With This Crown I Thee Wed

By ALESHA CADET Tribune Features Reporter SINGLE WOMEN in the Bahamas can pick, choose and refuse to compete in any number of pageants. Although married women are not excluded from most of these, they will now have the exclusive chance to step into their own pageant spotlight. The Miss Grand Bahama Organisation (MGBO) is set to launch the Mrs Bahamas Universe pageant. Traditionally responsible for helping young women follow their tiara dreams, the organisation said it is pleased to announce the brand new franchise. Mrs Universe Bahamas will be awarded to the most honorable married woman. The pageant will honour married woman between the ages of 25 to 45, promoting the idea that beauty is just one part of the allure of a woman, according to the Mrs Limited Universe website. Women who have already achieved successful careers and built their own families are perfect candidates for the new pageant. "It is something new and I never knock something until I see how it turns out. Maybe I'll convince one of my older family members to take part. I am always down for supporting new positive movements in the Bahamas," said Kayla Dorsett, a pageant follower. Last year, the Venezuelan native Mrs Moira Farmas took the global Mrs Universe 2011 crown back to her home. There, the full time mother of two and lawyer by day works for a foundation that cares for abandoned children and single adults. MGBO Director and President Glenn Davis told Tribune Woman the spark of interest in the Mrs Limited Universe pageant came about after mature women in Grand Bahama kept asking the question, when will there be a pageant for us? "I thought about it and I said let me just go online and see what is what. After I did that, I sent an email to the Mrs Limited Universe company and they sent me an email back and said I can have the franchise. It has not been in the Bahamas so you can go ahead," said Mr Davis. With Miss Bahamas World and Miss Bahamas Universe there is very little recognition for those hardworking women taking care of families. "Some ladies think because they are married and have children, everything must stop there. No, there are things out there for them to do as well, so this is why I wanted to do something to cater to the more mature women," said Mr Davis. "I think it is a cute idea to bring a pageant like this to the country. I mean why not. There are a lot of beautiful, talented married women out there and this can be a great opportunity for them," said Michelle Bethel, a pageant follower. With different views on the matter, Crystal Johnson said: "We definitely have enough pageants here already and it's really hard to keep up with the ones we have now, but who knows. At least they are trying to give married women an opportunity." Excited about the Summer launch, Mr Davis said the organisation is still working on getting off the ground with the new project. A new venture like this one requires hard work, he said. "I want to start in June, to get them ready for the international pageant in August and when I find out where its going to be, we will go from there. We should be having a meeting sometime this month for all interested persons in Grand Bahama," said Mr Davis. Interested applicants can contact MissGBahama@gmail.com.


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