Is Missy Elliott Making A Comeback?

By Farah HER four-year battle with Graves' disease kept her out of the spotlight for a long time. When hip hop artist Missy Elliot was diagnosed, she took a break and slipped behind the scenes to heal. Despite her health struggles, she did not stop making music. The recent release of J Cole's, "Nobody's Perfect" music video features the star, who once dominated the industry with her music and extraordinary videos. The single appears J Cole's latest album "Cole World: The Sideline Story", which climbed the billboard charts. Nobody's Perfect is Missy's first appearance on the screen in the past few years. J Cole told MTV news he was thrilled to have Missy featured on the single and in the video. "Man, just to have Missy on that set and to see her singing the song that I wrote," the Roc Nation rapper said. "It's Missy, I don't think people really understand. That's my era, and how I look at her and how creative she is and her and Timbaland and the things that they did -- that was a beautiful moment right there," he said. The video opens with J Cole sitting in a room rapping about how his lifestyle has been upgraded. Missy Elliott, who sits in another room, plays a wise therapist, who reassures Cole in the video that everyone has their flaws. "It was so amazing to see her in the video. She was one of my most favorite artists. I respect the big things that she has done with her music. She was never afraid to be different and set trends during her era," said a local fan. If Missy Elliott makes a comeback she will fill the void in hip hop said Niya, another fan. "There are really no female artists in the industry who are making real noise with their music. I am not counting Nicki Minaj either because she is not making any real noise. Her music is garbage and she could use some competition like Missy Elliott. Missy can teach her a few things because she is such a talented artist and has made outstanding music. I remember always getting excited to see what ideas she would come up with for her music," she said. Even if the artist has no intention of making a comeback, Daniel told In Ya Ear, Missy should take advantage of the hype surrounding the song and video. "He is actually giving her a second chance. No one has heard anything from her (for a long time). She was definitely a great artist, but if you do not keep making hits people are going to forget you. This is the perfect time for her to make herself more visible and start putting out song after song. And sooner or later she will be making the billboards once again," he said.


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