Dna Weighs Up Deputy Options

POLITICAL sources have revealed that the Democratic National Alliance has set its sights on at least four of its 38 candidates as potentials for the deputy leadership of the party. While leader Branville McCartney has not announced who the party is courting for the position, the source said Wayne Munroe, Dr Madeline Sawyer, Randy Butler and Rodney Moncur each have a fair chance of being nominated for the post. The four are the candidates for the Mount Moriah, Southern Shores, North Andros and the Berry Islands and Bain and Grants Town constituencies respectively. Admitting that he has thought about "occupying" the party's second-in-command position, Mr Butler said he could not confirm if he was being considered. He said: "Democracy in the DNA is alive and well. Folks will have to be nominated and it will go from there. There will be a process, but I am always willing and ready to serve my country if I am nominated." When asked what he would contribute as the party's deputy, Mr Butler said his major objective would be to offer support to the DNA leader. "As such, I would offer my support to our leader, as any deputy would do. I am a team player and visionary, with that I know how to execute a vision. "I also believe in supporting the plans of the candidates and ensuring that they can achieve the things needed to carry this country to its fullest potential." He added that the DNA is "filled with people who would be ideal for the position".


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