Bran Confident Of Election Victory

By CHESTER ROBARDS Tribune Senior Reporter crobards@tribunemedia.net LEADER of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA), Branville McCartney, said following his official nomination as a candidate for Bamboo town yesterday, that his party "will be the next government." The DNA defied the odds yesterday by being one of the only third parties in the history of the Bahamas to run a full slate of candidates against the Free National Movement (FNM) and Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). Several smaller parties have entered previous elections. Many of those parties were dissolved prior to the upcoming election, with both the PLP and FNM absorbing some of their members. However, one year after Mr McCartney officially resigned from the Free National Movement and formed the DNA, he is leading 37 candidates into the May 7 general election. "We have made history in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and throughout this region," he said. "We look forward to being the government within the next few days. "Look what we have done in 11 months... can you imagine what we can do in five years?" Mr McCartney told reporters after he emerged from his official nomination bid, that he made commitments to Bamboo Town and that he intends to uphold those commitments. "Persons no longer in Bamboo Town are still welcome to participate in the programmes in Bamboo Town," he said. "We want to continue to make Bamboo Town the best town in the country." While the DNA has not held as many rallies as the PLP or FNM, it has held a number of town and street meetings. Mr McCartney contended that it was more important to deal with the important issues facing the country, instead of "partying." "The issues concerning this country are significant and are not about a party, not about dancing and entertainment," he said. "It is about the crime rate which is the worst we've ever had in our history, the illegal immigration problem which is the worst we've ever had, the educational system is certainly not working and the economy, as you know, we have over 30,00 person out of a job." However, Mr McCartney said when the DNA's final street meeting is finished, there will be several "rallies for change" and a "concert for change." "...then there will be change on the 7th of May 2012," he said. Before leaving Carlton E. Francis Primary school, where Mr McCartney was registered as his party's official candidate elect for Bamboo Town, he promised teachers that he will return to read to the children after the election. "I'm very confident we will be successful and i'm very confident that we will be the next government," he said.


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