Bethel Trucking response to Hot Mix editorial

EDITOR, The Tribune. Re: Editorial of March 14,2012 headed "Bahamas Hot Mix meets internal standards" WE REPRESENT Bethell's Trucking and Heavy Equipment Service Limited (the Company) and Mr Stanley Bethell, the principal owner of the Company. We have been advised that numerous facts stated in the captioned report (Editorial, March 14) were inaccurate and do require your paper to make a public correction to give your readership the true facts. * After the tenuring was completed for the Harrold Road (now the Tonique Darling Highway) project and the Blue Hill Road works surrounding the new highway, the company was approached by Bahamas Hot Mix to form a joint venture to undertake the project, and not the company approaching Bahamas Hot Mix. * The allegation that "Mr Bethell regularly collected his cheque from the profits and Bahamas Hot Mix constructed the highway" is totally untrue. The company was involved in half of the completed on this joint venture project such as replanting of trees, clearing of debris as well as work which included clearing the work site, construction of the base, installation of the drainage system and pipes for BEC, BTC and Cable Bahamas and construction of all sidewalks. Bahamas Hot Mix primary responsibly on this project was to install the water pipes, complete the finish grade and application of hot mix to the base. Jointly, both companies were responsible for street lighting, striping of road and landscaping. * Another misrepresentation of the facts is "after the PLP came to power the Bahamas Hot Mix contract was cancelled and transferred to Bethell's Trucking". In fact, the company has never had a contract to undertake any work in South Andros. In conclusion, the writer of your article appears not to have done his or her research in a proper manner or the source of the information appears to come from mischievous person(s). We look forward to seeing your newspaper informing your readership of the true facts regarding the company's involvement and non-involvement in the mentioned projects. STERLING R L QUANT Nassau, March 22, 2012.


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