Christian Conch Salad

By ALESHA CADET Tribune Features Reporter The latest book by Rev Angela C Bosfield Palacious is now available in book stores. In the collection of 48 meditations, Rev Palacious speaks about the love of God, self and fellow man. Serious questions about family life, work ethic, culture and spiritual growth are also explored in the book, titled "Christian Conch Salad: Meditations On Culture, Faith and Family". This Saturday, Rev Palacious will officially launch the book with a signing event at Buy the Book on Bay Street. "I want to encourage people to read, think, pray and reflect on their attitudes and actions. So I keep (the meditations) short and easy to read so that they may be used for personal reflection, family dialogue, and group discussion," said Rev Palacious. "Each meditation is self-contained and stands on its own. The style is intended to attract young and old readers," she said. For the past 26 years, Rev Palacious has produced short weekly mediations for publication. To compile the book, she decided to select the ones most relevant to the times. Topics include prayer and scripture, life choices, caring for persons with AIDS, drug addiction, gardening, appreciation of nature, ministry, work ethic and family values. "Christian Conch Salad" is predated by several other uplifting publications by Rev Palacious. In 2010 she released "Staying Attached to the Vine", which gave believers guidelines on how to invite the holy spirit into their lives on a daily basis in the most ordinary circumstances. "They challenge us all to look at how we respond to the gift of life; the blessing of being a Bahamian; the call to ministry and prayer; our attitudes to young people and their response to adults. I hope that Christians find it thought provoking and a means of finding common ground with others when evangelizing," said Rev Palacious. The book is available at the Christian Bookshop, Logos Bookstore, Chapter One, The Anglican Diocesan Bookstore, Amazon.com and from the author.


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