Odd Distance Meet Starts The 2012 Track And Field Season

BAHAMAS Association of Athletic Associations' executives, coaches and athletes are excited about the 2010 season that will get started on Saturday at the Thomas A. Robinson Track and Field Stadium with the Odd Distance Track and Field Meet. Originated back in the 1970s, BAAA's public relations officer Alpheus 'Hawk' Finlayson said the athletes have been training since August in preparation for the meet. Just ten weeks after The Bahamas participated in the final meet of 2011, The Pan American Games, Bahamian Track and Field athletes begin their trek to meets as early as the Carifta Games in Bermuda the first weekend of April to the Olympic Games in London, beginning on August 3rd and ending on the 12th. The Odd Distance Meet was introduced over thirty years ago and is now a staple in the BAAA programme with some significant performances. In the Odd Distance meet, athletes are able to start their competitive season while participating in events which are unusual and different than their usual competitions. Instead of competing in the 100m or 200m, athletes will compete in either the 75m, 150m, or 300m. Instead of competing in the 400m or 800m athletes can participate in the 300m or 600m. In the field events, athletes have to take limited approaches while concentrating on their styles. Coaches take this opportunity to teach the proper techniques of the events, and in some cases, allow athletes to test and stretch their limits by running over-distance. The meet is always exciting with numerous athletes participating. With some junior athletes moving to the senior ranks, it is a time that some of the Under-Seventeen move up to the Under-Twenty Division and test themselves. Many of the top junior athletes from last year will still be eligible for junior competition this year and the public looks forward to seeing them open their competitive season. This meet will be held at the old Thomas A. Robinson Track and Field stadium this Saturday, January 7th. The event begins at 3:00pm sharp and is expected to finish by 9:00pm. BAAA's president Mike Sands said that the Odd Distance meet is one that provides the athletes to compete in events like the 75, 150, 300 and 600 metres," said Sands. "It also gives the coaches the opportunity to measure where the athletes are in their training, so they can determine their training and how they can adjust their programme."


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