Grant Rejects Bec Claim

MINISTER of Works Neko Grant dismissed North Andros and Berry Islands MP Vincent Peet's claim that the New Providence Road Improvement Project has failed to properly install BEC infrastructure. In the House of Assembly yesterday, Mr Grant responded to questions regarding the installation of utilities and to a statement attributed to BEC, which reportedly warned the corporation will have to "dig up roads" after the project is completed. While confirming that he was aware of the statement in question, Mr Grant defended his ministry, and said no one has "dropped the ball big time" on the project, contrary to Mr Peet's assertion. He said: "There has been no failure in addressing the utility infrastructure components of the New Providence Improvement Project. The underground utility infrastructure rehabilitation and installation of ducts for future expansion of this infrastructure will mitigate future road excavation to address utility failures and infrastructure expansion." Mr Grant said his ministry is satisfied with the job done by project contractor, Jose Cartellone Construcciones Civiles, in installing BEC infrastructure. He said the work has been completed in accordance with contract specifications and other guidelines.


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