THE Japan Karate Association Bahamas Club left for international competition expecting to provide a learning experience for its members, however they exceeded expectations with their performances. The club proudly returned home from the Japan Karate Association American Federation Nationals and International Goodwill Tournament in Coral Gables, Florida, with a hefty medal haul. The nine-person team won a total of 10 medals between them in both kata (forms) and kumite (sparring) categories, with success in both junior and senior events. In total, the team won two gold medals, one silver medal and seven bronze medals. According to club executives, the overall standard of karate at the tournament was very high, as is consistent with JKA Karate around the world. "The students performed exceptionally well under that pressure - especially considering that this was the first international tournament (or tournament of any kind) for most of the participants," according to a press release. "They will benefit from that experience, but also from their exposure to the international-level karate demonstrated by the competitors in the advanced categories, who were truly awe-inspiring in both the kata and kumite events." The club, which trains at the "Y" on Dolphin Drive three times a week, has aspirations of sending a team to the JKA World Tournament planned for 2014 in Paris, France. In the meantime, they plan to participate in and even organise National Bahamian Shotokan tournaments as part of their structured training towards that event. "JKA Bahamas wishes once again to thank their sponsors Mosko United Construction, Laser Freight International and G&G Scrap Metal for making their trip possible," said the release. Medal winners: Junior Brandon Butler (8):- Gold -Kata, Bronze - Kumite Laurel Rolle (9) :- Silver - Kumite Jessica Frazer (9):- Gold - Kata, Bronze - Kumite Amaris Fraser (7) :- Bronze - Kumite Anju Bimal (13) :- Bronze - Kata Senior Qutell Moncur (23):- Bronze- Kata, Bronze - Kumite Myriam Stapleton (29) :- Bronze - Kumite


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