Why You Vex? November 3rd

Why You Vex?

“I am vex that yet another prisoner has escaped from PMH while in police custody. Muddoes, can’t say you blame them, especially when many people figuring it might also be the antiseptic ambiance or bacterial presence, the waiting time, foreign language, the aging structures or perhaps even the food.”


“Vex to see that the foreign bank has made the authorities come up with a $12 million, 15 per cent down payment to fix the roadworks, especially at a time when there is so little disposable money, but then again no one was accountable for the almost 100 per cent cost overruns for the historic fiasco and one of the few things which was mentioned was that the ‘New Providence sink holes’ was a major factor to blame.”

  • Potholes

“Vex dat after 40 years, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas does not have nothing like no road, no school, no park, no alley, no government building named after the nation’s first, also knighted, Premier Sir Roland ‘Pops’ Symonette, despite his many noteworthy deeds such as creating and assisting with the financing of numerous homes in a number of subdivisions for an emerging middle class, particularly in a time when many black Bahamians could not get loans from the banks.”

  • Credit Due

“Downright vex dat the select Bahamian authorities who choosing musical entertainers fer the 40-year Bahamian Independence chose foreign musicians, especially when a large number of residents would have insisted that the musical entertainers chosen for this historic event would be a blend of Wycliff Jean, Rihanna and Buju.”

  • Jobless

“Vex that there has been no investigation by any independent agency as to how the financial sector and banking lenders managed to accumulate some 4,500 loans in foreclosure and many given wit only five per cent down payment and mortgage indemnities, but yet the government was quick to set aside $10 million of the taxpayers money to assist the banks and for the banks to decide who qualifies again.”

  • Taxpayer

“I am vex that the projected number of jobs for the Reef Hotel rebirth in Grand Bahama is 1,000 employees and the Hotel Union projected number is some 600 employees of the previous capacity of the Reef’s employment, be it casual or full time, making it a difference of some 400 persons or 40 per cent. On the bright side, these numbers projectionists should be employed

to do the unemployment or national budget revenue projections depending on which figures you favour.”

  • Big Difference

“Vex and hopping mad, really hopping mad and being swung. The prices in the food store are steadily going up and the only price of any item which seems to be going down is the price of bananas, now down to .79 cents, which many have been consuming in great quantities.”

  • Going Bananas

“Muddoes, I running hot cause Batelco phone lines always busy and dese days half of Nassau incapacitated and yinna can see den downtown in various levels of stress all poking their fingers repeatedly to their phones, not texting but repeatedly hoping for the best, to not get a repeat of the service voice saying, ‘all circuits are busy, please try your call later’. Muddoes, an tings supposed to get better.”

  • Dread

“Papa, you is simply da best an I vex wid all dem people who trying to say you ain’t so. You is one emeritus honorary leader and people done know you can do it again, politicians do not retire, they simply waits again to gets reelected, look how many are again reelected.”

  • Reality

“Vex that the Bahamas government is not trying to save money by getting all the illegals who want to return to their homelands to volunteer to do so, saving the expensive cost of buying new shoes for the Bahamian officers who have to run behind the illegals to apprehend them in bush, mud, street, all over the place, and the government can also save with the other logistical expenses of apprehending the illegals.”

  • Observer

“Vex dat plenty people running dere mouth on dis numbers business wid lottery, casino gambling, all sorts of ways, and now after bringing in some white and foreign experts to advise it seems we is now back to square one, so who started all dis talk and waste of money anyhow....”

  • Play it straight

“After all this time when hurricane season almost finished Sandy has to show up. Everything peaceful and towards the end everything get all kerpunkled up. Added vexation no DNA, no lottery, no job, potholed roads, no peace, vexation all yucked up.”

  • Unemployed

Why You Happy?

“I am happy that the Freeport police are determined to put a stop on all the criminals who are breaking the law. Good work. Your vigilance and ‘zero tolerance’ makes a difference in stopping the criminals and making it safe for all law-abiding citizens.”

  • Crime Victim

“I am happy that my Grand Bahama is finally getting some possible jobs, but when?”

  • Jobless

“Happy to have some cool weather.”

  • Not Muggy


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