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Read the classic essays on fate and the chilling in depth dissection of the crime blitz invading the Bahamas (1975 - 2016). Centuries ago they (i.e.) the Caribs, The Loyalists from the Carolinas, Andrew Jackson, George Washington and even the Arawak Indians marked the island of New Providence, Bahamas. No one knows why for sure ... until now. P. Carl Gibson believing that government is a monopoly of force to protect and enforce rights for all the people even while it had become fashionable to advance the interest of oneself instead of the country, many patriots known in the islands of the Bahamas embraced the future together with strength and the belief that the greater good of the country would prevail for all the children of the July 10th independence revolution. Behind Grey Curtains is a clear view of where the country should be headed for growth and prosperity for all. Available on, Kindle, Barnes & Nobles, iTunes and Google play TODAY!


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