PM: Time running out to make sure of your voter registration

By SANCHESKA BROWN Tribune Staff Reporter sbrown@tribunemedia.net PRIME Minister Hubert Ingraham warned anyone who might have registered to vote in a constituency where they do not live to "change their registration now" or suffer the consequences. Addressing a crowd at the opening of the FNM's Golden Gates constituency office last night, Mr Ingraham said while he wants the FNM to win the upcoming election, the process must be fair and legal. "With all of our preparations there still remains some cleaning up to do with the register. Some people's names appear twice; some are registered in the wrong constituency - sometimes by mistake and sometimes not. I want to encourage anyone who was persuaded to register in a constituency in which they do not live to go and change their registration now. There is time. It is not too late," he said. "I also want to remind you that if you have moved out of one constituency for three months or more but less than six months, you may choose whether you vote in your old or in your new constituency. However, if you have been living outside of the constituency in which you registered to vote for six months or more, you must change your registration to your new address. "We don't want any carpet-baggers or planted voters voting in this election regardless to your political affiliation. We want a clean election. We are inviting the world to come and observe our elections. We want the world to see that we run free, clean, fair elections." Mr Ingraham asked the crowd to help return the FNM to office so they can begin preparations for a 10-year national plan called the "Bahamas Jubilee". "We will begin a national consultation process at every level of society to build on the progress we have made as a country as well as meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. "There will be a National Commission to plan for Bahamas Jubilee with a unit in the Office of the Prime Minister to facilitate its process. "Bahamas Jubilee will consult widely about our national goals and priorities over the next 10 years leading to our 50th anniversary of independence," he said.


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