EDITOR, The Tribune. ELECTIONS, elections, elections! This is certainly the season for politics locally, regionally and internationally. With this thought in mind, I decided to highlight "an unsung hero" in local politics, a man for all seasons, the Hon Byron A Woodside, the Member of Parliament for the Pinewood constituency and Minister of State for Lands and Local Government. Byron A Woodside is a descendant of Andros, the big yard and a young man who stands for courage and absolute integrity. According to Robert Green Ingersoll, "The politician hastens to agree with the majority, insists that their prejudice is patriotism, that their ignorance is wisdom; not that he loves them, but because he loves himself. "The statesman, the real reformer, points out to the mistakes of the multitude, attacks the prejudice of his countrymen, laughs at their follies, denounces their cruelties, enlightens and enlarges their minds and educates the conscience not because he loves himself, but because he loves and serves the right and wishes to make his country great and free." Byron Woodside is a statesman of the highest order. He demonstrates this every single day in his constituency of Pinewood in particular and the wider Bahamas in general. He has developed many productive programmes in his constituency, always seeking to improve the quality of life for all the people of Pinewood. He is truly a man for all seasons! He personified all that is good in politics, business and his entrepreneurial and innovative sprit is only matched by his determination and love for people of all walks of life. The Hon Byron Woodside has accomplished much in a short period of time politically, in a "stealth-like fashion" almost off the radar. From his stunning upset victory over the powerful incumbent, the Hon Allyson Maynard Gibson of the PLP, to his empowering the young people of Pinewood, Byron remains committed and dedicated to improving the lives of all Bahamians. Despite his accomplishments, he remains a humble, teachable and caring individual who is extremely purpose-driven. This young man is about results not just talk. As a matter of fact, many politicians today can be considered as members of NATO, not the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, but simply no action talk only." Byron A Woodside is a man for all seasons...from his early days as a student at R M Bailey Senior High School to Brigham Young University in Utah to his stint as a marketing manager for one of the international oil companies to him becoming a lawyer and now a sitting MP and Junior Minister, I have come to recognise that all the attributes that made this nation great are resident in him. He has raised the ceiling on my possibilities. He is a man for all seasons. ANGELA BURROWS Life Long FNM Supporter Nassau, January 18, 2012.


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