Summer deadline for end to cellphone troubles

BY SANCHESKA BROWN Tribune Staff Reporter sbrown@tribunemedia.net THE CELL phone "nuisances" now experienced by BTC customers are expected to be resolved by the beginning of the summer, marketing vice president Marlon Johnson said yesterday. Mr Johnson said BTC is aware of the dropped calls and the disruption in service, but most of the issues have been resolved. He said: "We still get interruptions in services and we are aware their are intermittent BBM, texting and Top Up issues, but we are refresing out network and the issue should be resolved by summer. "We feel confident that in a matter of months a lot of these nuisance-type situations would go away. It will take some time to get the network as robust and resilient as it should be, but we're on a track to get there. "BTC has invested $43 million in its new cellular network and we are improving." Mr Johnson also confirmed that another group of employees will be given their severance packages at the end of the month. Remaining tight lipped on the details of the packages and the number of BTC employees receiving them, Mr Johnson said the exercise is going as well as can be expected. "The process is going as smoothly as can be anticipated; we try to avoid getting into particulars to protect the staff," said Mr Johnson. He said the staggered timing of the exercises was chosen to allow the company to adjust slowly in an effort to ensure customers are not affected. The restructuring exercise, Mr Johnson said, is all about maximising customer benefit while preparing for the opening up of the telecommunications market.


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