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Incentives planned to use up vaccines

HEALTH Minister Dr Michael Darville says officials are concerned that the country’s four percent COVID-19 positivity rate has given people a false sense of security that vaccines are not needed and health protocols do not need to be followed.

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TERRIBLE POLICY? NOT BY MY GOVT: Ingraham fires back over accusation on Cotton Bay delays

FORMER Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has taken exception to remarks made by a local philanthropist and businessman who said an investor was prevented from doing business in The Bahamas because of “terrible public policy” during Mr Ingraham’s tenure.

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12072021 EDITION

Tuesday, 7th December, 2021.

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PETER YOUNG: Stay calm and carry on - but plans may have to change

HERE we go again. That is likely to be the tired and irritated reaction of most people in the UK in the face of new restrictions after the recent discovery in South Africa of Omicron, the name given to a new strain of COVID-19.

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FACE TO FACE: Two women with a vision to help businesses grow

Regina Smith and Kentisha Ward have a vision. They see a future where Bahamians become more self-sufficient and create a nation of producers. They have a dream of reducing hunger by transforming food waste into value added products. They envision reducing the national debt by increasing national exports. Most importantly, they have a vision of food sustainability through entrepreneurship.

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AG says locations reviewed for use as specialist courts

ATTORNEY General Ryan Pinder said officials are in the process of reviewing appropriate locations for speciality courts to ensure the proper administration of justice.

EDITORIAL: Can we pay for the promises?

PROMISES, promises. Promises have been put on the table by the administration of Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis – now let’s see if the government keeps them.

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Pinder slams Minnis for not having seen IMF report

FORMER Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ admission that he did not see the International Monetary Fund’s report recommending a VAT increase to 15 percent was criticised yesterday as evidence that he was “not fit for the job” of leading the country.

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Town planners ‘to tackle backlog’

ATTORNEY Keenan Johnson, the newly appointed chairman of the Town Planning Committee, said his team is ready to tackle the department’s backlog, which is priority when the work commences.

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Cooper optimistic omicron won’t hurt tourism

TOURISM and Investments Minister Chester Cooper said officials are cautiously optimistic the new variant of COVID-19, Omicron, will not significantly affect the tourism industry and investments.

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Halkitis: We must stay vigilant over finances

WITH the new Omicron variant continuing to spread in neighbouring countries, Economic Affairs Minister Michael Halkitis said The Bahamas must remain vigilant and practice discipline to sustain the improving fiscal picture.

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Gov’ts 3% growth target below UoB ‘health’ goal

A Cabinet minister yesterday said the Government is targeting a five-year average growth rate that falls short of that recommended to restore The Bahamas to economic and fiscal “health”.

IMF: 12% VAT rate ‘lowest in Caribbean’

The Bahamas’ soon-to-be-repealed 12 percent VAT rate was branded “the lowest in the Caribbean” by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its much-debated report to the Government.

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‘Rid yourselves of negative thoughts’ on $200m project

Bahamians were yesterday urged to “rid themselves of any negative thoughts” as to whether the latest $200m effort to revive the Cotton Bay Club is for real.

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Minnis: Give PI investor ‘all the help’ necessary

The former prime minister urged his investments chief to give a Bahamian entrepreneur “all the assistance necessary” to ensure his success only to snub him 12 months later for Royal Caribbean.

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Scholarship gift from fraternity

A GRAND Bahama student was awarded a $500 scholarship for winning the Kappa Lambda Lambda Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity’s annual essay competition.

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Tourism’s fears ‘knee jerk’ COVID reaction

The Government was yesterday urged to avoid “knee jerk reactions” to new COVID variants as hotels voiced fears that “across-the-board” PCR testing could undermine their Christmas trade.

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Bella’s father to lay her to rest

A SUPREME Court judge yesterday ruled in favour of murdered toddler D’onya Bella Walker’s father concerning custody of the four-year-old’s body, ending a week-long court battle with the child’s maternal relatives over the issue.

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$200m plan to bring Cotton Bay to life

COTTON Bay Holdings Limited will partner with the Ritz Carlton Reserve brand in a $200m project in South Eleuthera that will employ 300 people during construction and 200 people during operation, according to officials.

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Brave’s ‘New Day’ for all workers

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis has revealed the government has finalised its national policy on labour relations which includes a comprehensive review of the Minimum Wage Act and an increase in the national minimum wage.