Stephen Brown: ‘We have not had any good facilities in a very long time’


Stephen Brown, chairman of the San Salvador Sports Council.


Tribune Sports Reporter


FAMILY Islanders are once again appealing for better baseball facilities to aid in the development of youth on the respective islands.

Yesterday, residents of Abaco, Bimini and Cat Island all spoke out against the lack of adequate infrastructure available for baseball on their islands.

A representative of San Salvador has now reached out to speak on their plights as it relates to the baseball facilities on the southeastern island.

Stephen Brown, chairman of the San Salvador Sports Council, said the island is seeking funding or assistance for the development of their baseball field.

“Some of the biggest issues are based on space. We have not had any good facilities in a very long time and we still do not have any. We are hoping to get some funding or assistance to build the right size mounds because we are really lacking the right size pitching mound,” Brown said.

Similar to the other Family Islanders that spoke to Tribune Sports on Tuesday, Brown believes the youth of San Salvador are the ones affected the most by the lack of sufficient facilities for play.

“Without the facilities and without the equipment, we can’t get them to really perform to the best of their abilities.

“I believe that if we would get some of these stuff in place on a timely basis, we would be able to produce some great talent,” the chairman added.

Despite sending letters to the government in attempts to receive some assistance in prioritising the development of the sporting facilities, the chairman is just hopeful that after the sixth Bahamas Games, help will soon be on the way.

Brown noted that if better infrastructure was in place, development of the youth would happen at a quicker pace.

“We have the personnel who could help with the development. I am very acquainted with men who are also willing to come down and give their assistance in teaching the game of baseball,” he said.

Although things are at a standstill on the island, Brown is optimistic about the future once the funding is provided or facilities are designed and developed.

“I believe if we get these things in place you would see great things happening.

“San Salvador is gonna make a play at it as long as we have the opportunity,” he ended.

Following the sixth edition of the Bahamas Golden Jubilee Games, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture (MOYSC) Mario Bowleg vowed to not only establish associations on islands without one, but also look into adding more facilities on the Family Islands.

At the time, Bowleg said $40 million dollars had been allocated over the next decade - $4 million per year - to repair the facilities on the islands outside of New Providence.

Family Islanders are hoping for some help in regards to not only baseball, but other sporting facilities soon.


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