Readers have their say on jitney services

TRAINING and certification of drivers is the most important change needed to improve public transportation, according to readers in a Tribune242 poll. As part of The Tribune's ongoing campaign to improve the bus service, readers were asked what they think should be prioritised for change. The regularisation of bus drivers was backed by 220 voters, while 107 readers said passenger security was paramount. Ninety-one voters thought something should be done about the number of bus companies in operation, and 47 voters thought the roadworthiness of vehicles should be the top priority. Readers commenting on the poll expressed their support of critical changes to the country's public transportation system. Record keeping on the number of buses in operation is essential, according to "Bahamianpeople", who said that two areas should be prioritised. The reader wrote: "The two most important ones, in my opinion, would be training and certification of bus drivers and the number of bus companies in operation. Safe driving, knowing (and sticking) to assigned routes and 'certification' (whatever that means) is a bit self-explanatory. If you don't know that then one should not be on the road. The number of bus companies in operation however is essential. Once you can keep a record of this (owner, employees, etc...) it can be monitored and controlled." Other readers suggested that the system be based on an American model, and include assigned bus stops. 'Noun' said: "There should be only one bus company, like a real system how it is setup in the US. Also all of those distractions need to be taken away like DVD players, CD players loud music, rims and tints - these buses should be plain like again how the bus systems are set up in the US and a dress code/uniform must be worn." 'Genus86' wrote: "Bus drivers need to be salaried. There needs to be a bus depot. Routes need to be posted somewhere readily available to the public. The buses need to use bio-diesel. The buses should run on a schedule." 'College Kid' added: "They need to change ALL of the above!!!" Thanks to all of those who took part and don't forget to check www.tribune242.com for a brand new poll.


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