Plp Failed To Deliver In Its Frame

EDITOR, The Tribune. I HAVE heard many refer to election time as "silly season". But I only thought it was because the level of propaganda would escalate to extreme proportions. I have seen easily verifiable facts misconstrued and misrepresented by the PLP hoping that the Bahamian people are the same people who they kept in the dark by not opening the airwaves. But nothing could adequately prepare me for the "blatant lie" told about the number of jobs created between 2002-2007. I am actually stunned that a man could look right in the camera and say that 20,000 jobs were created by the still "shell shocked" PLP. Remember they still have not come to grips yet that they lost the election, when they thought they were doing so well. The not so unusual behaviour of the PLP is sickening to put it mildly, so much so that they have shamelessly adopted the game plan to say they started everything that the FNM is doing. But they still don't get it. Most Bahamians eyes are wide open. The admission that they took five years to just talk, meet, plan and further discuss all of these projects that we see today without, not as much as putting one single shovel in the ground, is a testament that they are "just talk" and no action. They literally talked for five years, nothing more and nothing less. It took five years to discuss the Straw Market, late again. It took five years to discuss BahaMar, no shovel, late again. It took five years to discuss the airport, no shovel, no asphalt, no building, much too late again. Does anyone in the PLP have one ounce of shame? Isn't it clear that Christie talks and Ingraham delivers? Why are we "stating the obvious"? The Achilles heel for the PLP is that the Bahamian people, especially the sensible PLPs, can see that New Providence and several family islands have changed right before our very eyes and will never be the same again. How could we imagine what the residents of the Eastern end of the island feel when they see clean fresh water? On another note, the financial experts in the PLP came out of the woodwork to scream "bloody murder" when the government wisely opened the share offering for the Arawak Port Development. The scare tactics were done in an effort to prevent the average people like me from getting a piece of the Bahamian Dream, but shazzam, the participation was so overwhelming that it was reported to be oversubscribed three times. The stunning revelation from all of this is that the regular folk from over the hill realise that the Rt Honourable Hubert Alexander Ingraham was looking out for their best interest. Had this been the PLP, they would have never opened this to the masses. The same few insiders of the PLP would have been rubbing their hands with glee and saying in unison "All for me baby, all for me!" The oversubscription also said in no uncertain terms that the people are "not checking" for the PLP. This must be disheartening. No amount of confession on the PLP's behalf for not delivering is going to help them; in fact it will definitely be to the contrary. To the Bahamians who believe that they must be obligated to the PLP because their grandmother was a PLP, wake up, that era is long gone. Come to the 21st Century. You owe no one anything. Your children and generations yet unborn depend on a man who does, not talk. Think about it. IVOINE W INGRAHAM Nassau, February 4, 2012.


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