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03192018 EDITION

Monday, 19th March, 2018.

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Monday, 19th March, 2018.

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Triple gold in CARIFTA water polo

The Bahamas’ water polo programme continues its trend as one of the elite performers in the region with another series of championship performances at CARIFTA.

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Mitchell: Flying court a mistake

THE Minnis administration’s decision to facilitate hearings on Inagua for 230 migrants accused of illegally entering the country last week is an unsustainable process, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman and former Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell said yesterday.

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Foulkes sees urgency to solve shanty town crisis

ABACO residents yesterday suggested the island was “on the edge” of “serious tragedy” in coming months due to the government’s “inaction and mismanagement” of the ongoing shanty town crisis.

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Bodybuilder stabbed to death

PAUL Melbourne, a 70-year-old man known for his athletic versatility, was killed Saturday at his home on McKinney Drive off Carmichael Road after arguing with a woman.

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Left in limbo: Locked in Fox Hill three years ‘without charge’

A 42-year-old schizophrenic man has been held in prison without medication, charge or court date for more than three years.

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Prison officer gunned down in street

A PRISON officer became one of the country’s latest murder victims over the weekend when he was killed at Tufa Close off Cordeaux Avenue on Friday.

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Crime prevention scheme proving its worth in Grand Bahama

Deputy Police Commissioner Stephen Dean flagged the new National Neighbourhood Watch Council as “the most ambitious crime prevention programme” in the country during a walkabout in Grand Bahama last week.

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BPSU trio want answers on funds - and for executives to be removed

THREE executives of the Bahamas Public Services Union are seeking to have seven of their peers removed from office - including President Kimsley Ferguson - over allegations of misappropriating funds.

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Gaming Board workers seek $2m for dismissal

THIRTY former Gaming Board employees are seeking $2m in damages for their dismissal from the government agency last year, their attorney said on Friday.

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Doctors at ‘breaking point’, union chief warns

AFTER years of enduring substandard working conditions and inadequate terms of service, doctors in the public sector have reached a breaking point, Dr Mucomba Miller, Acting President of the Bahamas Doctors Union, has warned.

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INSIGHT: Why the cherry switch is a lot scarier than the tamarind switch

In the recent heated and vituperative public reactions to my Human Rights advocacy against the continued victimisation and abuse visited by the Government of The Bahamas upon our Haitian ethnic minority - and the vocal threats on my safety and life - I was moved to react to a particularly savage attack upon me in a voice note circulating widely on social media by a Mr Bannister, a self-proclaimed “True Born and Bred Bahamian”.

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INSIGHT: Navigating the steep learning curve of leadership

AS we rapidly approach a year of Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis being the nation’s leader, the landmark only a little more than a month away, we have seen a plethora of moments that made us want to cover our eyes in fear of what he would say next. However, this past week, while he should have still been feeling the bumps and bruises of the beating he took in the media for his egregious missteps on the Oban Energies deal, he is receiving something that has been largely unfamiliar thus far as prime minister – praise.

EDITORIAL: The last Lucayan left standing

WHO is a true Bahamian? And what is a true Bahamian?

Revoke his citizenship?

I saw quite a few comments by irate Bahamians on a popular political Facebook page calling for the immediate revocation of prominent attorney and QC Fred Smith’s Bahamian citizenship after the Supreme Court “ordered the unconditional release of five persons and two minors from the Carmichael Road Detention Centre,” as per the February 27 edition of The Tribune.

Time to cut off BAIC and clean up the mess

BAIC - if operated and owned by a private person they would have gone out of business years ago.

These people ain't making no sense

BOY some people are really annoying and when they are in the hospitality-service industry they must be exposed.

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GAIN AN EDGE: The perfect career is within your reach

You have big dreams – that’s why you’ve been thinking about college. You’ve discovered a secret that many don’t know. You’ve discovered graduating from college is key to unlocking career doors in this rapidly changing world.

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CARIFTA: 80-member track and field team ratified

WHEN the 26 visiting countries, led by perennial champions Jamaica, come to town over the Easter holiday weekend for the 2018 Flow CARIFTA Games, they will find a 80-member Bahamian track and field team waiting for them at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium.


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