THE New Providence Oldtimers Softball Association continued its regular season with a series of games in the Archdeacon William Thompson Softball Park at the Southern Recreation Grounds over the weekend. Dozer Heavy Equipment 17, Q-Club Divers 9 Alfred Munnings out-dueled Alphonso Albury on the mound and Greg Smith was the player of the game. Smith, in his 3-at-bats, had a pair of hits, drove in three runs and scored twice. He also had a two-run home run. Cabinet World 12, BTC Vibes 5 Austin Albury won over Wesley Forbes on the mound. Proper Care Sharks 18, Strong Back 8 Anthony Bullard was the player of the game after his four-at-bat produced three hits, including a homer, four RBI and three runs. Foster Dorsett was the winning pitcher and Ian Graham got the loss. KC Construction 7, BWF 0 Johnny Armbrister was the winning pitcher and Greg Major got the loss. Yelroms Home Boys 11, Stubbs Equipment 4 Edney Bethel was the winning pitcher and Harold Fitzgerald got the loss. The player of the game was Kevin Neely. Da Boyz 9, KC Construction 8 The winning pitcher was Vernon Clarke and the loser was Johnny Armbrister. The player of the game was Chavez Thompson, who had a 5-at-bat with four hits, a RBI and a run scored. FP Truckers 16, Strong Back 4 The winning pitcher is Hector Rolle and the loser is Tony Rolle. The player of the game was Phillip Culmer, who in four-at-bat, had three hits with a homer and a run scored. Yelrom Home Boys 11, AGC Builders 3 The winning pitcher was Edney 'the Heat' Bethel and the loser was Rory Newbold. The player of the game was Edney Bethel.


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