Music and boxing - Jah Hem and Sasha Dunn perform at 'King of the Ring' event

By THE VENDETTA GROUP BAHAMIAN artists entertained the crowd at the first King of the Ring boxing series held at the Sir Kendall Isaac's Gynamsium on Saturday. The event was presented by Major Promotions and Entertainment in conjunction with Caribbean Fight. The night was set to be like no other with professional boxing matches and a MMA (mixed martial arts) match-up. To add a dash of musical flair to the proceedings, Bahamian professional recording artist Jah Hem and Sasha Dunn were added to the ticket. The doors opened promptly at 8pm and the fight fans quickly poured in, filling up the gym. Jah Hem took centre stage to warm up the crowd. He rocked the gym with his string of hits including "Real Man" and "It's Your Love". After the performance, the crowd was treated to an exciting MMA match, which was won by Smokey Ronald Martin who is known for his personalised style of martial arts. Next to take the ring were Richard "The Hammer" Pitt and Dencil Miller. After three rounds, Pitt triumphed and was named the winner. Following this major match, Sasha Dunn took to the stage to entertain the boxing fans. Artists such as Cro & Young Magic also joined him on stage. After Sasha Dunn's performance, the gym the main event was at hand. Meacher "Major Payne" Major came to the ring adorned with his crown as the reigning 'King of the Ring' followed by his boxing team. After entering the ring, he confidently strutted around. Coming to the ring after Mr Major was his opponent, Jean Petit Homme, a mature and experienced boxer. After the fight bell was rung, both boxers went at each other with a barrage of blows. By the forth round Meacher was in full rage and his adversary was now a bloody mess; eventually the referee was forced to call the match and give it to Meachor, who was once again named "King of the Ring."


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