Mr J releases video for Stop Drinking Rum

"STOP drinking rum, that's no good!" With these opening words of Mr J's single, "Stop Drinking Rum", the sound clash begins. Mr J hits out directly at Beenieman & Future Fambo's Rum and Red Bull song which took the industry by storm. While the duo sings about starting their day with alcohol and various mixtures of intoxicating beverages, Mr J recommends starting one's day in solemn posture and meditation before God the Father. Making an interesting twist of Rum and Red Bull, Mr J breaks it down to a health issue, offering a healthy alternative rather than indulging in a debilitating habit such as alcohol consumption. Having completed the song, Mr J has produced a music video to compliment the message that society can relate to and embrace. The video was shot in Nassau by Reborn Productions , directed by Patrick "PM" Miller and finalised by Travon "Catman" Patton of FamRecords. He directs his attention to those who are trapped by the decadence of being alcohoics, so that they hear the message and do some serious soul searching for a recovered future. The video starts off with Mr J being visited by an agent In a dream, who presents to him an ipad, showing him the photo of an individual who he will be commissioned to prevent from acquiring an alcoholic beverage advertised on TV. Shortly after the dream, Mr J is woken, and to his astonishment, he finds an Ipad laying on his lap with the photo of the individual displayed on the screen. Gazing in bewilderment, Mr J notices the television was on and walks over to turn it off but hits the channel button instead. To his disbelief, the very same commercial that he saw in the dream was on TV. The story begins and unfolds a series of humourous occurrences which at the same time makes one reflect on the harmful effects of alcohol. In the end, Mr J successfully completes his mission of disrupting the young man's search to acquire his alcohol beverage of choice. Mr J will release the video worldwide tomorrow at 8pm through his YouTube TV channel (www.youtube.com/mrjreggae1). The broadcast will be made possible worldwide through Mr J's international affiliates mentioning and actively promoting the release through their online and terrestrial radio programmes.


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