The law of expectation

By PASTOR KEVIN EWING THE LAW of expectation dictates that whoever speaks consistently to or about their situation (good or bad) with no doubt or waiver in their heart, believing that those things shall come to past, shall have or receive the tangible benefit of what has been said. (Mark 11:23). Many of you reading this note have knowingly or unknowingly activated this spiritual law of expectation. Unfortunately, or even fortunately it is this law that is causing things to happen or not happen for you. For example, it would be foolish of you to have the expectation of something good happening for you when you are consistently believing and speaking the complete opposite of what your expectation is. You will only receive what you confess and believe. Secondly, this law is not reserved for Christians only, because it is a law that is applicable to everyone. You are living, right now as I type this, a life of past confessions accompanied with a solid belief of those confessions. A sub-clause to this law says, death and life are located in the power (authority, dominion or rule) of our tongue, and those of us that love it (the death or life of which we speak) shall eat of the fruit it produces. In simple terms, whatever we confess and believe we are at that time securing a time and season in the future to be a recipient or participant of those confessions and beliefs (Proverbs 18:21). My words of wisdom for this wonderful morning are: Our lives are the sum total of what we repeatedly confess and believe. Change your confession along with your belief and you will at the same time change your life and your expectations. * Written by Kevin L A Ewingkevinewing@coralwave.com


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