Chiropractic Health Maintenance

By Susan Donald D.C. AS a chiropractor. I often see people for the first time after they have been living in unhealthy bodies for many years. I often wish the clock could turn back for patients who needed chiropractic care years, even decades, ago but only began care today. With chiropractic care available people should not be living with uncorrected spinal nerve stress for years. You may not realise that before symptoms appear the nerves are being damaged, vertebral bones and discs surrounding the nerves may be degenerating. That is why chiropractors emphasize periodic spinal checkups even if you feel no symptoms. To keep your spine healthy you need to have chiropractic health maintenance. Uncorrected vertebral subluxations (spinal nerve stress) weaken the spinal muscles; and stretch and deform the spinal ligament, cartilage, spinal discs, and vertebrae. This weakens the body structure, casing lack of energy and vitality, chronic fatigue, and premature aging. But the most severe consequences of spinal nerve stress are stress and irritation of the nervous system, especially the brain stem, spinal cord and spinal nerves. An irritated nervous system results in a weakening of body harmony and a weakened immune system. A person with spinal nerve stress physically and mentally functions at less than their peak. Chiropractic spinal care helps balance the body structure; relieve stress upon the spinal column and nervous system and give the body greater resistance to disease, and improved function. A good analog to chiropractic care is dental care. We should see our dentist regularly to make sure there is not any condition lurking beneath the surface like cavities or gum problems. If there are problems, get them corrected as early as possible so they won't develop into something more serious. You should not wait until you are in pain to see a dentist because dental cavities and other conditions develop slowly and silently and it can be a long time before you have any symptom like pain. It is the same with the care of your spine. So make an appointment today for your chiropractic spinal checkup.


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