Mitchell: 'Haiti president's call will not prevent PLP victory'

By KHRISNA VIRGIL kvirgil@tribunemedia.net FORMER foreign affairs minister Fred Mitchell yesterday insisted that no "artifice or trick" by the government will prevent the PLP from winning the 2012 general election. His words follow Haitian President Michel Martelly's call for Bahamians of Haitian descent to unite and identify who will protect their interests ahead of this year's general elections. Mr Mitchell said the president's remark did not damage the PLP's chances of becoming the next government - and he does not believe it was intended to have that effect in the first place. He said: "If this is a plan of the FNM government, I don't think it worked. To be honest, I don't think they are that smart. "We believe we are poised to win the next general election. "We will be working to put the best case forward to the people. "No artifice or trick will change that." People's personal convictions will determine who they vote for whether or not they are Bahamian or of Haitian descent, Mr Mitchell said. Based on the discussions between Mr Martelly and PLP leader Perry Christie, there is no reason to believe the Haitian government would encourage support for the FNM, he said. "When we met with the president yesterday, that was certainty not what he communicated to us in those discussions. "We made ourselves clear that we want to make sure our border prevents illegals from coming in and committed ourselves to a special unit of the Defence Force for that effort," Mr Mitchell said. Mr Mitchell said the PLP is now calling on the government clarify its position on Mr Martelly's remarks. "The PLP is looking to the Prime Minister for a clarification. "The Bahamas government must explain what was meant because it was under their invitation that he came and made his address," he said. This trip is Mr Martelly's first official visit to the Bahamas since he was elected last April.


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