Splashing Through The Downpour

NEARLY four inches of rain fell in The Bahamas between Monday and Wednesday and it's not over yet! The rainfall was 'a little above' what would normally be expected for this time of year, but the Bahamas Meteorological Office said it wasn't totally unusual as the rainy season started to take hold. The downpours continued yesterday causing some flooding. Two severe weather warnings were also issued, one for Andros and New Providence and another for Grand Bahama and Bimini. Isolated thunderstorms are forecast for this weekend, Monday and Tuesday are set to be a little drier before more rain is expected at the end of next week. For May, the rainfall record stands at 5.74 inches in one day with the average being 4.5 inches. For the first three days of this week the islands had around 3.95 inches.


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