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Swift Justice is working, says AG

“SWIFT Justice is working” was the Attorney General’s response yesterday to the Court of Appeal questioning its efficiency in handling appeal cases.

Farewell to two judges - as another steps up

THE Court of Appeal president dubbed yesterday’s special ceremony for the retirement and elevation of three judges as “the institutional knighting of the Court of Appeal”.

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Woman wins appeal against conviction for Straw Market scuffle with police

A WOMAN found guilty by a magistrate for her Straw Market scuffle with police officers had her numerous convictions squashed by the Court of Appeal yesterday.

Attorney General's efficiency questioned

THE Court of Appeal yesterday called into question the efficiency of the Attorney General’s office’s handling of an appeal case.

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Serial killer challenges sentence for manslaughter of his lover

A CONVICTED serial killer appeared in the Court of Appeal yesterday indicating his intent to contest a life sentence imposed on him by the appellate court seven years ago for the manslaughter of his live-in lover.

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Murdered woman was hit with blunt object, not stabbed

THE 53-year-old woman who was murdered in Long Island over the weekend was “hit in the head with a blunt object” and not “stabbed multiple times” as was initially reported by police, according to Officer in Charge of the Central Detective Unit Chief Superintendant Paul Rolle.

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Jury told man agreed to play part in kidnap

A JURY heard yesterday how a man told a detective of his agreement to participate in a $100,000 ransom for kidnapping that ended with hearing the screams of a man being burnt alive.

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Deadly night of gun violence

A MAN was shot dead while standing in the Soldier Road area last night and three others were taken to hospital for gunshot wounds, including a reportedly drunk woman driver who was shot by police after leading officers on a high-speed car chase.

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Dancing with a woman at nightclub led to man being shot dead

A 23-year-old man was shot in the head and killed early yesterday morning after getting into an argument with a group of men over a woman inside a local nightclub, police said.

Judge to rule on bail for man accused of attempted murder

A JUDGE, in three days time, is expected to rule on a man’s request for bail ahead of trial for double attempted murder.

Man convicted of conspiring to rob John Bull seeks bail for appeal

A MAN convicted of conspiring to rob a John Bull retail store is seeking bail ahead of his substantive hearing before the Court of Appeal.

Police hunt for man after AK47 fired

POLICE are asking for the public’s help in finding 19-year-old Roy Stubbs whom they would like to question in connection with a shooting that saw officers caught in an exchange of gunfire between two rival groups.

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Woman found dead on Long Island: Boyfriend held by police

THE weekend murder of a popular web shop employee in Long Island has left residents there distraught after the usually peaceful community was disrupted by news of which none could make sense.

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Police 'working very hard' to track down killers

POLICE may have located the car used in Friday’s shooting deaths of Jermaine Rolle and Byron Saunders aka “Bones”, Chief Superintendent Clayton Fernander said yesterday.

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Political parties called on to unite for 10-year plan on crime

BISHOP Simeon Hall and other Bahamian religious leaders yesterday called on the “three political parties” in the country to “sheath their swords” and produce a “bipartisan ten-year crime plan for the nation”.