Governor At Plp Rally

EDITOR, The Tribune. I SEE that former Governor General Arthur Hanna attended a recent PLP rally in North Andros. To my recollection, no former Bahamian Governor General has attended a partisan political event such as a rally after demitting office. This includes Sir Milo Butler, Sir Henry Taylor, Sir Clifford Darling, Dame Ivy Dumont and Sir Orville Turnquest. The Governor General is a symbol of unity and is above partisan politics. Former Governors General should acquit themselves with the decorum befitting their former office. Mr. Hanna's attendance at the PLP rally was clearly inappropriate. It was also inappropriate of the PLP to have Mr. Hanna attend the rally. This showed a lack of respect by the PLP and the Leader of the Opposition for the Office of Governor General and the long-held custom of former Governors General not engaging in partisan political activity. The PLP seems so desperate to win at any costs that they are willing to disrespect the Office of Governor General. DISAPPOINTED Nassau, March 7, 2012.


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