Tribune242 readers back foreign assistance for crime problem

By DANA SMITH dsmith@tribunemedia.net THE majority of Tribune242.com readers think foreign assistance is needed to tackle the nation's escalating crime problem. The high-profile arrival of New York super-cop William Bratton in the Bahamas triggered a firestorm of comments on The Tribune's website. A few readers believe Mr Bratton's arrival will have no affect on the country's fight against crime, but the majority of readers welcome his expertise with open arms. On our poll, which asked voters if Mr Bratton's aid is needed, votes were 62 to 14 in favour of outside help. Commentor J Higgs said he's "so happy" the government "has taken this step towards making our country a safer place to live and raise our children." Dawn said: "let's give it a try," noting that "it should have been done long time." On the other hand, Rita questioned the effectiveness of Mr Bratton's help, stating the fight against crime is up to Bahamian law enforcers. "So more money is being spent for someone to come in and tell us that we need to be more tough on criminals. The problem begins with the police and politicians in the first place," she said. "I see law breakers running lights, making illegal turns, riding on open flatbed trucks, children standing in the back seats of cars and the police just stroll on by. It doesn't take a genius to figure out why petty crime has gotten out of control and by extension led to serious crime. The enforcers of the laws are too slack." Stanley Jackson Sr, added: "After over 4 years of burying their heads in the sand and unsuccessfully trying to mislead the populace that all was well on the crime front, the FNM finally admits the country is gripped in a rapidly growing crime problem? "Our cries fell on deaf ears for all that time, but now on the eve of an election the Prime Minister suddenly awakens just in time to get 'another recommendation' but not in time to implement anything prior to election... Which means Mr Bratton's recommendations will no doubt join all the others before the end of the sound of the bell." College Kid dedicated his/her comment to other comments that voiced apparent discontent with Mr Bratton's arrival. "The government does nothing, Bahamians complain. The government tries to do something, Bahamians complain," College Kid said. "Just like real life, there's no map in the clouds that leads to perfection, so if someone can come in and simply have a conversation with lawmakers, and possibly suggest some strategies which can help us with this crime war in our country, then I'm all for it." Another commenter, Atwr, said: "Way to go! This is it. We are ready for this... we have to be!"


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