with Azul Destinations Ltd and Calypso Cove Destinations Ltd for the development of an upscale resort and cruise port for South Long Island, estimated to cost some $250m.

Gyms ‘may raise fees’ after BPL bills hike

THE looming increase in electricity bills will likely force some gym operators still recovering from COVID-19’s impact to consider raising membership fees or making other adjustments to help sustain operations, according to fitness stakeholders.

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This week's Tribune Obituaries PDF edition

Thursday, 6th October 2022.

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10062022 EDITION

Thursday, 6th October, 2022.

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STATESIDE: Just how far can you push the rules and get away with it?

JOAN and her friend Marilyn were in her New York City kitchen, warding off the unseasonable chill outside with steaming mugs of coffee. They were talking about the world’s current number one bogeyman.

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FRONT PORCH: Failure by political leaders to understand social dysfunction

THE violent crime ravaging New Providence continues unabated. Political leaders and law enforcement are seemingly incapable of offering workable strategies to combat the rate of murder and other crimes.

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Search goes on for missing Eight Mile Rock woman

THE search continues for a missing 56-year-old Eight Mile Rock woman who suffers from a mental illness and has not been seen since July.

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BPL’s $90m Shell debt ‘higher’ than predicted

Bahamas Power & Light’s (BPL) $90m in unpaid fuel arrears owed to Shell is “substantially higher” than the Opposition and others had predicted, it was revealed yesterday.

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FNM Deputy: ‘No comprehensive plan’ on crime

THE Free National Movement has called on the government to get a grip on rising violent crime.

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Rent-to-own housing initiative launching soon

HOUSING and Transport Minister JoBeth Coleby-Davis announced yesterday that her ministry will soon be launching its rent-to-own housing initiative, a programme she said is designed “to expand the path to homeownership for hardworking Bahamians.”

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FNM leader accuses PM of ‘misleading’ the public

FREE National Movement Leader Michael Pintard accused Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis of “misleading” the public and being “disingenuous” after saying procurement legislation brought by the former administration was “rushed”.

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Bain and Grants Town community react to BPL bills increase

RESIDENTS of the Bain and Grants Town community are in uproar after Prime Minister Phillip “Brave” Davis announced that Bahamas Power and Light will be increasing its monthly fuel charge in response to rising fuel costs.

Office of the Prime Minister explains BPL action

IN the wake of criticism about increases to Bahamas Power and Light bills, the Office of the Prime Minister released a statement last night explaining why the course of action was taken.

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Sands: Govt has taken their eyes off the ball

WITH Bahamas Power and Light bills set to rise, Free National Movement Chairman Dr Duane Sands called on the Davis administration to be less “distracted” and more considerate of the Bahamian public.

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Minnis: Prime Minister cannot be trusted

KILLARNEY MP Dr Hubert Minnis asserted yesterday that Bahamians do not trust Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis, pointing to what he suggested was an unfulfilled commitment to stave off additional financial burdens on residents already struggling with inflation.

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Fusion braced for $400,000 electricity costs increase

FUSION Superplex is bracing for an increase of more than $400,000 in electricity costs due to Bahamas Power and Light’s bill hike, with its chief executive officer telling this newspaper the triple blow of higher electricity prices, increased food costs and an expected rise in employment wages has been known to “close down businesses”.

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Sears: BPL ‘is on the precipice of financial fallout’

WITH Bahamas Power and Light on the “precipice of financial fallout”, there was no room to defer increasing the fuel surcharge, resulting in higher electricity bills for consumers, Public Works Minister Alfred Sears said yesterday.