Grammy Fashion Police

By Lesh and Farah For extreme to simply fabulous fashions, everyone tuned into the Grammy Red Carpet pre-show last Sunday saw it all. Showcasing high end styles and odd ball designs, the celebs came out in full force. Adele Lesh says: I would not wear it, but I love how humble this lady is. Her stage presence makes her beautiful inside and out, so I can excuse the dress. It suited her. Farah says: I loved Adele's look on the red carpet. The dress was lovely and her makeup was just gorgeous. But I have to say, this dress made Adele look about ten years older than her youthful age of 23. Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz Lesh says: From the moment I saw Ms Keys, I loved everything. The outfit was simple, and she looked simply stunning, and those shoes! I just loved them. Hey Swizz I see you! Farah says: I love, love, love Alicia Keys! She looked classic and well put together. Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose Lesh says: Wiz was laughable, but I didn't expect anything better. And Amber just looked like Amber, next. Farah says: Not sure if I was impressed by the couple. Wiz needs to do much better. He should have worn a shirt under that jacket. His chest is already small and unappealing. Nicki Minaj Lesh says: One word - unnecessary. I get the "I wanna make them talk and remember me" thing, but Nicki looked very bad in her mockery of an outfit. Her face was gorgeous, as always, but I did not like what was going on there. Farah says: Sighhh, no comment. Nicki Minaj is as foolish as she looked. Fergie Lesh says: Like why Fergie? She looked very, very bad. It was very tacky and 'Halloweenish.' Farah says: I am sure it looked better on the model, so Fergie should have just left the dress where she met it. Rihanna Lesh says: Oh na na, you know her name! Drum roll please. I absolutely loved everything about RiRi's outfit, that is all. Farah says: Best dressed of the night. I thought she could have done more with her hair though. Katy Perry Lesh says: I loved it. It was a little over the top, but still safe enough. She wore the blue dress like she was supposed to. Farah says: This dress is perfect for an 80-year-old woman, not the "teenage dream" Katy Perry. I think my grandmother would appreciate something like this. Kelly Rowland Lesh says: hmmmm nothing to brag about, she looks okay. Farah says: I thought Kelly looked fabulous. The dress was tailored perfectly for her body and her hair was just beautiful. Sasha Gradiva Lesh says: Hold on wait, what. Excuse me if I thought the war had ended. Leave the shenanigans for Gaga please, whomever this lady is. Farah says: Everyone is trying to have that shock factor but it is not working. She was just foolish. Taraji P Henson Lesh says: Can I plead the fifth? I don't really know my thoughts on this dress. Farah says: I hated it. Snooki Lesh says: Okay Snooks, I like you on MTV, but on the Grammy red carpet, your outfit was just not it. Farah says: What is Snooki even doing at the Grammy Awards? For some reason she always looks tacky and her ensemble looks as though it came from a thrift shop. Carrie Underwood Lesh says: I loved all the simplicity that was going on Sunday night on the red carpet. Carrie did not go over board, and she looked stunning. Farah says: Carrie Underwood was gorgeous. Going simple worked out well for her.


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