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‘More than 50’ transgender individuals in The Bahamas

THERE are more than 50 transgender male, female and youth living in the Bahamas, according Bahamas Transgender Intersex United spokesperson Alexus D’Marco.

EDITORIAL: Creating confusion to defeat the June 7 equal rights referendum

THERE are so many red herrings, and scare mongering tactics being used to scuttle the June 7th constitutional referendum that confusion could end it in calamitous defeat.

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Bishop believes referendum is about same-sex marriage

BISHOP Walter Hanchell said yesterday he believes the upcoming referendum is not about gender equality but rather about “making provisions in our Constitution to accommodate same-sex marriages in order to bring The Bahamas in line with other nations”.

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On the Street: Bahamians’ view on the referendum

ORDINARY Bahamians expressed confusion about the upcoming referendum and alarm over the fourth bill in interviews with The Tribune yesterday, with even those who plan to vote for all four amendments saying they expect the referendum to fail.

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Changes ‘won’t bring an easy path’ for foreigners

IMMIGRATION Director William Pratt yesterday refuted fears that the upcoming gender equality referendum would create an easy path to citizenship for foreign nationals.

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BEC bribe ‘out of character for suspect’

A WITNESS who has known Freddie Solomon Ramsey for 35 years told a jury yesterday that it would be out of character for the former Bahamas Electricity Corporation board member to accept bribes to influence the awarding of contracts.

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Police sued for $3m for ‘assault’ at traffic stop

TRIBUNE columnist and attorney Adrian Gibson yesterday launched a $3m law suit against the Attorney General, the Commissioner of Police and two police officers who allegedly assaulted him after stopping him for a supposed traffic violation on Sunday night.

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Bash director Miller denies charges of animal cruelty

FOURTEEN charges of animal cruelty were brought against Terry Miller, the executive director of the Bahamas Association for Social Health, in Magistrate’s Court yesterday morning.

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Minnis call to prosecute ‘not proper process’

THE call from FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis for Attorney General Allyson Maynard-Gibson to prosecute members of Parliament for violating the Public Disclosure Act has not come “from the proper people from whom it should commence”.

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Pastors' fears are dismissed

ATTORNEY General Allyson Maynard-Gibson yesterday dismissed the concerns of a group of local pastors over the fourth Constitutional Amendment Bill, charging that those in support of the upcoming referendum will not “live our lives” around a “what if”.

Misleading on referendum

By your medium, I wish to share my personal views on Bill No. 4, that is one of the Bills to be voted upon in the upcoming referendum. 

Arrogance of pastors who say ‘No’

It is baffling when men of God would choose to deny Bahamian men and women equal rights because of an unfounded and irrational fear that to do so would open the door on same sex marriage.

Fitzgerald, Rubis and integrity

Jerome Fitzgerald likes to talk about his integrity. Lately, he has been defending his integrity against those who he says have accused his government of being corrupt.

Jamaican woman claims mistreatment by immigration staff

A JAMAICAN woman has alleged that she and her six-year-old daughter spent two nights at a safe house for illegal immigrants in sub-par conditions after being detained at the Lynden Pindling International Airport on Sunday.

Sarkis: Baha Mar bid from me ‘impossible’

Sarkis Izmirlian fears it is “impossible” for him to enter the Baha Mar bidding process because its ‘rules’ may expose him to litigation and “contaminate” his claims against the project’s Chinese contractor.

Bran: General Orders aiding wrongdoing

The Democratic National Alliance’s (DNA) leader yesterday called for urgent reform of the regulations governing the public service, arguing that they currently “facilitate” corruption such as that exposed at the Department of Social Services.

Bahamas broker owner negotiates settlement, plea over $17m ‘fraud’

The owner of a Bahamas-based brokerage has reached “a settlement in principle” with US federal regulators over allegations that he played a key role in a $17 million financial fraud.

Union: ‘We’ll meet new BTC owner at airport’

Union representatives yesterday said they plan “to meet Liberty Global at the airport and see what baggage they’re carrying”, with the company’s acquisition of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company’s (BTC) majority owner set to close on May 13.

Baha Mar contractor suffers dispute reverse

Baha Mar’s main contractor has lost its bid to stay a court action brought by a US-based demolition company, which is seeking to collect an outstanding $754,704 balance for work on the $3.5 billion project.

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