Music Milestone For Raquel Oliver

By Lesh BAHAMIAN recording artist Raquel Oliver reached a major milestone in her music career with her starring feature on the latest single by Reggae star Richie Spice. Since the official release of "Closer", Raquel said she the level of support has been "to die for". Positive feedback has come from fans as far as Jamaica, Costa Rica, Amsterdam, Kenya, Ghana, and Canada. "I know for a fact that this song will be bigger than any other song that I have to date. Richie Spice has already made his mark in reggae and I have had a number of hits nationwide. But since the official release of this single I have been getting requests and emails from people in countries worldwide," said the young singer. She said the collaborative effort was orchestrated by producer Preston Kyle Stuart of Cyclone Entertainment, who approached Raquel about doing an official duet with a named artist. He gave Richie a call and the rest was history. "He welcomed me with open arms. Richie Spice said that he wanted a new and beautiful sound. I did a demo for the song and he loved it. He had me back and forth in the studio for a while until it was right," said Raquel. Over the years, Raquel has worked with a number of well known local artists, such as El Padrino, Dolly Boy, Monty G, Jah Nine, Jah Troy and Ching, among others. But Richie Spice is her biggest international collaboration to date. "Music is my life and I plan to take it as far as it lets me. Thanks to technology, working with Richie Spice was amazing. We never worked in the same studio but we worked back and forth via Skype and emails," said Raquel. In 2010 Raquel released her first "real hit song", the female empowering single "Stronger and Wiser". The song was inspired by tough relationships, unpredictable friendships and bad break-ups, Raquel told In Ya Ear. "This is the single that made people know my name nationwide. This is also the song that made me experience what an inspiration that I have been to my fans. From the tears, the hugs and the thank you, I learned first hand how it feels to inspire someone," said Raquel. She dedicates her time working non stop in the studio to create music that both young and old people can appreciate, she said. Raquel along with Richie Spice's team is currently working on a location for the video shoot. "At the moment Richie wants the video to be shot in Jamaica. But both Cyclone Entertainment and myself are fighting to have the video filmed in the Bahamas," she said. When asked how far does she plan to take her music career, Raquel said her desire and goal is to be in attendance at the Grammy Awards one day in her life, thanking the Bahamas for "our award". This month, Raquel flies to Jamaica to start working on her album, after recently signing to Kemar Flava McGregor Records. "I will be away for a couple of weeks working hard and carrying my Bahamian flag proud and high," said Raquel. "I plan to work hard and to accept whatever God has to offer. I believe that there is a market for any artist. It's just a matter of finding the people that will appreciate your craft," she said.


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