Body eaten by 'critters of the deep'

By SANCHESKA BROWN Tribune Staff Reporter sbrown@tribunemedia.net A SEVERELY decomposed, decapitated body was washed up at James Cistern, Eleuthera, yesterday, less than 24 hours after two more bodies were discovered in the same location. Police believe the bodies were illegal immigrants who may have fell off a Haitian vessel last week. Supt Paul Rolle, of the Central Detective Unit, said information is sketchy and the bodies have not been identified. "The bodies were washed up in James Cistern. We know all three are male. Two were found on Saturday around 6pm, the other around 7am on Sunday. That one was severely decomposed and the head was missing. We believe that man was attacked by critters of the deep before the body washed ashore. We can't say sharks because something else may have attacked the body," he said. "All three bodies are being transported to the capital for autopsies. I have officers on the ground who are wrapping up another investigation who will take over the investigation." Last week, a 40-foot fiber glass vessel ran aground near Eleuthera. Immigration Director Jack Thompson said 14 persons were found in the community - 12 men and two women. Mr Thompson added that the type of vessel used surprised him, as it seemed to be an upgrade from the usual wooden sloop used to transport immigrants from Haiti.


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