48 Bahamians Complete Allied Health Career Training

A healthcare institution is only as good as the people working within it, so Doctors Hospital is continuing with efforts to create educational opportunities for young Bahamians seeking careers in allied health. Nearly 50 students recently completed fundamental courses in Medical Terminology, Patient Care, and Phlebotomy. Students enrolled in the courses received certification that allows them to either advance in their current career path, or opens doors to new career opportunities in allied healthcare. A total of 18 people completed the 16-week Doctors Hospital Medical Terminology course. This course is designed to assist those already employed in administrative, secretarial or receptionist positions to better understand the language of medicine in order to effectively perform on their jobs. The Patient Care Technician Course, which lasted six months, had 15 people certified. This course is designed to train individuals to be able to assist registered nurses with the bedside nursing care of the patient. This includes taking vital signs, administering bed baths and other hygienic needs, bed making, feeding the patient, and setting up a room for a new admission. The Phlebotomy Course was completed by 14 people over a 12 week period. This course qualifies people as specialised clinical support workers who can collect blood from patients for examination in laboratories. To receive more information on these courses, contact the Doctors Hospital Organizational Learning department at 302-4614 or 302-4722.


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