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How safe are your cosmetics?

On average a woman uses about 12 to 25 different cosmetics a day and applies more than 200 chemicals to her body in the process.

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Start battling aging skin today

We all have a different genetic code that determines how we age. It is permanently imprinted on your DNA whether you will get crows’ feet or brow furrows, develop acne, and how quickly you’ll tan or burn. Although genetics play a part in how we age, our lifestyle and diet are also major contributing factors. Aging is inescapable. However, the way we age isn’t, and you can fight it. You can have a vibrant complexion and enjoy beautiful skin at any age, provided you start now.

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Alpha hydroxy acids: An ancient beauty secret

The emphasis on achieving beautiful, healthy skin has seemingly never been greater than it is today.

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Are you happy in your skin?

Glowing, plump, radiant, soft, smooth and bright. Aren’t these not signs of healthy skin? Yes, they are, but there is also a “happy skin”.


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