Exuma farmers receive tractor donation from BAIC

THE Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation donated a tractor and ancillary farm equipment to Exuma farmers. "Being able to feed ourselves is a must," said BAIC executive chairman Edison Key. "No longer can we depend on some outside source for our sustenance. "We fed ourselves before, and at a time when farming was back-breaking. "Surely we can do it even better now that modern technology has made food production so much easier." Last Thursday, BAIC hosted a meeting between Exuma farmers and top New Providence buyers. Mr Key commended the Exuma Farmers Association, headed by former police deputy chief John Rolle, "for demonstrating the kind of interest that we need to make Exuma great again in food production." BAIC is represented in Exuma by domestic investment manager Everette Hart, a former Family Island administrator. Also participating were representatives from Super Value food stores, Continental Foods, and the Sandals Resort at Emerald Bay. Mr Key vowed to do "the best we can, within our means, to assist Exuma farmers and food producers gain a niche in the national and even international markets. "Exumians have shown us that they are serious about playing a leading role in the national cause towards food security."


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