Bran Rubbishes Bastian's Claims Over Party

By SANCHESKA BROWN Tribune Staff Reporter sbrown@tribunemedia.net BAMBOO Town MP Branville McCartney denied claims yesterday that he started the DNA party with former MP for South Andros, Whitney Bastian. Mr Bastian told reporters at a press conference on Sunday that he and Mr McCartney formed the DNA after both were fed up with the two major political parties. "Both Mr McCartney and myself joined together to form the DNA party. I played a role and he played a role. We had many meetings for many hours in his office. But it all changed when I was rejected by the party," he said. "I saw him one day in his office after I was interviewed by the candidates committee and he said to me: 'It's so sad that out of 10 only nine persons agree for you to be a candidate, but I could not get the other person to agree'. So I said to Mr McCartney, 'Go to hell'. I asked him if he told them I gave him permission to use green as the DNA's colour and if he told them he asked me to wait until he quit the FNM to form the DNA. But you know what, all will be revealed on the campaign trail." In June, Mr Bastian was denied a nomination to run for the DNA in the 2012 general election. According to Mr Bastian the DNA felt that he would be more of a "liability" rather than an asset because of his storied past, having been placed on the "restricted list" of the United States of America. Mr McCartney, DNA leader, laughed off the claims saying "he is not the first to say these things." "My God, everyone is claiming the DNA. John Bostwick said one thing, Renward Wells said another, now this. The truth is Mr Bastian applied to be a candidate. He was denied because the vote was not unanimous. Tell me this, if he helped to form the DNA why would he have to apply to be a candidate? That just makes no sense," he said. "He came around to meetings just like many others who were interested in receiving nominations for the DNA. He had nothing to do with giving me permission to use green that was made by the full committee. I am sorry Mr Bastian feels this way but I still consider him a friend and I hope he feels the same way." Mr Bastian recently announced he will be running for South Andros and Mangrove Cay as an Independent candidate.


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