Big Time Amateur Boxing Show results

RESULTS of the Champion Amateur Club's Big Time Amateur Boxing Show at the LW Young campus: Javon Johnson (LW Young) won over Travis Ferguson (LW Young), 21-17 Doncyn Cartwright (CH Reeves) won over Allen Joeseph (LW Young), 7-5 Gavin Rolle (RM Bailey) won over Pjillip Miscalian (RM Bailey), Referee stopped an contest in the third round Shaquille Rolle (CABC) won over Tyrik Hall (LW Young), 9-8 Duran Burrows (Pace Academy) won over Braxton Pratt (CH Reeves), Referee stopped contest in the secound round Exhibition Match - Michael Rolle (CABC) won over Shadrack Major (LW Young) Most Improved Boxer - Gavin Rolle Best Fight - Javon Johnson and Travis Ferguson Most Outstanding Boxer - Doncyn Cartwright * Upcoming Event - 16th Annual Ray Minus Sr End of Year Tournament is scheduled for December 16-17 at Nassau Stadium on Fowler Street.


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