Going solo on Valentine's Day

By JEFFARAH GIBSON Tribune Features Writer SHARON, a single professional, is diving into the Valentine's Day feel good spirit in non-traditional style. She has a spa experience planned for two with reservations made at a luxurious restaurant. Her date, however, is not the man of her dreams, although the person is the love of her life. Sharon, the single lady, plans to enjoy a little personal pampering with her mother. "I hate being single on Valentines Day. I am one of those persons who believe in the mythology of true love and I get real excited about Valentines Day. I do not have a boyfriend and every guy that I have met was either too broke or too cheap to take me anywhere special," said Sharon. "Since my mother and I are basically wearing the same shoes -manless - we planned a date with each other and it is sweet. I will be spending to day without a significant other but not alone. I am just fine with all of that," she said. As many couples bask in the ambiance of love on this highly anticipated day of adoration, single men and women often look on with sadness. However, overcoming the lonely blues is often as easy as embracing the day and sharing it with family and friends. "I am not going to be sulking this year. I was a bit unhappy last year because I did not have anyone. Unfortunately my boyfriend and I ended our long-term relationship a month before Valentine's Day. I was really looking forward to celebrating that year with him but it did not happen. I am not moved by this day though. I do not define myself by my relationship status. It is not my identity. So this year I am going to love myself, my family, and those who I deeply care about instead of worrying about not having a boyfriend," Tina told Tribune Woman. Bianca weighed in, claiming Valentine's Day is "just like any other day". "I feel no way about celebrating Valentines Day single because I have always been this for the past two. Every time on Valentine's Day I find myself either in a disagreement with my boyfriend or single so I never really have no interest in celebrating it. I guess maybe if I find true love I will get more excited but until then it is just like any other day," said Bianca. Other women agree. Valentines Day is just another commercial day with no true meaning, according to Tristan. All of the love is a facade, whereas chocolate shops and flowers are the things really getting any action. "I have a non-chalant attitude towards Valentine's Day and I do not have that attitude because I am single. I have that attitude because I think the entire day is just overrated. Why do I need a specific day out of every calendar year to tell when I need to give gifts and do sweet stuff. On top of that I do not need no one in my life to make me feel good about myself on one day. I can do that all on my own," she said.


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