By ALESHA CADET Tribune Features Reporter WHILE some question the credibility of Bishop Neil Ellis in his latest revelation about the demonic threat to the Bahamas, some believers say the truth in his prophesy is self evident. Marva Brown*, who witnessed the message last week Monday at Mount Tabor Full Gospel Baptist Church, said she sees these negative forces manifesting in the lives of people all around her, everyday. "You have a lot of people out there saying Bishop Ellis is a demon himself but whether or not you believe he had this vision, these demons are very true and they are here. For example, sexual immorality seems to be on a large scale in today's society and people are perceiving it as normal now than ever before," said Ms Brown. Last week Monday, in an overflowing congregation, Bishop Neil Ellis of Mount Tabor Full Gospel Baptist Church warned that three demons - sexual immorality, financial instability and witchcraft - threaten the Bahamas with destruction. He said the Lord appeared to him while he was on sabbatical and give advice about the demons. "He said three demonic spirits have been assigned to the Bahamian people. God showed me who they were, what they were, where they came from, how they got here and what their assignments are. He also gave me a prayer of release and told me to call a service to deal with the demonic spirits," said Bishop Ellis. Bishop Ellis prescribed a prayer for his congregation. The first demon, "sexual immorality", he said is the oldest force. He said the high level of promiscuity is evidence of such. Fornication and adultery, he said, are "literally glamorised". Like Bishop Ellis, Father Chester Burton of St Peter's Anglican Church said he agrees there are negative forces threatening the country, but unlike the demons named by Bishop Ellis, he said the primary force of concern is "mixed cultures". Referring to the influx of Chinese natives working in the Bahamas as an example, Father Burton said: " When you bring in different cultures, these persons who you bring in, they sometimes worship different Gods and different things than we in a Christian nation. So, basically when those persons come in and they bring in their different beliefs, a lot of spirits are left open in the society." He did not point to any evidence to support his claim about the negative influence of "different cultures". He said rather that Chinese culture is predominantly non-Christian, which would have a negative impact on the country. Sharing her views, Sarah Colebroke* said: Only people that don't have that spiritual connect, would think this man is going crazy. People are questioning if he had this so call vision from last year, why didn't he come out sooner, but I say leave it to God to judge. I do not believe in mocking people and their faith." Some said the revelation was a big charade because of how Bishop Ellis conducted the service. "I just don't understand why he had to say it with such secrecy. If you are trying to do something to help save the nation, what is the need to do it in a manner like Bishop Ellis. It was simply unnecessary," said another Bahamian local, Pauline Dean*. *Names have been changed.


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