An excellent opportunity to revive pro boxing

WITH the absence of First Class Promotions, Major Productions has stepped up and provided an excellent opportunity to revive the sport of professional boxing in the Bahamas. Under the direction of Meacher 'Pain' Major, the promotional group staged its second show in four months and plans are already afloat for the third show. Major and his team, led by Jeff Davis, have shown that they have what it takes to fill in for First Class Promotions, which was operated by the husband and wife team of Ray and Michelle Minus. With First Class Promotions no longer in sync, Major and his promotional group have come on stream. Saturday's show at the Kendal Isaacs Gymnasium showed that there is a keen interest among the Bahamian public for the return of the sport and the hard-hitting competition between the fighters. Since getting started under the tutelage of Minus, Major has been a household name in both the amateur and pro ranks. He has been a competitor who has garnered the support of the public. Even though he's now based in Buffalo, New York, where he is in the process of trying to continue his drive to become the next Bahamian to fight for a British Commonwealth title and eventually a world title, he has shown so far that he can survive both as a fighter and now a promoter. As long as he and his team can provide the public with the quality fights for their money and not any disappointments like Lester Brown's debut against Anthon Ward, Major Promotions has the potential to become a staple on the local boxing scene. BAHAMAS OPEN In just about a month, Ty Olando is all set to host the second version of the Bahamas Open Women's Professional Tennis Tournament at the National Tennis Center. The International Tennis Federation's sanctioned event has a $100,000 purse and is expected to attract some 144 players from around the world. Last year, there was a long list of players who were ranked in the top 100 in the world and based on the early entries, this year's tournament is expected to draw the same. Additionally, Olando and his committee have planned to stage a Legends Doubles Match between vintage Martina Navratilova, Monica Seles, Mary Joe Fernander, Jennifer Capriati and Zina Garrison, a substitute, on the official opening day of the tournament on March 11. Last year, the Bahamian support was not as expected but the ITF was still impressed with the organising of the tournament and thus they granted the sanction for this year. For the tournament to continue to grow to the point where Olando hopes to include a men's field as well, it's going to be vital for corporate Bahamas, as well as the general public, to throw their support behind the organising committee. This is not the first time that a tournament of this calibre has been held in the Bahamas. If you remember, there was an all male tournament held on Paradise Island for about two decades before Sol Kerzner took over. At present, Mark Knowles holds a Celebrity Tennis Tournament on Paradise Island in December. But the Bahamas Open has the making for a very big event, not just in the Bahamas but on the ITF calendar. Let's do our part to ensure that it becomes a staple event that we can look forward to year after year. CONDOLENCES TO DEANE On behalf of the Tribune Sports Department, I wish to take this opportunity to extend our condolences to the family of the late Colin Deane. The 79-year-old Deane, who passed away on Monday, served as a former president of the Bahamas Cricket Association. He served with distinction and will be missed for his quiet demeanor at Haynes Oval. May his soul rest in peace.


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