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PM tells United Nations of need to develop skills and generate jobs

PRIME Minister Christie addressed the United Nation’s 2015 Integrated Segment Economic and Social Council in New York yesterday.

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$3m goal in the fight against cancer

THE Cancer Society of The Bahamas yesterday launched its $3m building fund campaign with hopes of constructing the country’s first hospice care facility to assist cancer patients.

Sir Arthur: We must vote in favour of gender equality

FORMER Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes said if Bahamians vote against gender equality in the forthcoming constitutional referendum “the Bahamas would be listed among those backward peoples of the world who still believe that accidents of birth like colour and sex should forever assign some people to inferiority status”.

Tom Brady and Michael Jordan play basketball in the Abacos

SOCIAL media has been abuzz for the past two days after footage of two sporting legends - Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady and six-times NBA champion Michael Jordan - circulated showing them enjoying a pickup game of basketball in the Abacos.

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Wife of Philip Vasyli charged with his murder (with video)

THE 54-year-old wife of Australian podiatrist Phillip Vasyli appeared in Magistrates Court this morning to be arraigned in connection with her husband’s murder in Old Fort Bay.

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‘We must co-exist with global views on homosexuality’

PRIME Minister Perry Christie said leaders of conservative countries must consider how their nations could “co-exist in a world” where global attitudes towards social issues like homosexuality are shifting.

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Scotiabank to close branches, 50 jobs to go

SCOTIABANK (Bahamas) will soon close seven branches throughout the country, a move that will affect approximately 50 employees, a source within the Christie administration confirmed yesterday.

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Former Attorney General says Gray incident ‘unseemly’

THE fact that embattled MICAL MP V Alfred Gray spoke to a magistrate about a case outside of formal court proceedings is “unseemly”, a former attorney general told The Tribune yesterday.

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Prime Minister hints at cost of NHI premium

BAHAMIANS will likely have to pay a premium of two or three dollars to help fund the government’s proposed National Health Insurance scheme, Prime Minister Perry Christie said last week.

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Ex-boyfriend in custody after woman shot dead in front of son

THE former boyfriend of a mother who was shot dead last Thursday in front of her four-year-old son was taken into custody over the weekend for questioning in connection with the recent murder.

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Old Fort Bay murder victim’s wife to face court

POLICE expect to arraign the 54-year-old wife of Australian podiatrist, Phillip Vasyli, in Magistrates Court today in connection with his murder.

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PM: My govt will not be matched

PRIME Minister Perry Christie said despite the “naysayers”, his government’s performance will not be matched “in the history of this country”, citing his administration’s legislative agenda and reform of the tax system and gaming sector as achievements.

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Dominican visitor sues after being detained

A WOMAN from the Dominican Republic has filed a civil suit against senior government officials for wrongful detention and violation of her constitutional rights.

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Jitney passengers robbed at gunpoint

THREE gunmen robbed bus passengers of cash on Saturday before jumping off the jitney and fleeing on foot, police reported.

‘Is the government responsible for laying off BTC workers?’

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney on Friday chastised Prime Minister Perry Christie over his comments about journalists, when he said of the media “to hell with them”. DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney has questioned whether the government was responsible for the potential layoffs of over 100 employees at the Bahamas Telecommunications Company.