By LAMECH JOHNSON ljohnson@tribunemedia.net THE murder trial of an Abaco teenager came to an end yesterday afternoon when the jury declared him not guilty. Raheem McBride, 19, of Murphy Town was acquitted of the murder of Arah Brown, who was stabbed on September 13, 2010 on Curry Lane, Murphy Town. Initial reports indicated that the stabbing occurred after a fight broke out between the two. During the trial, evidence presented to the court suggested that the fight had been initiated by Brown. McBride claimed self-defence throughout the trial. Prosecutor Linda Evans attempted to convince the jury that McBride had used excessive force in defending himself, based on the wide, four-inch deep wound to the abdomen of the deceased, which caused his bowels and intestines to be visible. She told the jury during closing submissions that excessive force was enough to warrant the charge of murder. Defence attorney V Alfred Gray emphasised that his client acted in self-defence after being attacked by the deceased, who was armed with a piece of sharpened wood. After Justice Vera Watkins reviewed the evidence, the jury deliberated for nearly four hours before delivering the 12-0 not guilty verdict. Justice Watkins dismissed the jury and said to McBride: "The jury has returned a not guilty verdict, that means you are free to go." McBride thanked Mr Gray for his services before leaving the court with his stepfather.


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